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Red Faction and Index

So far this CMS is simple and clean. I also am saying if anyone want to play some Red Faction, jump in the thread and suggest some play times. Ideally not an insanely off Australia time too, as most of us are EST based.

After installing this cms I had to stab at the .htaccess file since it and wordpress like to take the place of your standard 404 pages and can cause errors to folders, where you don't specify index.php or the like.
I am considering back-filling the old front page news, but you can just read the site news and or the respective rss feed.

Accounts are actually open but not by the forum system directly. We have about 180 real people here and thousands of bots. I learned lots about bot methods seeing the signups trying to embed spam and malware on the site over the years. If you want an account drop me a message somewhere with a working email or just email me directly. I am a fairly easy person to get in contact with. This site continues to be about computers, hardware, video games and really anything else. I enjoy trying to share some helpful information as the site churns on, as it has since late 2002.

Good luck googling here. I suspect this site has been semi-buried on their results for a few years. I also am not the biggest supporter of Google terms of service, as threads of the past surely allude to.
As always, thanks for visiting.


I'm trying a new CMS to place in front of the Forums. Wish me luck with that.