Rainy Day in the City

Merry November. It feels kind of wild that November is here and over half-way over, but alas this is the case. Rain and steam fill the city of Philadelphia. Steam is ducted on colder days to use as heating. It can be seen from some manholes and in the horizon of the sky.

Anyhow, I haven’t been up to much. Unpacking, watching some film & TV, playing some games. Speaking of games, I should have a WiiU review up in the next day or so. I picked one up and am giving feedback on what I have found and how I am digging it.

I will say from the standpoint of most standard games, playing Nintendo titles is refreshing. There is a better design of enjoyable gameplay and particularly local multiplayer with Nintendo versus Other console / major publishers. That is my main reason for going with a WiiU, instead of a PS4/Xbox One/New Video Card. Granted my 570 GTX is still holding up @ 1080p, pretty well.

Computer security news wise? Many businesses are getting leaked heavily. Personally, I believe that many companies and corporations ignore operational security, until after a breach. It is amazingly hard to convince people to invest in infrastructure (people or technology) until after there is an issue. There are signs of this bad practice improving, but still far too slow an adoption rate.

Happy Monday and may the rest of 2014 be kind and respectful to you all :)