Getting warm

Greetings and warm salutations, depending on your coordinates. Site news is a friendly reminder that I go back and edit posts with better information. This is contrary to the sociel network world, but I dare say forums are a better medium. There is the prospect of focused themes and topics without the lost dialog, in the 5 second conversation span of the instant networks.

Speaking of communication, Battlefield 4 is a game currently being played by a group of friends and folks whom are fans of casual shooting. You can be as pro as you like but the drama is yours alone. Welcome aboard if you wish. $50 USD currently gets you the game with all expansions and there is a trial 6 day mode. Be warned, that only lets you play on demo servers for multiplayer, so about 3 servers total for the trial game.

Posts have been light lately. I have been trying to learn new things and hope to share some things, I as more clearly grasp concepts and a better understanding, in mind to present it without being dry and too lacking, on precursory knowledge. I also have a SQL database guide floating around from a few years ago. Rambling on, I would say that a wider scope of computer systems, is relative to how you procure information with also focus to what your goals and mechanisms are for motivation and experimentation. Back to database, my toolset objectives are read/write based in respect to concepts to deliverables I am working on. Also math, haha.

It also happens to be 3.14 day of the year 2016. So now this post has a theme! Thank you for visiting FunTimeBliss. Be it by intent or coincidence.