Greets to the visitors

Greets on this post-election Fall season.  Hopefully computering doesn’t become a full out crime in this new presidency.  Honestly it seems like a silly joke, but it’s not like either candidate was really a good runner.  That’s about all I have to say about that stuff.  Just keep your eyes open.

I have some equipment I’d like to write some brief reviews and feedback about.  Just for grins I can tell you, not to upgrade the firmware on a Samsung TV by renaming a folder and BIOS .bin.  The TV does not do checksum verification and you may very well brick that tv, despite the firmware being linked on their support page for that model.

I still play some games, but if you read the forums, you can see my cynicism of most titles and genres has kicked in.  I did dig the Doom 2016 release even despite the arcadey enemy to clear an area mechanic.  Level exploration was fun.  I am looking forward to Watch Dogs 2 since the 1st game and the whole camera hopping dynamic was pretty enjoyable to me.  I also have ARK: Survival Evolved installed, but to be honest, it’s so I can chill on servers with some old friends.  I occasionally jump onto a chat server, but most of the time I’m on some projects, watching something to relax or reading up some wild books.

Wrapping up, I turned off forum registrations completely.  Most all of them were spam accounts.  Also a security reminder, avoid wordpress plugins.  I had fun the other week cleaning up embedded php reverse shells, thanks to a popular rss import plugin.  I think the adage is “if it’s a popular plugin, it is also likely to be exploitable”.  Check your web servers, because most every host I seem to encounter is reactive security instead of proactive.  So in other words, if you don’t bring up an issue, things will keep getting popped and scripts will be running amok.

Jolly November 🙂