Merry Spooky!

Hopefully you are having a nice Halloween!  It’s about mid-60 F temperature wise today.  I will step out for a break shortly.

Game wise, Fallout 76 had a Beta that was kind of a failure, since console and PC players had to download the same 45 GB multiple times.  On the upswing, the next beta window is increased to be from 2pm EST until 11PM EST tomorrow on 2018/11/01.  Most of the other ones are only in around 5 hour blocks, with a release on 11/14.  Speaking of such, Bethesda has their own launcher client now, instead of you being able to just get the game on Steam.  I guess they want in on those market demographics and not paying Steam a cut of sales.

Tech wise, Hmmm hahaha.  Red Hat was bought by IBM.  Kind of big news as I figure that recurring service contract income is a big deal for IBM to be able to attach to their financials.  Red Hat is only going to get bigger, well at least they were poised to before the purchase.  As a mainline Windows systems person, you kind of have to have your head in the sand to deny Linux computing in the server stack.  I have to say the inverse applies to thinking Microsoft is not going to remain in the business stack for some time as well.  But enough of my ideologies. 🙂

I recently got a better webcam so I can play Magic the Gathering with some buddies, using actual cards.  It’s a good time, I just tend to be out a bit between work and the occasional local tech event I like to turn up for.

I also helped the missus install Windows 10 in a VM on her Manjaro install.  She loathes windows so my powers grow stronger by enabling her to do so. Bwhahaha!
Have a nice week!

Oh yeah, we are on the 4th Nightmare on Elm Street film for our Halloween sessions.  She is getting to enjoy them for the first time.