Jolly Dec End-ish

It’s that time of year.  Shop for stuff, see a bunch of ‘year in review’ articles and keep an eye out for extra awful legislation to pass.  Besides all that, 2018 is riding out to a close.

Security wise, hmm.  Diversify your portfolio.  By that I mean make sure your credentials to login are really different between sites.  Even if they are moderately doing password security correctly in the database, that doesn’t say the rest of the login stack is authenticating properly or some component is not vulnerable to exploit.  Just for the sake of repeating it, be sure to contaminate data you give to free sites and not like your real name, or other identifiable attributes.  Even if that company is not intending to correlate all that information to build a profile about you, surely some scammer and or data analytic company is looking to.

This year has been stressful but fun.  Considering I haven’t been a teen for a little bit of time (hahaha), the old scope of life is a little more complex than to wake up, do as I wish, have no obligations, etc.  On a fun note I have been hanging out on Discord servers and chatting up with people and being on some Stream chats.  ThugCrowd is one of the main places to find me as I also am the AV person who archives the show episodes, in case of issue with twitch or if you just want them to play offline, by video or mp3.  There are some very cool and smart people on that server, I’m happy to be around these chill people.  I also lurk around The Many Hats Club.  Good people to be found there as well, just many many more people and a faster chat.

Final plug for ThugCrowd, is to peep the archives.  I like archiving stuff, so it gave me a chance to normalize some of my scripts.

Other stuff?  I noticed today I am pretty bad putting content on the front page of the site, so I will back fill October post to the WordPress front end today. :p  I still drive a good bit, dabble in powershell and like setting up raspberry pi devices for various purposes.  Sometimes I sleep too, well ok, I take naps.