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Welcome to this reading. Current location had a weekend of very cold to a heat wave and heavy rain waves. If you like to play games and chill out, you can visit where friends and I play various games and chat on the weekends.

Posting has been light as I do the things and keep on keeping on. Overall considering, going pretty well. I lucked out on getting a PS5 and am looking to play Final Fantasy VII remake expansion. I have some other projects to non back burner but to note them before done is a curse upon completion.

Never wrote the headphone breakdown but my specs in a moderate budget:

  • Arctis 7 by SteelSeries – Individual chat and game playback devices. Physical roll adjust on right ear set volume / balance between each. Can be used as 3.5mm too. Hours battery life. Physical microphone mute toggle on ear piece of headset with LED state. Larger head diameter friendly-ish
    (wireless and wired)
  • Sony PS4 and PS5 headsets – Versatile compatibility 3.5mm or BLE dongle. Quality ear phone covers, sound, battery life and ease of use.
    (wireless and wired)
  • Apple AirPods – Very versatile and works across most all devices without too many issues. I primarily use them with non-apple products. Battery life is moderate around 1.5 hours depending on volume. Use on Windows 10 can be clunky between me using an older ble 1.1 adapter due to the bug with some ble 4.0 devices being plugged in after boot. Non-issue with older adapters.
    Android works well but can have signal cut out slightly in heavily filled BLE locations. Particularly city density hotspots. Best of all for me, does not dig into ear canal and minimal discomfort with repeated use. Battery recharging with charging case boosts dead earbud back in 15 minutes. I tend to run one at a time to keep active all day and chat around, while still having beats up.
    (wireless only)

Suddenly, finished that overview way overdue. ❤️ Thank for visiting to you