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2022 Salute

Reading this, you made it to 2022. We continue to live in infectious times and do what we can to stay healthy. Personally I have spent a bit of my time reading, gaming, napping and tinkering between.

Not going to lie, my focus is all jammed up, as I have some sickness symptoms. Feeling a little better today but trying to take it easy. We got a few inches of snow here in Philly, so that is pretty rare ’round these parts. I am a little more used to a few inches of snow. I hear upstate NY got like 16 inches. Yikes.

Keep on keeping on. I am going to get back to some work. Fun fact reminder btw, Comcast hard blocks network ports. Spent a few hours the other day verifying they hard-block SMB on port 445. Went to the house on Verzion Fios and had no issue connecting to the same destination.