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Spooky 2023


 Welcome to upcoming Halloween 2023.  Our Son is 18+ months now so we get to Trick or Treat again 🙂  He will be a Trash Panda (aka Racoon) or wear a Fox outfit this year.  We got him a Trash Panda outfit that is cute but he hardly fits in it, until the pop button legs open up.  He is a big dude for 18 month sizes.

I am typing this as he watches the 1st Paw Patrol movie and plays around on his horse.  Granted he is making angry noises and climbing in my chair now.

To be continued  Edit:

He is running around in the living room now.  So to continue, He is back. lol. (starts playing Ylvis: The Fox to catch his attention and hand him my phone)  Chuckie is a pretty good TV Series as I shot-gunned that season 1 pretty quickly.  I am also a few episodes into Creepshow the recent TV Series on The ‘Live channels’ are daily repeats for like a month, but for $8 or so bucks a month they have at least 600+ movies in varying languages. I don’t mean this to be an ad for Shudder but if you want exclusive and a good amount of TV and Movies of the terror, horror and suspense variety, it’s one of the best streaming services for cost and focused selection.

I have been playing iZombie and got hooked in on it being quite a bit better than I thought it would be. I’m wrapping up Season 2 today and was pleasantly taken in by character archs. I guess the comic book origins explain that. Warm Bodies is a cool zombie movie from 2013 I just saw this week.

I know people who have more “damage over time” browsing history here, have long exhausted most of the traditional horror films for the holiday season.  My Plex supplements most of the normal traditional films and offerings on streaming services.  Speaking of the major ones, they sure have gotten really heavy in timebox availability for lots of content.  For awhile it was a genuine pain in the ass to try and finally see Deadpool 1 and 2.  Hulu wanted me to pay for the $55+ Live TV streaming plan before those movies came back into regular rotation.  GTFO with that silliness.

Game wise, I am slow playing but recently more focused on The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). I have about 14 hearts now, 2 main temples cleared and the Dragon Tear quest completed for a decent weapon. Not to be spoilery but yeah it’s a nice option as the boss fight and world map enemies will wreck you for 6 to 8 heart hits, pretty quickly.  I started on the Wind Temple, then I basically grinded shines to get my Stamina to 2 wheels for a MSQ (Main Story Quest) I mentioned earlier.  Then I poured into my hearts so I can put on an increased damage chest piece for the nastier gloom enemies.

Looking forward to Spiderman 2 on PS5 here in about a month, and Alan Wake 2. I was going to do Alan Wake 2 on PS5 then I took into account my Nvidia 4090 RTX and 12th Gen Intel main desktop that is finally stable with the power supply issue resolved.  I still see 212 F / 100 C blips when in a game like Cyberpunk 2077 but no reboots. Typical desktop / general use temperatures are 125 F / 51 C to 165 F / 74 C.

I started some Final Fantasy XVI on PS5 but between daddy life, it’s been on backburner. I did pickup the Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty expansion to play here in about a week. As with originally on PS5 playing, I switched to PC because frankly, the PS5 version was super shitty when it released and got incrementally better but not so much up until more recently. I played most of my Cyberpunk 2077 on a Nvidia 1080 Ti, my 3090 RTX Evangelion edition graphics card I got in 2022, up until I splurged recently to a 4090 RTX, because I was shocked to see one in stock at Microcenter. Granted costing $2000 likely helped it stay on the shelf. Haha I love hardware.

My 3090 RTX is in an 11th Gen Intel Gundam Asus rig I built a few years prior to jumping into 12th Gen Intel and taking almost a year, before resolving very poor cooling CPU performance and reboots that were caused by not having enough power supply for the 3090 RTX and 12th Gen Intel setup. My 11th Gen CPU uses waaay less Watts than the 11th Gen around 150 W versus 350 W on the 12th Gen. Moral of the cooling story is, replacing the CPU clip with CPU support block will make better contact and give better ranges when cooling the 12th and 13th Gen Intel Watt eaters.

To wrap that thought out, I updated the core thread for that build and just added post with current setup pictures.

Speaking more hardware, Netgear Orbi devices are great for Wifi6 support and fast speeds, however their DOCSIS support with Comcast sucks badly. I would see drops from our 900 Mb/s line drop us to like 150 to 10 Mb/s while on a zoom call. Occasionally, the connection would just drop to 0.5 Mb with nothing else going on. So I got a leased modem this week and put the Orbi’s into Access Point ( AP ) mode.

Threw an Ubiquity Gateway Console Unifi device. This Ubiquity Dream Machine gives me NSG (Network Security Gateway) with firewall, routing along with traffic reporting for connected devices by category. It’s fancy reporting and pretty performant. I had some annoying issues trying to custom network configure it in the past, but since the Orbi is running Wifi in AP mode I don’t have to deal with funky networks and cross-subnet mangling gateways to blend into a dhcp range.

Merry Spooky! This thread took some time to type and I saved edits. Daddy life hahaha. Enjoy a photo of the youth, dialing my cell phone from an Alexa that shows up as private number. My number is saved in the device but is luckily, the only one he is currently dialing.

The call is coming from inside the house ðŸ«£