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Upcoming move to House

Moving time is upon my Fam as we are leaving this apartment and moving in with Wifey’s Mom. Going to do some renovation before we join her at home but I am hyped to have Windows again. Yes, like the glass that lets you see outside.

For context, web stuff to remain as is, I am talking about that IRL (In real life) I keep hearing so much about.

Our current apartment has 2 rooms, a kitchen as part of the living room, the bathroom, a single bedroom and a single window in the bedroom. Cleaning up my desk and probably doing a hardware stream while I replace my motherboard and put together a spare parts PC that has everything, short of a Processor and some DDR5 RAM.

If you want a computer for stupid-cheap, HMU. You just need to buy your own CPU and Memory, as I don’t want to get a low-mid range Intel when you would be better suited paying $350 for a bomb-ass 12th or 13th Gen Intel CPU versus me spending $200 for a moderate one.

Happy New Years!