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Playing Final XIV

  • This post as all front page content come from the forums here @ FunTimeBliss. Link to OP is here (for original and best formatting as well. Invision Power Board.)

Forums still alive by loading. Previous thread a few months back is a different move boat, so still in the apartment and likely to fix up our house instead.

I finally got my 12th Gen Intel CPU cooling well. There is a big old thread over like the last 2 years, TL;DR is add a mounting plate, then you can clamp the coolers well and have thermals not be terrible and remain under 212 F on full load.
Avoid Reboots by having at least a 1000 w power supply. 750 watts will not do at all. This being the case with a 3090 RTX or RTX 4090. That’s my recap.

Dawntrail expansion for FFXIV (Final Fantasy XIV for the not regular forum folks here) releases here in early July. I got the Collector’s Edition as I have regular income then a few months back when pre-orders opened. New graphic engine comes with expansion too. The benchmark looks cool if you want to see some of the engine in action before release.

Our Son is 2 now and I tend to play in the late hours of the morning, such as right now. Him and Wifey are sleeping on the couch behind me.

I wanted to have another 1000 watt power supply with ATX 3.0 My understanding and take away from that standard, is you get a new PCI-Express power connector that is much smaller than the prior, 8 pin x2 setups. My Evangelon 3090 RTX has the older familiar power connectors, while the Nvidia 4090 RTX has the 3.0 slim connector.
Much cleaner a case install.
I have a 1200 Watt in my main setup now and I’m going to try the 1000 w PSU in my 11th Gen, to swap out and get the smaller but ATX 2.0 Power Supply into Wifey’s 12th Gen PC with DDR4. Saved a bit of money (like 50% RAM cost) using 64 GB of DDR4 versus what 64 GB of DDR5 would have cost, when I did the builds in 2022 around American Summertime aka August.

If you come to this site and not be prepared for me to type and talk about hardware… whew buddy. Welcome.
Building is fun but can be chaotic when not able to focus and do the things to properly pimp and tweak your setup. I used to do bunches of clown and devoops stuff but that overwhelmed my free time and lack of needing to perpetually study and learn new stuff. Wonky things being passed as sound are not my vibe, but your pal OP is not a developer. That is not my brain, no thank you anymore. It’s about self respect in the life place.
The pay bumps I had were not big enough or worth the churn and burn. I enjoy thinking logistically about resources and like, how everything actually works instead of best-case scenarios until something becomes jammed up but; it is so jammed up in concepts that the actual flow is unknown.

I hope you enjoyed my rant. Be careful what you may switch into and be sure to escape if it drives you mad. Once again, self respect over a pay bump. You can spend your money in hell, perpetuating a cycle of never relaxing just turning to dust on that grind. Keep your mind instead. People are unreasonable as fuck anyways and no one else going to have your back more than you. Particularly in the workplaces.

You can carve out a trust faction as you get friends and expand your life. Workplace is not that realm. Illusions in the workplace and get gamed to big L on the GG.

That is my word. Twenty-Twenty Four be an illusion of time with the last half decade or so. I about outputted freeform thought notes enough to game a bit before a morning nap. If you read the above do with it as you will and thanks for popping in.

Extra ups to you for being on a forum reading instead of in a sea of butchered content for profit and exploitational doomscrolling. It is still possible? Wow I don’t believe it is a post and is still online, either.