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Random Chat If there isn't a forum below for it, here would be the place :)
Category: General Posts: 508

Site News Updates and News :-)
Category: General Posts: 113

Hardware Hub Land of the hardware, Post your pics, news. reviews, links, and whatever else here :)
Category: Hardware Posts: 216

Troubleshooting Hae a hardware problem? Or do you want to let people know what hardware gives you problems? Post forth ;)
Category: Hardware Posts: 11

Game On I play video games. If you do too, and have something to say, Liberate yourself from the shackles of solitude :)
Category: Game-0-Nomicon Posts: 151

Dedicated Servers We host a few game servers, For info, problems, or anything else, Post here :-)
Category: Game-0-Nomicon Posts: 41

Music I think you're gonna like, once you've given the Jungle a chance. :)
Category: Media (not the news) Posts: 42

MST3k Mystery Science Theater 3000. If you don't know, do find out :)
Category: Media (not the news) Posts: 12

Flicks (TV shows, Movies, Cartoons = Kickass ) This would be the place for such conversations :)
Category: Media (not the news) Posts: 96

Register These forums are for Registered Users :) It's free, and I don't sell your info :)
Category: Register Posts: 1

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