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Waterblock Posts

Here are some pics I snapped off while re-attaching my Mobo posts for my waterblocks :) Here is a blurry pic of my CPU, w/ a cleaned up Goop job :)
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-02-17 03:31:28

sexy pics :P :dance:
Posted By: shim @ 2003-02-17 10:16:30

sweet pics :dance: and shim i think you forgot the other bracket on the first [img][/img]
Posted By: i'm addictive @ 2003-02-17 11:16:20

Posted By: i'm addictive @ 2003-02-17 11:16:58

yeah see....need the other bracket in the first img
Posted By: i'm addictive @ 2003-02-17 11:17:37

was a typo.. i was tired.. wait i still am tired.. Pic mate.,. when ya wanna test ya b0x out more peep me a msg on here or on AIM and ill be there :)
Posted By: shim @ 2003-02-17 11:57:05

hehe, 10-4, I'm clockin my Video and such now, I missed ya in FTB, but I sure kicked some bot ass :) Damn cool Siggie BTW :D
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-02-17 12:39:22

ima gonna see if FTB is up.. if so ill be there for a bit.. bout 15-20 mins.. unless ya join then ill be there more :P
Posted By: shim @ 2003-02-17 13:11:16

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