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Processor temperature

At what point should I begin worrying about the temperature of my proc? Mine seems to stay around 63 - 65 Celsius and I was told that was bad. I haven't overclocked or anything but the temp seems to stay pretty steady.
Posted By: Buk @ 2003-03-01 03:09:41

Dood thats like 145.4 -149 degrees Fahrenheit... thats pretty warm... my b0x runs at like 80 degrees fahrenheit and that around 26 celsius just to give you an idea. I believe my emergency shut off is 140 fahrenheit... so Iam guessing thats pretty damn hot.
Posted By: Kat @ 2003-03-01 04:31:10

AMD chips cook em selves at bout 75-80 C... make sure ya got thermal paste under ya heatsinc.. and make sure ya heatsink is a good one aswell..
Posted By: shim @ 2003-03-01 05:36:17

[quote:60e87a523d="shim"]AMD chips cook em selves at bout 75-80 C... make sure ya got thermal paste under ya heatsinc.. and make sure ya heatsink is a good one aswell..[/quote:60e87a523d] It has Thermal paste on it. I think that the "connection" between the heatsink and the processor is to blame. I plan on taking it apart, cleaning the gunk off, and resetting it after reapplying more thermal paste.
Posted By: Buk @ 2003-03-01 06:39:13

155F is the worry zone IMO for AMD chips. KAt got a great Heatsink from a local computr shop last weekend w/ some Artic Silver 3 for about 50 bucks, her temps are damn nice as she prolly already said ;) First Step I would say is to get some AS3, and to make sure you are only gooping the Die of the CPU, I only dab just a lil moe then needed to cover the CPU, and I finger Dab a layer on the Heatsink as well :)
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-03-01 08:42:08

I have recently been told that my temperature problem may be caused by the fact I have both thermal tape and thermal paste on my cpu. I was warned against taking the tape off when I installed my cpu and I put the paste on there because I thought it needed it anyway. Now I'm told the tape is acting as an insulator. Any comments on this?
Posted By: Buk @ 2003-03-05 04:55:47

clean off the paste and tape with a tissue.. make sure both the CPU and heatsink are nice and clean.. then put more thermal paste on.. and i hope that helps.. cause the tape isnt as good for cooling as the paste.. (or so i have found in the past)
Posted By: shim @ 2003-03-05 06:39:39

The tape sucks :) Rubbing Alcohol shoud clean that off, make your Heatsink as smooth as possile on the bottom, and put a good coating of thermal on the heatsink, and the Die of your CPU, If you coat your CPU like a cookie (no pun intended) :) That will also hurt your temps
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-03-05 10:51:59

Well, I got it together and it seems to be working. The temp is sitting at 48 celsius. Which is a lot better then 68 (no shit Buk). But the wires are still fuxx0red. Most of the wires that are in the way are the leftover power wires. I dont suppose it would be possible for me to cut those wires and cap them somehow? It is a huge wad of wires about half the size of my fist! If I could "eliminate" them my airflow would increase by a lot and I might be able to get down to the more disirable temperature of say.... 40 deg celsius. The wires I want to eliminate are for the Pentium 4 connection so I won't ever need them. Soz if this is a stupid question but I can't see any reason why I couldn't just cut them and wrap the ends in electrical tape. Edit: After I added the sides to my case the temp seems to hover around 53 - 55 (still much better then 68) I ended up using Arctic Silver 2 because a friend hooked me up and it was free :) (also I would have had to order AS3 online and would have had to wait a week) It is doing much better now and maybe in a few months I will look into buying a better case, heatsink, and AS3.
Posted By: Buk @ 2003-03-05 20:25:40

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