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[url][/url] This is a new place that opened up here tonite in Buffalo. I was really skeptical going there to see how they were going to have 40 computers set up in a LAN. As well as having a projector screen with and X Box hooked up to it. They did a beautiful job. They had everything nicely proportioned and in seperate rooms. They had games like UT2K3, BF 1942, and CS. This was only the BETA testing. There are more games to come. On X Box they were running Halo and NHL 2002. I had a blast playing NHL 2002 with my friends Kage and Jay. I also played some UT2K3 on the LAN. Players have to sign up for a user account and they can then log onto the LAN and play any of the games they have to offer. They had excellent vinyl chairs there as well as a nice headphone/microphone set up. The only thing I really have to complain about was the fact that the computers are close so you can look onto other peoples screens very easily. This could be avoided by having everyone on the same team in one room and people from the other in another room. They have one main room there with about 20 computers and 4 other small ones with 5 computers apiece in them. Needless to say though I was mad impressed. They are running the BETA test through the rest of the weekend which will all be free is you are a memeber of the forums. Noz and I got some pics and we are gonna get more this weekend. I was really impressed with how they ran the cabling and how the cases are mounted on the wall. I'll post pics when I get em! This is offically my longest post ever. ~_^ Amazing what you can do a 5am.
Posted By: Kat @ 2003-03-01 04:50:36

[size=24:8f7269077d]Whooo Whoooot[/size:8f7269077d] :wub: I'll have to peep it out next time I'm in town :)
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-03-01 08:37:34

Yesh, yesh you should. I was there again tonite and we played UT like crazy.... Noz created a clan for his apartment we are called APT 1- Im APT 1- Kat.... we won a huuuuge bombing run match there. ~_^
Posted By: Kat @ 2003-03-02 04:31:42

I hear the {TiTs} clan wrecks shop in MoH :)
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-03-02 13:47:10

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