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The Sims Voice Chat How-To-Guide For The Carnival of Skillz

This is offered to you all by by the roommates of Carnival of Skills. This is a free service we provide to boost your enjoyment of our pad. We want everyone to feel welcome on the server and to encourage the use of it. However, with such a cool feature for all of us to enjoy to its fullest, some rules must be in place. I will keep them to as little as possible. However, if needed more will be added. ------------------------------------Rulez------------------------------------- #1 No fight starting/bickering/complaining #2 Use of headset. (This rule is very important! If this rule is not followed, user could experience horrible feedback) #3 Listen to any of the roommates at all times -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now after agreeing to the rules of the server, you are ready to learn how to connect to it. Below you will find step by step instructions to get on. If you find something that you had a problem with and its not covered. Please post it in this section so I kan quickly aid you to solve the issue. You must download the application we will be using for the voice communication. The application we will be using is named Battlecom. To download Battlecom [URL=]CLICK HERE[/URL]. Once the application is downloaded and installed. Load battlecom and follow the steps below to connect to the server. First thing you will do is click join session. You do this by clicking the "Join Session" button as sh0wn below. After clicking join session, you must enter a user name. Type your user name where pointed out below. Now you must enter the server you wish to connect to. That server will be Type the server in as pointed out below. Once the server is set, click the "Join" button to connect. Thats pretty much all there is to it, once thats down you should be able to communicate with your fellow sims in real-time voice. I hope you enjoy, and have even more fun in the Carnival of Skillz. If you have any questions/suggestions plz feel free to post them here so they can quickly be noticed and considered for future changes. If you like this feature, feel free to drop some tips in the jar placed outside next to the sign. !!!!!!!ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!! Temporary server change! Instead of typing in for the server, type -WickedCarni-
Posted By: J0k3r @ 2003-01-04 02:35:18

Instead of typing in for the server, type Plz post here or come to the house and let me kn0w if you have any problems!
Posted By: J0k3r @ 2003-01-04 02:41:06

:dance: I noticed when I started I was in test mode, I had to stop the test and start w/Step one by Joining the Session and continuing on w/the following steps
Posted By: NLML @ 2003-01-04 03:18:43

:-? Smut Supreme :dance:
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-01-04 04:16:40

this looks like spam :)
Posted By: shim @ 2003-01-04 07:21:35

Sims Spam, A whole new realm :lol:
Posted By: Pic0o @ 2003-01-05 01:22:39

that went way over my head...whos in where and whats talking to who? when? :S :oops:
Posted By: i'm addictive @ 2003-02-11 14:47:03

LoL This topic should be deleted...
Posted By: J0k3r @ 2003-02-11 14:52:17

yeah i guess its kinda old...didnt notice that when i posted haha :oops:
Posted By: i'm addictive @ 2003-02-11 15:08:03

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