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Upcoming move to House

Moving time is upon my Fam as we are leaving this apartment and moving in with Wifey’s Mom. Going to do some renovation before we join her at home but I am hyped to have Windows again. Yes, like the glass that lets you see outside.

For context, web stuff to remain as is, I am talking about that IRL (In real life) I keep hearing so much about.

Our current apartment has 2 rooms, a kitchen as part of the living room, the bathroom, a single bedroom and a single window in the bedroom. Cleaning up my desk and probably doing a hardware stream while I replace my motherboard and put together a spare parts PC that has everything, short of a Processor and some DDR5 RAM.

If you want a computer for stupid-cheap, HMU. You just need to buy your own CPU and Memory, as I don’t want to get a low-mid range Intel when you would be better suited paying $350 for a bomb-ass 12th or 13th Gen Intel CPU versus me spending $200 for a moderate one.

Happy New Years!

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Spooky 2023

 Welcome to upcoming Halloween 2023.  Our Son is 18+ months now so we get to Trick or Treat again 🙂  He will be a Trash Panda (aka Racoon) or wear a Fox outfit this year.  We got him a Trash Panda outfit that is cute but he hardly fits in it, until the pop button legs open up.  He is a big dude for 18 month sizes.

I am typing this as he watches the 1st Paw Patrol movie and plays around on his horse.  Granted he is making angry noises and climbing in my chair now.

To be continued  Edit:

He is running around in the living room now.  So to continue, He is back. lol. (starts playing Ylvis: The Fox to catch his attention and hand him my phone)  Chuckie is a pretty good TV Series as I shot-gunned that season 1 pretty quickly.  I am also a few episodes into Creepshow the recent TV Series on The ‘Live channels’ are daily repeats for like a month, but for $8 or so bucks a month they have at least 600+ movies in varying languages. I don’t mean this to be an ad for Shudder but if you want exclusive and a good amount of TV and Movies of the terror, horror and suspense variety, it’s one of the best streaming services for cost and focused selection.

I have been playing iZombie and got hooked in on it being quite a bit better than I thought it would be. I’m wrapping up Season 2 today and was pleasantly taken in by character archs. I guess the comic book origins explain that. Warm Bodies is a cool zombie movie from 2013 I just saw this week.

I know people who have more “damage over time” browsing history here, have long exhausted most of the traditional horror films for the holiday season.  My Plex supplements most of the normal traditional films and offerings on streaming services.  Speaking of the major ones, they sure have gotten really heavy in timebox availability for lots of content.  For awhile it was a genuine pain in the ass to try and finally see Deadpool 1 and 2.  Hulu wanted me to pay for the $55+ Live TV streaming plan before those movies came back into regular rotation.  GTFO with that silliness.

Game wise, I am slow playing but recently more focused on The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK). I have about 14 hearts now, 2 main temples cleared and the Dragon Tear quest completed for a decent weapon. Not to be spoilery but yeah it’s a nice option as the boss fight and world map enemies will wreck you for 6 to 8 heart hits, pretty quickly.  I started on the Wind Temple, then I basically grinded shines to get my Stamina to 2 wheels for a MSQ (Main Story Quest) I mentioned earlier.  Then I poured into my hearts so I can put on an increased damage chest piece for the nastier gloom enemies.

Looking forward to Spiderman 2 on PS5 here in about a month, and Alan Wake 2. I was going to do Alan Wake 2 on PS5 then I took into account my Nvidia 4090 RTX and 12th Gen Intel main desktop that is finally stable with the power supply issue resolved.  I still see 212 F / 100 C blips when in a game like Cyberpunk 2077 but no reboots. Typical desktop / general use temperatures are 125 F / 51 C to 165 F / 74 C.

I started some Final Fantasy XVI on PS5 but between daddy life, it’s been on backburner. I did pickup the Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty expansion to play here in about a week. As with originally on PS5 playing, I switched to PC because frankly, the PS5 version was super shitty when it released and got incrementally better but not so much up until more recently. I played most of my Cyberpunk 2077 on a Nvidia 1080 Ti, my 3090 RTX Evangelion edition graphics card I got in 2022, up until I splurged recently to a 4090 RTX, because I was shocked to see one in stock at Microcenter. Granted costing $2000 likely helped it stay on the shelf. Haha I love hardware.

My 3090 RTX is in an 11th Gen Intel Gundam Asus rig I built a few years prior to jumping into 12th Gen Intel and taking almost a year, before resolving very poor cooling CPU performance and reboots that were caused by not having enough power supply for the 3090 RTX and 12th Gen Intel setup. My 11th Gen CPU uses waaay less Watts than the 11th Gen around 150 W versus 350 W on the 12th Gen. Moral of the cooling story is, replacing the CPU clip with CPU support block will make better contact and give better ranges when cooling the 12th and 13th Gen Intel Watt eaters.

To wrap that thought out, I updated the core thread for that build and just added post with current setup pictures.

Speaking more hardware, Netgear Orbi devices are great for Wifi6 support and fast speeds, however their DOCSIS support with Comcast sucks badly. I would see drops from our 900 Mb/s line drop us to like 150 to 10 Mb/s while on a zoom call. Occasionally, the connection would just drop to 0.5 Mb with nothing else going on. So I got a leased modem this week and put the Orbi’s into Access Point ( AP ) mode.

Threw an Ubiquity Gateway Console Unifi device. This Ubiquity Dream Machine gives me NSG (Network Security Gateway) with firewall, routing along with traffic reporting for connected devices by category. It’s fancy reporting and pretty performant. I had some annoying issues trying to custom network configure it in the past, but since the Orbi is running Wifi in AP mode I don’t have to deal with funky networks and cross-subnet mangling gateways to blend into a dhcp range.

Merry Spooky! This thread took some time to type and I saved edits. Daddy life hahaha. Enjoy a photo of the youth, dialing my cell phone from an Alexa that shows up as private number. My number is saved in the device but is luckily, the only one he is currently dialing.

The call is coming from inside the house 🫣


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Wish my RMA luck!

I just got a RMA sent out for an Asus Z690-E Motherboard.  I dub this the Intel 12th Gen overheating saga.  Thread if looking to see me grumpy my way through some hardware.

I am on my previous 11th Gen Intel with my 3090 RTX and it does not hit thermal threshold or reboot.  Been playing some Diablo IV and Legend of Zelda – Tears of the Kingdom lightly, as most nights I watch the baby and go to bed, once work is done.  Tooling to stay up a spell tonight and continue into Act II of Diablo IV 😉

I was thinking about re-checking my 12th Gen thermal paste quick, as it still gets too hot on a new MSI motherboard with the 12th and 13th Gen CPU mounting block.  On my adventures in the thread, I learned the issue is more specific to Intel 12th Gen chips with the block replacement helping get a better seal between the cooler and processor.  I have been pretty busy and a bit tired to do that this week, as I got my Gundam 11th Gen Intel back and it serves well.  I will probably switch my M2 SSDs out from my 12th Gen to the 11th Gen, since I have been playing Diablo IV on a 512 GB M2 SSD, with my 3x 2TB SSDs still in the overheating when max loading 12th Gen.

Meanwhile I’ve been using remote desktop to login from the 11th Gen to the 12th Gen with my main drives.  Switching my drives out will be fairly quick and all my apps, email and stuff are on the big drives.  I’ll throw the 512 GB into the 12th Gen so I can do burn in tests and all that good stuff, while still being able to game and main on the working PC.

I sure typed 11th and 12th far more than I anticipated.  I also just made a pizza that I pulled out of the oven.

It has been a few since I made a site news based topic and I thank you for reading it.

Lately I am on Windows 11 Professional and it works well.  I do the day job as a Senior Consultant yelling at computers, largely in the DevOps space.  It can be maddening since it seems everyone expects you to know everything, but as you work and learn, at least in my opinion – anyone who professes to know ‘everything’ likely knows next to nothing.  Tons of abstractions, new tooling and all that stuff when messing with the various clouds, tools and clients.  I try to keep the glue in my head functional so I can afford to take care of the family and facilitate my gadget tinkering at home building hardware.

I have a 26″ bike that is essentially a large BMX.  It’s nice to get out occasionally but once again, time and obligations get in the way sometimes.  It is about 10pm now and the baby is still awake.  That wraps up this post as I try to guide him to sleep with the potential effort of playing some games into the night, as I have him nap the nite away with his Mommy.
Oh yeah, I have timers set to get laundry out of the timer and dry the next batch, so that gives me a midnight-ish to 1am window to be awake, potentially.

We shall see how that lines up. :ahoy: Might pass out before that and put the other batch to dry in the morning.

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2022 Salute

Reading this, you made it to 2022. We continue to live in infectious times and do what we can to stay healthy. Personally I have spent a bit of my time reading, gaming, napping and tinkering between.

Not going to lie, my focus is all jammed up, as I have some sickness symptoms. Feeling a little better today but trying to take it easy. We got a few inches of snow here in Philly, so that is pretty rare ’round these parts. I am a little more used to a few inches of snow. I hear upstate NY got like 16 inches. Yikes.

Keep on keeping on. I am going to get back to some work. Fun fact reminder btw, Comcast hard blocks network ports. Spent a few hours the other day verifying they hard-block SMB on port 445. Went to the house on Verzion Fios and had no issue connecting to the same destination.

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Happy 19th Anniversary!!

That’s right friends is celebrating its 19th birthday today. Normally Pic0o would be sharing such news but he is having internet issues as asked me to leave this message in his stay.

It’s been a long time, and over the years the good ol Funtime stayed active and a home for all of the worlds stray souls. 

So join me in celebrating and also thanking the host Mr. Pic0o for keeping her going for all of these years!
– J0k3r

Pic0o Edit: I asked him to make a thread for me as I was without internet access that day.

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Forum heads

If you have an old account or would like a new one, msg me on discord or twitter. I will set you up happily.

Check this out. Lately has been nice for making progress on tasks and goals around the pad. Trying to not trip over all the daily subconscious traumas in day to day 2021 but keeping in mind my comfort is pretty high relatively. Took a covid test after waking up very sick last week but that seems like it was just food poisoning. All tests negative. Woot! small win 🙂

Friends and family are doing well too. Sometimes chatting on voice and video can be exhausting for me, so I do my hermit session recharges.  Also took to cutting coffee out to try and hone my focus skills. Too often I would try to focus on a task and get side bombarded with other tasks or random things, that I would irrationally stack out to try and do all at the same time.
Feels like my brain can execute clearer without the scatter-shot intent. Ha we can enjoy this forum in context to random thoughts and what I write about having done the things about.

Hopefully you have been remaining safe and as well as you can. Keep in mind you have to be functional before maintaining capability to care for others. Little bit of a somber post but it is helpful to write and reflect on your human experiences, not just the fluff and ice.

Listening to Bud Powell playing the track Ornithology Alternate take, as the track switches to Hey! by MF DOOM. I added some more vinyl to my home collection and added to a local stack of DOOM. I enjoy and have plenty of audio inputs and things, as I can rock the records on a headset wirelessly.

Recently had the chance to speak with FactionFiles about my Red Faction memories. Did you know that you can STILL play Red Faction 1 online? Get Dash Faction 1.7.0 from their downloads for RF patches. Be excited for Mine Warfare: 20 Years of Red Faction Multiplayer that is the project they are gathering interview content for. It will be a trip for sure. Especially since most real members here are from that era.

Thread got long and I got other stuff to work on. Enjoy 🙂
I made a discord server too. invite will be up shortly.

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Welcome to this reading. Current location had a weekend of very cold to a heat wave and heavy rain waves. If you like to play games and chill out, you can visit where friends and I play various games and chat on the weekends.

Posting has been light as I do the things and keep on keeping on. Overall considering, going pretty well. I lucked out on getting a PS5 and am looking to play Final Fantasy VII remake expansion. I have some other projects to non back burner but to note them before done is a curse upon completion.

Never wrote the headphone breakdown but my specs in a moderate budget:

  • Arctis 7 by SteelSeries – Individual chat and game playback devices. Physical roll adjust on right ear set volume / balance between each. Can be used as 3.5mm too. Hours battery life. Physical microphone mute toggle on ear piece of headset with LED state. Larger head diameter friendly-ish
    (wireless and wired)
  • Sony PS4 and PS5 headsets – Versatile compatibility 3.5mm or BLE dongle. Quality ear phone covers, sound, battery life and ease of use.
    (wireless and wired)
  • Apple AirPods – Very versatile and works across most all devices without too many issues. I primarily use them with non-apple products. Battery life is moderate around 1.5 hours depending on volume. Use on Windows 10 can be clunky between me using an older ble 1.1 adapter due to the bug with some ble 4.0 devices being plugged in after boot. Non-issue with older adapters.
    Android works well but can have signal cut out slightly in heavily filled BLE locations. Particularly city density hotspots. Best of all for me, does not dig into ear canal and minimal discomfort with repeated use. Battery recharging with charging case boosts dead earbud back in 15 minutes. I tend to run one at a time to keep active all day and chat around, while still having beats up.
    (wireless only)

Suddenly, finished that overview way overdue. ❤️ Thank for visiting to you