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    Typically you're meant to start this at the start of the year a game a week over 52 weeks, due to work and other commitments I've been putting this off for years while continually buying new games how ever this ended on Friday 22.11.19 and I'll be moving forward with this commitment and use here to post the games and what I think of them will be smashing out a bunch of game pass indies to give me leeway first over the holiday break. Will not be going for achievement completion on any of these titles just the main story line but any gamerscore increase that has been very slight since the 360 days would be appreciated 😂 This list will also include a bunch of titles I decided to play an hour of and never had the time to get back to either.
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    Diablo 3 on XBO...I wanted to love it but once you get to higher levels its full of people using hacked items thanks to the XB360 backwards compat and character moves....or at least it was that way the last time I played. I added you back to XBL since you got purged after one of my list cleanups 😉 I mostly play PUBG now, started streaming when I can but nobody watches me. I highly suggest an external hard drive for storage since the internal hard drive is so slow. I am using a 500GB SSD and only keep the games I might play installed. My upstairs XBOX where my kids play has a 7200RPM 4TB hard drive that has virtually all the games installed. SSHD is the best place for performance and storage IMO. I opted for the smaller drive as I was purely after performance.
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    This is a nice handy combination I've seen in a lot of educational seminars, workshops, etc. as well. Had a conference in LV back in Nov where this enabled everyone to quickly be on the same page to begin coding and executing examples without spending some 1hr pre-workshop getting people's environments all settled up. The Couchbase team also did a vagrant, VB combo during their 1 day workshop I attended when they hosted in Philly few months back. Also been looking at the popular rise of Docker over VMs like virtualbox, etc. It's more a container that can translate to your current OS, vs an entire VM where you need to be concerned with driver compatibilities and blah blah. This also makes for a speedier and more lightweight package. Can be pros and cons, like with anything, though. Some infos: http://devops.com/2014/11/24/docker-vs-vms/
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