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    Typically you're meant to start this at the start of the year a game a week over 52 weeks, due to work and other commitments I've been putting this off for years while continually buying new games how ever this ended on Friday 22.11.19 and I'll be moving forward with this commitment and use here to post the games and what I think of them will be smashing out a bunch of game pass indies to give me leeway first over the holiday break. Will not be going for achievement completion on any of these titles just the main story line but any gamerscore increase that has been very slight since the 360 days would be appreciated 😂 This list will also include a bunch of titles I decided to play an hour of and never had the time to get back to either.
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    Diablo 3 on XBO...I wanted to love it but once you get to higher levels its full of people using hacked items thanks to the XB360 backwards compat and character moves....or at least it was that way the last time I played. I added you back to XBL since you got purged after one of my list cleanups 😉 I mostly play PUBG now, started streaming when I can but nobody watches me. I highly suggest an external hard drive for storage since the internal hard drive is so slow. I am using a 500GB SSD and only keep the games I might play installed. My upstairs XBOX where my kids play has a 7200RPM 4TB hard drive that has virtually all the games installed. SSHD is the best place for performance and storage IMO. I opted for the smaller drive as I was purely after performance.
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    Attached is the specs of the new build! Last full build was Sept 2011 (In a older post here) CPU: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950X Processor (YD295XA8AFWOF) COOLING: Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate 360mm Aluminum Radiator Triple Curve Fans AIO Enthusiast Liquid Cooling System CPU Cooler MEM: Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4 3600MHz C18 LED Desktop Memory MOBO: ASUS ROG STRIX X399-E GAMING AMD Ryzen Threadripper TR4 DDR4 M.2 U.2 X399 EATX HEDT Motherboard with onboard 802.11AC WiFi, USB 3.1 Gen2, and AURA Sync RGB Lighting HD: Samsung 970 EVO 1TB - NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 SSD (MZ-V7E1T0BW)
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    Tricky a question, depending on what you are looking to do or the info you want. If you are trying to debug and stability test a new build, I tend to run HyperPi to crush numbers and work memory. As I have the Corsair hydro cooler, I also run the Corsair Link utility they have. That one shows my RAM frequency RAS to CAS timings and other specific RAM details. Corsair LINK homepage. One of the best all-around tools I use is CPUID's HWMonitor. It gives really good component details and thermal information. HWMonitor homepage I had a ton of issues running a higher RAM clock rate with this Corsair RAM so I decided to just keep it at stock timings. I had weird reboot issues and micro-stutter in benchmarks when running the higher memory speeds. TBH I would probably get a different make of DDR4 in the future. Hopefully that helps. Let me know if not. I also run a large amount of Final Fantasy benchmarks for stability testing and performance monitoring. You can run the Final XIV or the XV Benchmarks for that leg of it. Also as a more detailed solution, you could run a Virtual Machine and run MemTest in that. I've done that with VirtualBox for fun, but you can only memtest most but not all of your RAM, while in Windows.
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    Kind of hard to believe this thread is from 2016. But just to share about ip routes. On old Pix devices (at least) to remove a route, you need to type no ip route with the network, subnet and destination you are removing. So in this case, ssh to your device and be like: en *enter password again* conf *press enter for terminal* no ip route * Presuming you had a route added for an internal network of on a /24, routing to a .10 device, the no prefix will let you remove it. * exit write mem The Exit takes you our of conf mode, so you can then write those changes to device memory. If you find yourself managing older ASA Cisco devices, I really suggest using the ASDM software. It runs off Java and is really picky with versions and self-signed certificates, so have a dedicated machine / VM for configuring with the ASDM software. If you want to see how a network is configured the ASDM is a nice means to survey it. Also of help when you are checking VPN tunnels to see what are active and moot. One of the bigger benefits I got from using the ASDM is seeing if a VPN group is disabled, it will take down ALL tunnels in that group. So I took to making various groups to manage active and inactive tunnels. I had some CLI cowfolks making group changes and dropping all tunnels in one fell swoop, thus came my change for multiple groups to better define what purpose a tunnel is serving.
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    Odyssey was a good time. I think of it as a mash up between the Wii 3D world games and classic platformers. It was a treat to play the main story levels. Some of the post game content is a little overly frustrating but I'm not into crazy rough platformers. I pretty much played it to the face for a week straight as I had off work. I haven't played much after my 60 hour dive though. Blossom Tales looks adorable and is in my queue for games to check out. Zelda was a great time but the 2nd DLC is feeling a little long in the tooth for me. Those mods look awesome but also enraging to install. :p I have been going hard on Zenoblade Chronicles 2. Granted it's heavy on the cutscenes and it tries to side-step traditional mob grinding, via it's side quests and Merc Group supply quests. I guess you could liken the Blades to Pokemon. They have their own leveling system and skills. I also got Thimbleweed Park to enjoy some old school point-and-click adventure style gaming. I'm pretty impressed how well it works on the Switch. Btw, for your friend code, go to the top left of your switch menu where your Mii Avatar is, and on your Profile it will have your Friend Code. The SW-prefix is useless since the numbers are what you add someone with. I also put a screen cover on this thing like the 1st week. I am ready for Hyrule Warriors on Switch as I played it a little bit on the Wii U. Kirby, Metroid and Smash will be sick too. I really hope to see Mario Maker and Captain Toad make their way over, as those are probably my favorite Wii U games. As for the Pro controller, I did get one but I tend to use the Joy-cons either in the grip or solo in each hand. I kind of have small hands too. Totally agree on the pricey accessories too. I put some coin in extra controllers and the like. hahaha. Splatoon 2 multiplayer is alright and the single player is pretty robust. I really like the gyro aiming. I'm not huge into the online but it's pretty good if your team doesn't rush to their deaths, as paint coverage is the objective, not kills. To quote JeT, if you can get it on a deal, it's a good play. I can see how people get hooked on the multiplayer though. Fortunately you can stand a chance with the starting weapons when playing online. As you level up, you can buy the fancier ones.
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    I have also been doing extra consultation work to help someone get their backups running, an idea of what they have on the network and some performance tuning. That tends to put new projects here on the site pretty low on the list, as you may be able to tell with the CMS on the page index. It's not the most appealing task, but I see so many places lacking documentation. Like what do you have here, let alone how does it work? Are these things getting patched and what do they connect to? I dabble in lots of things but I hold on to being a generalist, since it helps me have a good understanding of how things work and how to fix them in a pinch and to try optimize them. I have done a little work with DevOps but I kind of chuckle if the premise is to spawn a new server instance in the event of a failure without seeing why it failed. That would be an automated fail loop. Haha I get it, some people gotta go fast and do not have the time to check their work. I'm not saying everyone ignores the failures and means to fix them, but it seems easy to shrug off an issue if you can spin up a new environment in the event of fail, and presume all is well until the next time. I remain to enjoy naps. Also occasionally leeching free wifi to play online games. Walking dogs is what's up too. I still crawl around social networks a bit, but some days I consider deleting my accounts. I did that on MySpace but then someone just relaunched my username with their account. Hahaha, good times.
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    This is a nice handy combination I've seen in a lot of educational seminars, workshops, etc. as well. Had a conference in LV back in Nov where this enabled everyone to quickly be on the same page to begin coding and executing examples without spending some 1hr pre-workshop getting people's environments all settled up. The Couchbase team also did a vagrant, VB combo during their 1 day workshop I attended when they hosted in Philly few months back. Also been looking at the popular rise of Docker over VMs like virtualbox, etc. It's more a container that can translate to your current OS, vs an entire VM where you need to be concerned with driver compatibilities and blah blah. This also makes for a speedier and more lightweight package. Can be pros and cons, like with anything, though. Some infos: http://devops.com/2014/11/24/docker-vs-vms/
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    Haven't had the chance to bother with it much myself. And I've never liked Exchange, so I doubt I'll like anymore in its 2013 flavor. The only thing I can suggest is get into Powershell since I'm pretty sure Exchange can be managed through that. The syntax is verbose to the point of ugliness, but it's rather flexible and won't take long to pick up. The downloadable documentation (man pages equivalent) in previous versions of Powershell was surprisingly acceptable; I'd hope they continue that trend.
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