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  1. I picked up the Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PS4 and wrapped this up around 44 hours of playtime. For conversation's sake I only played the original Final Fantasy VII back in 2013. Let us note this new remake is different from the original game and that this game installment covers Midgar. Not to get overly detailed or spoilerish, but this is a different title than the original. I was a little concerned when I started hearing about the remake, since I thought it would just re-tell the original but in a multi-game format. Also I have heard some friends describe this similar to Kingdom Hearts, but I never played any of those games. I had a good time playing this. The combat system is similar to Final Fantasy XIII with it's ATB system. One thing that took me longer to figure out than it should have, was that you can set your Party Leader in the settings menu. This will default your control to that party member in battles. This will make learning weapon skills and leveling weapons, much easier. Once you master a weapon by using the weapon skills associated to it, you can use those weapon skills with any weapon on that character. I played this on a PS4 Pro with a Western Digital 1TB SSD installed, as I replaced the standard 5400 RPM SATA Drive. Luckily, the PS4 makes replacing drives easy, like it was on the PS3. They even actually have a guide for it on the Sony site for replacing the drive. I did a little bit of post-game content too, but I doubt I'm going for 100% clear. It was a good time and I will check out the next installment. Granted by then, it will probably be a PS5 title. I attached my save game details too.
  2. Wow, it's like I fell into a portal here. I've recently been playing Animal Crossing and Dragon Quest XI on Switch. I just got a PS4 Pro this week and put a SSD in here. Picked up for Final Fantasy VII Remake and I also got some more digital games on PSN sale. Looks like I will get to play Red Dead Redemption 2. I grabbed GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas for like $15 too, so I'm cool with that. Thinking about Doom Eternal but I'll wait a little before squeezing off on that one. Picked up as I figure I'll play Cyberpunk 2027 when that drops on here. I saw Watchdogs 2 with all the DLC is on sale too, so I grabbed that and would play it again. I play on Xbox One occasionally too. Mostly stuff like Worms or whatever someone messages me to pop in a session for.
  3. Quarantine edition indeed. Welcome to some odd 2020 that seems like quite a stretch. I don't have a ton to think of but I only woke up a little bit ago today as well. Been walking our dog and spending quite some time in the house. Getting sleep between working and trying to chill. Getting ready to push an episode out, as last night was a good time. Speaking of events you do not have to go outside for, check out https://twitter.com/PancakesCon Enjoy the content or maybe even submit a talk. Rules for submission can be found here. Stay well out there and as always thank you for visiting and reading.
  4. Good news. I ordered replacement control sticks from iFixit. The replacement process went well. A personal tweak to the linked guide, is to put the new Joystick cable into the ZIF connector, before screwing in the mounts. This way, the tight cable will be easier to insert. As the guide comments say, I decided to leave the battery connector installed. I popped the battery out of the case and moved it to the side. Powered up my switch and calibrated the new joystick. Bam! no more drift.
  5. I wanted to make a thread for Joy-Con drift issues on Switch gamepads. I have 3 pairs of Joy-Cons and 2 of the left controllers have heavy and significant drift issues. You can confirm joystick drift on your Switch too. I called Nintendo for support on the first pair and they showed me the diagnostic options. Go To Settings * Controllers and Sensors (near the bottom of list) * Calibrate Control Sticks You will be asked to press down on the stick you want to calibrate / test. Rotate the stick and if you have drift, you will see the cross icon move from center, without you moving anything. If you call Nintendo support, you would need to send them in for repair. The repair cost was $35 if I recall correctly, not including your cost to ship them in. So in that case, it's about the same price to buy a new one... or you can repair your own for about $20 in parts. The ifixit link has parts and also the guide to replacing the analog stick. I have 2 left sticks with drift. All 3 of my right Joy-Cons are working without drift from what I have seen. Telltale symptoms of drift, are when playing a game, my character would veer to the left without my pressing on the control stick or moving it. When I called Nintendo Support, I believe the warranty for controllers is 90 days. (Ahh, yes it is here in the States for Accessories Warranty). Console has a 1 year warranty that applies to the original Joy-Cons that come with the system are also covered for one year. I know there was online chatter about 'free' replacements of Joy-Cons but when I called earlier in November 2019 or so, paying to replace was my only option. Just for conversation's sake, the Switch Pro Controller does not seem to have this hat issue at all. I wanted to make a thread on this and my experiences. I am thinking about ordering some replacement sticks and installing those. Granted I am not a fan of the tiny ribbon cables but I do already have a Switch repair kit with all of the screwdriver bits and plastic tools.
  6. Pic0o

    2020 Countdown

    Bumping this thread as it's well into February. Been a little bit of a ghost between the daily grind and life. Been mostly playing Dragon Quest XI between other stuff. Link's Awakening was great, I loved it. 🙂 Original version was a treat but this remake is a must-play imho. I am a huge Zelda and Link nerd so take that as some bias.
  7. Pic0o

    2020 Countdown

    Get ready for the roaring 20s to return. In current case, I'm playing Link's Awakening again but this time it's the Switch edition. The holiday was good to us. Random note if you have a Rift CV1. Amazon will give you $209 trade in credit for it. They even give you a free shipping label. That was a nice means to clear out some space at home and get some loot back, as the Rift S is vastly improved visual quality. Screen door effect be gone, compared to the CV1. Speaking of such, I'm still playing a bit of VR between other games and the old home project shuffles.
  8. Pic0o

    Arizona Sunshine

    Your dust off concern is valid. I would say I play in waves but not too consistently. A big issue with longevity is software options, granted it's getting a little better. Skyrim VR is a nice time but I stopped playing a few months back due to night tracking being kind of bad. However the Rift S had a firmware update for controllers that really improved the tracking concerns I was having. Many of the built-for-vr games tend to be short, so it can be short adventures but still pretty cool. Some of the more full games had me playing daily for weeks. Recently I have been back in VR as the people who made Technolust, are doing another game called Lo-Fi. I had been playing a beta that got me to knock the dust off my headset. My last job schedule sucked with commuting and on-call heavy scheduling as well, so I extra felt like an ass coming home and putting a headset on instead of spending some time with wifey before passing out. I'm back in the city working so I will have better schedule now. Looking at my VR game history, I'd say I play something every few days or weeks, depending on the titles. The depth perception is pretty awesome and it's a nice mental break from standard monitors. It's easy to lose track of time in VR as I played at least 2 hours last night, wrapping up Arizona Sunshine. Stand out excellent games and experiences for me are: Chronos (RPG-ish adventure exploration game. One of the longer and more enjoyable early VR titles) Technolust (Cyberpunk exploration game. Lots of different mini-game content and extended exploration and story content) Arizona Sunshine (Kill them zombies and have some storyline progression) Beat Saber (Rhythm lightsaber game) AVOlight.Space (video and file player with multiple windows in a 3d environment) The Climb (Mountain climbing game from Crytek Devs) Superhot (Rad combat in VR) Face your Fears (creepy as hell) Google Maps (Cooler than you might thing, browsing maps and seeing 3D environments. Fun stuff zooming in and out of locations and seeing 3D photos people uploaded) Rez Infinite (hard to describe, kind of like a space shooter / but wild in 3D. Short but fun) Batman Arkham VR (Pretty cool narrative despite being more of an experence than action game) Blade Runner 2049 (more of an interactive short movie) Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope (Stationary horde-like shooter) Windlands 1 and 2 (tree-traversing grappling hook game) Vader Immortal episodes 1 to 3 ( I only finished Ep 1 so far and while short, the story content is enjoyable and the battle dojo give some replay value) VR Chat (Chat based MMO. Large modding and cross-platform community) Mountain Goat Mountain (Kind of like Q-bert) Alright games but ones I did not get deeply into playing: Derail Valley (Drive trains around, explore the countryside, link up cargo cabins) Edge of Nowhere (Cthulhu themed ice cave game. I finished it but it got repetitive near end. It's VR but easily could have been non-VR title) Karnage Chronicles (Dungeon crawler. Looks cool but controls over time didn't stick with me) Budget Cuts (Controls were less than idea but might be better with recent patches) Orbus VR (MMO in VR) Lone Echo (I just got this within the last week. Very cool story having only played about 30 minutes. I may play more this weekend) Raccoon Lagoon (Think Animal Crossing. Played an hour or two but stuck in one of the starting zones haha) Carly and the Reaperman: Escape from the Underworld (also got recently. Fun platforming and interesting world navigation mechanics) Coaster (The rollercoaster content is cool and tends to be pretty cheap) Fugl (Chill flight game where you explore zones and morph into different birds) Duck Season (Like a duck hunt in VR game with a little story) Darknet (A grid based puzzle, path solving game where you link nodes and take over computers) Aircar (Free tech demo flying around in a flying car) Don't Knock Twice (VR horror mystery type experience, light puzzle game) Eagle Flight (You fly around and navigate flying by tilting your head. Cool but can make neck sore over time) Space Pirate Trainer (Wave shooter similar to Serious Sam VR) Gorn (Arena brawler. Make sure you have plenty of space before flailing arms around) Rick and Morty VR (Very heavy range of movement, roomscale dependent title. Granted I got this on SteamVR, before it was up on the Ouclus store) The Talos Principle (Puzzle game that while very cool, can get tricky quickly) VorpX is a 3rd party software driver utility (This lets you play some normal PC games with some 3D layering applied but most of the time it makes for a cool demo but nothing you would want to play long-term, as frame drops and the like would make you sick) That list got longer than I thought it would. As for space, I tend to play in a quite small area. I think the spot by my desk is like 3.5 " by 3.5" or 107 cm diameter. I hear other headsets need much more space for roomscale, but in my case I more a less just turn around or slightly move forward by leaning. Sweet on the similar build 🙂 I agree most anything does not work up a sweat, besides VR content since it's rendering way more with the 3D world environments. I had a 980 TI 6GB before but that card was feeling the pinch in VR and some other titles. As for VR stuff, yeah I play in waves but overall I am glad to have jumped in. I was a little bothered when I first got the Rift S due to software issues but the image quality increase has been huge. I did hook my CV1 headset back up the other day to direct compare but overall, with current fixes on the Rift S, it's pretty rad. I would definitely say I am glad to have jumped in, even without playing daily, since I got my CV1 Rift in July of 2017.
  9. Pic0o

    Arizona Sunshine

    I spent a few hours playing Arizona Sunshine this week. For you Rift players, this will be a standing only title as sitting does not fair too well. As this is a shooter title (with zombies), you may be familiar with reaching to your waist or torso for actions such as reloading ammo and switching guns. For sake of context, I am playing on a Rift S headset with software purchased from the Oculus Store. Hardware is on a Windows 10 Pro Install build 1903 (10.0.18362.418) Intel Core i7-7700K CPU Nvidia 1080 Ti 11 GB model GPU 32 GB PC-3200 DDR4 500 GB NVMe SSD Oculus Rift S headset running non-beta Oculus software Nvidia drivers version 436.15 Starting out, I had a game crash upon getting my first achievement a few minutes in. One of those weird ones where the app stops responding and the game window is like a flat display and if you look around, the rest of your environment is blacked out, instead of the 3d world view you normally have. VR can be trippy like that. After the crash, I loaded back up and luckily it was after a level checkpoint so I lost minimal progress. I played for a few hours since and have had zero crashes since then. I don't want to spoil anything but I will say some levels get very creepy. Think Left 4 Dead style zombie rushes at some points. Since I normally play VR at night, my means to play standing games is more limited but I put some time in this week to dive into this game. I did not get any of the DLC content so far as with a few hours in, I did not finish the story mode yet. As normal for me, I play a little slower than many but have seen some youtube playthroughs complete in about 2 hours. I probably have about 3 in so far so I could see finishing the main story around 5 to 6 hours. Heads up this game has been on sale recently too. I saw some people in the steam forums mentioning issues with the Valve Index controls, but figure the Vive is probably fine and I have not really seen any control issues on the Rift. I may finish this up today as I picked up a couple more games this week to embrace while on holiday. Edit: Yo, that was a fun ride. I played on Easy and still felt it was a good challenge. Story was pretty fun too. Just to note, a few times, you will be facing infinite spawns, if you do not proceed to the next point. Most of them are pretty obvious so I do not consider that a strike against the game. As for play mechanic / movement, I went with the default teleporting option. Locomotion is an option but in that game it would not have suited me well. I do set locomotion in some titles but for the pace of that game, it would have been too fast and probably made me sick. Speaking of such, with teleporting and rotating with controller hat presses, I did not find myself getting nauseous. Zombie attacks are intense though and might give you a little startle 🙂 Rad game! I may get the DLC sometime soon as the 2 packs are $2.50 and $5.00. This recently launched on the Oculus Quest if you want to play it on an unwired headset. You would need to buy it again since there is no cross-buy promotion for this game. Speaking of wires, I certainly found myself turned around pretty often playing this. I use a fan to keep my sweat levels down and to also help me know what direction I am facing IRL. Even not on sale, Arizona Sunshine is a good ride. It has multiplayer as well but I only played single player so far. 6 hours of playtime seems to be pretty accurate for how long I played through the story.
  10. Just bumping to share the above works the same on Windows Server 2019 as it did for Server 2016. Desktop experience and install looks pretty much identical too. OS and PowerShell versions shared below. 2019 Server PS C:\Users\Administrator> (Get-Host).Version Major Minor Build Revision ----- ----- ----- -------- 5 1 17763 592 > $PSVersionTable Name Value ---- ----- PSVersion 5.1.17763.592 PSEdition Desktop PSCompatibleVersions {1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0...} BuildVersion 10.0.17763.592 CLRVersion 4.0.30319.42000 WSManStackVersion 3.0 PSRemotingProtocolVersion 2.3 SerializationVersion 2016 Server PS C:\Users\Administrator> (Get-Host).Version Major Minor Build Revision ----- ----- ----- -------- 5 1 14393 3053 > $PSVersionTable Name Value ---- ----- PSVersion 5.1.14393.3053 PSEdition Desktop PSCompatibleVersions {1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0...} BuildVersion 10.0.14393.3053 CLRVersion 4.0.30319.42000 WSManStackVersion 3.0 PSRemotingProtocolVersion 2.3 SerializationVersion
  11. Pic0o

    Xbox gang one

    Truth be told, I mostly play Diablo 3 on XBO. Borderlands 3 has awful pacing and single player is next to unplayable, even on the 'easier' difficulty. The controller play is really good. Like I am considering Diablo 4 for console just because it makes so much more sense than Keyboard and Mouse. I took good advice and got the Game Pass Plus with Xbox Live included but it feels like netflix. So many games but most none I actually play. About to play some more Diablo 3 as season 18 just ended. I'd play more on PC but for whatever reason, they never added controller support and I'd also have to buy the Necromancer pack for PC. I got the Eternal collection for like $23 for XBO between the Best Buy Gamer club promos before that expired. I think I mentioned in another thread about playing off a USB SSD. The load speeds are vastly improved over the 5400 RPM disk in the XBO. I get the cost savings and all, but not having Solid State Disks is kind of crazy. Granted I can be a performance snob 🙂
  12. Pic0o


    Oh hey. I guess you should not add rpi-update to your regular patch cycle. Haha I have anyways. No woes so far 😛 Quote from the updater too below:
  13. Pic0o


    I love these damn things. As I mentioned, depending on your network configuration, you may need to add an ipmac-binding so your Pi-Hole gets updated blocklists and allows you to get OS updates on the same network adapter. When you are SSH'd into one of them ( Remember I use serial over USB as to not have SSH running on a network adapter for the Pi-Holes ), 3 commands are your friend and can also be thrown into a single bash script to save you time on updates. I am running Raspbian, so change you apt-get to relevant package manager, IE: pacman if you are on team Arch / Manjaro. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y sudo pihole -up sudo rpi-update * The first line checks for, then installs new packages. * 2nd line updates your Pi-Hole software * 3rd line will check for Raspberry Pi firmware updates and install those. You need to an should restart after the rpi-update runs. ( Optional ) You could add a reboot command at the end, but I like to confirm all went well before I reboot. If you want all 3 to run, pop those 3 lines into a bash / text file and you can run that file to have your script push out these updates. Details on how to execute a bash file script at link and quoted below
  14. Pic0o

    Xbox gang one

    Thanks to some dope people, I am now a member of the Xbox One club. Been playing Borderlands 3 mostly. I was kind of shocked that a small portion of my Xbox 360 purchases were available for download on Xbox One. If anyone else cares, Culdcept Saga is NOT backwards compatible but I still have an Xbox 360 for that game. Before you buy many games, you should really check out the Xbox Game Pass plans. $9.99 a month for over 100 games to download. Bump that to the Ultimate plan for $15.00 and you also get PC Game access along with included Xbox Live service. There are a large amount of recent but not the newest games on the Game Pass service. Pretty good value, imo. Speaking of games, buying discs is funny. They will install to the internal storage by default. With a 500 GB model you will find space fill quickly since each game seems to average around 50 GB. I have a non-Slim or X model, so no 4k gaming output for me. If you want to spend $500 for this option, go for it. Since I had friends hook me up with one of the earlier models, I am more than happy with the choice. Now I have tough calls like, do I get Watch Dogs 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 on PC or console. Considering I have a 1080 TI and play on controller for most major pc games... this will be a tough call. Since my last XBL session was around 2011, I also noted the Xbox interface for friends and joining games has heavily increased. Good times so far. Same gamertag I had before, so if you see me online, you now have backstory.
  15. Been a spell since last fresh OS install. You will find plenty of extra save files in %localappdata%. Save games and Oculus content especially, will tuck your save data into this folder. Direct link for the environmental goes into your local path of AppData is typically hidden in explorer views and command prompts. Happily we can run a cmd with a dir /a to show all files. Typing %localappdata% in explorer will also display the contents in AppData. Some of these folders have os bound configurations and links to other drive paths. For sane measure, select game or application specific content from these folders. Mainly your Local subdirectory of AppData. Most all of prior installed app and game items will be here, if not in your typical [yourUsername]\Documents path. 10.0.18362 Windows 10 fresh operating system installs will go very heavy in having you create an online account for machine login. Pro version of Win10 has an 'I will join a domain' option so pick this and continue making your new user account. Local machine will still create a username with no domain to authenticate with. This is cool if you wish to not have your credentials for login on an internet cloud username. Hard pass on that one. Speaking of domains, if you login locally and your account is not restricted for local login without domain, your domain password last used will remain as the local authentication. Pop onto your VPN at the office or bridge connection to said real domain, lock and unlock your workstation to update your AD (hopefully kerberos based) authentication to be synced. Local machines off a domain will keep their last login, until the next time they see a Domain Controller that does exist. However since you tend to need logon to a local device away from AD network before you logon, the cached previous version of your password will work until you try to establish new connections. Most of the time the password issues actually using a domain authenticated account, are not really clear from the error until you search for online common issues and causes. Save you some sanity there, when connecting back to an actual domain from your local computer, old pass works until you try and go onto other network devices and components. Skip Speaking of domains for being needed on a fresh install. I wanted to dump more details on how normal domain overview, in context to just using a local account with no active domain to authenticate login for. Sweet, you have an offline user account bound to your newly installed machine. The Windows10 installer will blast you with privacy options. Most all off disable sharing of resources to apps from the microsoft store and also your locally installed, traditional applications. You may very well want to disable Windows Store updating as well. While about turning off these privacy settings, you can also control this once the install wizard finishes from Settings. Control Panel still has most all of the traditional OS configuration options you are used to. However items like Cortana voice activation and web search by start menu can be controlled in the newer Settings area. Pressing Winkey + X will display the right-click list from your start button. If no mouse, arrow or shortcut underlined letters will work to open panels. Make a note of microphone and video camera use will be disabled if you decline privacy to allow sharing of default recording preferences. You can allow this for applications and moderate some to no Windows Apps from the store for these capabilities. I have been burned trying to use a new external microphone with the microphone permission to deny all sharing. It was quite sneaky and gave no clear indication of such when I tried to use it in OBS. [+| Draft up: Shortlist of common applications to be installed (can we silently and script deploy these?) Install graphics nvidia or amd driver. If using intel gpu you can leave in hands of os drivers. Moderate recycle bin options - Confirm before delete - Disable save to recycle bin What is the role of this install? - All-in-One multimedia - AV - Browsing Web - Editing - Games - Meme processing - ???
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