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  1. Pic0o


    Appreciate the details. I hear you on the new setup with drives bump. Almost more time and cost effective to have a target and prior set of same data still intact, if only to verify new set. Then you get into storage of things and what to do with other storage. Could repurpose prior NAS? Tempting things but priority is to working plumbing as to not be in apartment anymore. That may be a spell though with renorestivations.
  2. Hola to you. I recently picked up a Yeti Microphone in a Yeticaster bundle. Starting out immediately, you will save quite a bit of money on this bundle versus buying each piece on their own. Included for $200 USD are: Yeti USB Microphone ($130 by itself) Compass Premium Microphone Boom Arm ($100 as a single item) Radius III Custom Shockmount ($50 as a single item) If you can find these in stock, $200 is quite a deal. The audio quality is superb based on my buddies in discord. The boom arm is awesome for having desk space and being able to push micro
  3. Wanted this to be active topic as I made a test thread too.
  4. Forum level essentially lets me have bug capabilities, if not at least requests.
  5. I made well the ability to thread random topics here in Adventure forum. Direct link because https://funtimebliss.com/forums/index.php?/forum/29-adventure/ I installed and made default a dark theme. Especially since I saw the manual theme I butchered with neon yellow. I will delete the old one now too. You should be defaulted to custom dark theme, else can default blanco ipb theme. Be well and happy to have had you read here
  6. Pic0o


    Last NAS I have worked with were QNAPs too. I did setup a Synology but overall I feel they were comparable experiences. No current NAS here at the pad for space reasons but I would consider another QNAP, granted more drive bays might be more problem than benefit. I agree on rather having a purpose built appliance than a desktop and a ton of drives spinning off. How did your drives hold up in RAID? Many replacements over a year or few?
  7. Pic0o

    wat up

    I have been shabby on new threads. Still tinkering away with some project to skeleton up a build later today. We have a new kitten that our older cat is overall getting along with. Doggo is chilling and we saw his sisters today walking. I have been rearranging my desk and apartment. Many old school +PLuS+ people have been hanging out on the discord server and playing games at https://d.houseofplus.com. I have come on and chatted along with some games too, between all else.
  8. Hola all and shucks howdy. Welcome back and re-greets to any and all old lurkers 🙂 We have been playing some modern and old games on some streaming. J0k3r put the core streaming work in and has his up on Twitch. https://houseofplus.com forwards to our Facebook live page as well. @J0k3r Twitch page is https://www.twitch.tv/freekshw We have Discord channel for text and voice chilling too. https://discord.gg/WGZ24By9Rn https://d.houseofplus.com resolves to the same discord channel invite
  9. Pic0o

    Watch Dogs Legion

    I am enjoying a bit of vacation and playing Watch Dogs Legion. It's the 3rd installment of the series and this one takes place in London. Familiar game mechanics from the prior and especially last game are still heavily intact. No current multiplayer but that is showing to be sometime in December, based on the game menu for the MP option. I am playing on a PS4 Pro that I also replaced the HDD with a non-mechanical drive getting a little bit of a load boost for shorter load times using a SSD. Graphic quality and game performance is overall smooth. I only had one crash game inst
  10. Quest 2 got the version 23 update that enables 90 Hz / FPS for desktop VR mode and also more support for Quest native games at 90 Hz. Works pretty well so far. There is also image quality upscaling support. At current on my setup with an Intel i7-7700k and Nvidia 1080 Ti I am getting good performance and maintaining 90 FPS at 4128 x 2096. As mentioned I am using the official Oculus Link cable that connects over USB3. In the Graphic Preferences details, you can crank up the resolution and toggle your FPS / Hz refresh rate. Glad I got r
  11. Hey, Forums are up~! I recently sold my Rift S and got a Quest 2 headset. My jump was motivated by getting a Quest 1 headset a bit before the Quest 2 released. Long story short, the stand alone Quest headset functionality is pretty impressive but as a bonus, you can hook a Quest up to your PC and use it for PCVR / Rift Games. This morning I got the Oculus Link cable. This is an expensive ($80 USD) USB3 cable that has a fiber optic connection apparently. I was using the USB cable that came with thew Quest 1 and thought it was a Link cable, but I was quite wrong. The Quest 1 ca
  12. Audio files ate up my bandwidth really really fast lol. This as you can see is currently resolved 🙂 Back for spooky season
  13. Pic0o

    wat up

    bump from quest 2 to desktop over wifi local. Link usb cable for pcvr also works to desktop oculus desktop vr library.
  14. That game Carrion (Steam, Switch) is pretty good. Cleared it in around 10 hours with some idle time and enjoyed it. Think of a reverse-horror game where you are the monster. Break your way and gain size and abilities as you fight back against the base they tried to seal you in. I have also been on varying other games. VR stuff, some switch and PS4 / XBO as well. Lighter to boot up the xbox unless someone is online to play something. About to play some more VR as I am curious to see the Quest 2 headset and newer software releasing. Thinking about a Quest 2 at some point but really digging
  15. Pic0o

    wat up

    Oh wow that is wild. I should have actually bought ownership of domains instead of renewing them 🙂 Nice score!
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