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  1. Say you are checking you tasklist output for a certain Windows process id (pid) that matches your netstat -o output. These commands are helpful but matching the output can be annoying, even if you output them to a text file. By the way, context wise this process is a throwback to the Bitcoin Miner Malware removal thread, as it could help for any open port you want to reference back to a running process. If you want to see what said PID in your netstat output is with a single CLI string, here is a helpful pipe option. tasklist | search "PID#" IE: running tasklist | search "812" on my system throws details on wininit but also shows other process IDs with 812 in them. I think of this as a light grep-like command you can do in Windows. Like Linux, '|' (piping) will take the output of your first command and run the 2nd command against it. The tasklist search is a common and moderately easy grep-like thing you may want to do often if you are checking a machine for open ports and trying to correlate what process details are for said PID linked to those open ports.
  2. Pic0o

    July greetings

    Reposted from the front page of the site, since I forgot to do so earlier. Going to bed now but wrapping up a project I started a few weeks ago, soon.
  3. Pic0o

    July greetings

    As usual I have been slacking on posting to the front page of the site. The forums are the active place for newer content. Some threads of interest so far this year are: A Youtube channel for video benchmarks An Android security overview of privacy and security settings Macbook Pro 2015 Update issues to 10.13.4 and warranty screen repairs Using an Elgato HD60 S capture HDMI device, as used for video benchmark videos and POST videos. Raspberry Pi used for dd imaging of data drives Hunter83 asked about some memory, system diagnostics and stability tests while in Windows I fixed an ‘ipmap-binding’ error on my Pi-Hole Raspberry Pi setups Some extra details on Firewall log processing with use of MSSQL and Python Better elaboration on Cisco ASA configuration and light management Outside of those threads, I played some games and floated around some Discord servers. A bit of fun chatting and light doses of trying to help people work on various projects, while learning tons from everyone else. I think that’s a hearty site news update so far! Playing some Skyrim on Switch before the point I should soon go to bed for the night. Ah yes, HOPE is coming up in about 2 weeks! Looking forward to enjoying the weekend of 7/20 – 7/22. If you are going and want to IRL chill, drop me a msg or find me wandering around and say hello.
  4. Pic0o

    Video Channel and this Forum

    Uploading some benchmark videos but I'm in processing Hell. So they will be up, whenever this progress bar decides to move, let alone finish. Curse of the new account, I guess. Or the processing page stopped responding but the video had been done. I have some Razer Blade v5 (1060 GTX) model benchmarks along with some benchmarks from my desktop with a 1080 Ti in it. Enjoy some indications of frame rate via video. The Raw video .mp4 from the Elgato software were about 1GB per 7 minutes, if you wanted an idea of video storage per recording time. Reminder that I'm using an Elgato HD60 S. The USB model makes it nice for desktop or laptop recording use. I forgot to mention, I made an effort to show my thermals in each benchmark. The Razer Laptop gets toast and I mentioned under full GPU load, the fans get loud.
  5. Starting off, whoops! I accidentally set this forum to a category and as a result, it hid a bunch of older threads 😮 Just fixed that up today. Also, I started a Youtube Channel to upload videos. Mainly bug check video captures and some Benchmark videos. Having a capture card now, I can put to video stuff, you would normally need to record on a video camera and it would be kind of shaky. Now you can enjoy POST video captures and seeing benchmarks run at their native frame rates on some hardware. Here is the FTB Video Channel. It has a crazy long URL I cannot define until 100 subscribers. So for now, just make a bookmark I am one of those people who does not really like people talking over videos, so I will explore adding subtitles to them instead. Bonus points since that may make them more accessible in the long-run as well. So far I only have some Tails videos covering boot issues with Nouveau laptops with dual video cards (Razer v5 1060 GTX laptop). Enjoy a bunch of old threads about movies and TV as well, since that got fixed today.
  6. I have dabbled a bit with Final XIV since last year. I'm currently level 63 and working my way through the Stormblood main story quests (MSQ). After a few more quests I'll have unlocked Diving, so I can swim / dive. As has been the case, the main story is pretty good. Instances queue up fairly fast. My gear is kind of lacking, since I was mostly tooled out from running the palace of the undead back from before Stormwind dropped. Quest gear does help get your armor class up while you level and exploring the world areas is pretty fun. Here is my Character on Malboro. I have a few days on my subscription and will probably jump on more tomorrow evening. I'm currently on MSQ To Bend with the Wind. When I started playing again a few weeks ago, I resumed from In Crimson It Began. I'm pretty sure I was rushing ahead too fast when the expansion initially came out, as I kept failing to complete that quest. Beat it my 1st try after re-subbing a few weeks back so maybe it was patched too?
  7. Pic0o

    Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

    There is a 3 level demo up on the switch. I am totally getting this again for switch. They added some extra levels in the full version, but the biggest win is the increased portability and higher brightness and quality on the switch screen. July 13th. I am very excite. There were plenty of post-game levels to keep you going. I got pretty far into them but will dive full in, with the game being portable.
  8. I will edit this over time but I wanted to have the thread up to start with. Overview objectives: - Stop camera from saving GPS to photos. - This is in your Camera App Settings, not System device settings. - Device Settings: - Lock Screen and Security: - Set lock mode and passcode to unlock device. - Password, PIN, Pattern, Swipe, None. - Biometrics. Face, Iris or Fingerprints - I do not use or particularly like any of the biometric means for device locking. - App Shortcuts: Define what apps can be used while phone is locked (IE Phone calls and Camera) - Find my mobile. Anti-theft and traacking options for your phone. - Remove controls: Allows phone to be remotely controlled via your Samsung account - Google location service. Allow GLS to give more accurate location info to where your mobile is. - Send last location. Allow your phone to broadcast last location when battery hits a certain level of charge. - Encrypt SD Card. Your files on the SD card will only work with your phone. If phone is reset to defaults, you will not be able to read the encrypted files anymore and would have to re-format the card. - Secure Lock Settings - Secured lock time - Auto factory reset. After 15 failed passwords (will also erase all your data on phone) - Lock network and security. Prevents disabling Wifi and mobile data when your phone is locked, to make someone stealing your phone easier to track by device. - Notifcations. Choose to hide notification messages on lock screen. - Define what apps can put notifcations on the lock screen. - Hide content of message on lock screen from displaying. (Highly suggested to be on) - Notification icons only. Just show app icon without details, on lock screen. - Device Settings - Location - Turn GPS on or Off. Besides privacy and tracking being less accurate, this can save a large amount of battery life. Turn this off when not needed for directions. - Google Location History. You can disable this from saving where you have searched and have been. - Google Location Sharing. Can share 'Real-time location' with someone of Google. You can turn both of these off and GPS maps will still work fine. The sharing and history are not needed, just GPS being turned on. - Device Settings: - Apps. - See installed apps - Review and define App-specific system-level Permissions granted to device. - Decide if you wish to disable some apps completely or uninstall them. - Review battery usage and mobile data use, per app. - Device Settings: - About phone. - Shows phone number, model, serial number and IMEI. - Software Information. - Show Android version - Android patch level - Various system level information.
  9. Pic0o


    Just bumping a 2009 thread because I wanted to find the artist lordworm who made the logo and did give their blessing to use it for the site. Back when Invision Logos had to be, like really small. 😛 I may very well try to buy a print of this from them too, for home. https://lordworm.deviantart.com/art/Arrival-of-Cthulhu-6627309
  10. I have done some maintenance on Mac laptops before and have a Mac Mini myself. I haven't had any issues with the Mini, but I did with a 2015 Macbook Pro. Initial issue was some screen damage that looks like a residue stuck on the screen. Turns out that was an issue with some Mac models, including the Macbook Pro 2015 model due to the anti-glare coating they used. Fortunately, since they got their laptop at an Apple store, they had 4 year coverage and the repairs were free. There is also a recall / free replacement for the logic board. That repair was $575, before the cost was zeroed out because a warranty repair. The new screen was crystal clear again and the laptop continues to soldier on. We got this repaired in January of this year. Item Number Description Price Amount Due S1586LL/A Labor Charge, PBG4/MBP15" $ 100.00 $ 0.00 S5741LL/A Flat Rate 2 Repair Charge MBP15/MBP17 $ 475.00 $ 0.00 Total (Tax not included) $ 575.00 $ 0.00 Lo and behold, I was visiting a couple days ago, and the same MacBook Pro (2015) rebooted to give the following error: [auth] failed to write file <private> At the bottom of an error log display. if you have an nvidia MacBook Pro 2015) and update to 10.13.4, you're gonna have a bad time. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/8338509 I followed the suggestion to select the Boot Disk option, then to pick the Mac Hard Drive to have it boot normally. This 10.13.4 issue looks to have just started again the other day (5/30). Hopefully an update will address this, because a recovery log screen is pretty daunting, especially for someone who does not normally see error logs, as I will generalize and say is the case for many Mac users who do not work in tech. Needless to say they were happy when I got it to boot back up and she will continue delaying the prompts to install updates on OS X.
  11. Pic0o

    Play a Game? (Game tracker)

    I'm pretty keen to play the Switch Pokemon games of Let's Go Pikachu! and Let's Go Eevee! [Official site] for the game is live and it comes out November 16th 2018. From what I saw, it looks like the story is a retelling of Pokemon Yellow with an emphasis on being easier to play? Sure, I'm down as the last Pokemon I played was Black on DS. There will be inter-connectivity with Pokemon Go, if you're into that as well. There is also going to be a Pokeball controller. Fallout 76 was announced and a trailer shown, but that's about it. I'm currently playing Skyrim again on my Switch and am using the sneak level method on Einarth to level up crazy quick. I played Skyrim once so I forgive myself for cheesing some levels. 😉 Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon released for PC and consoles. I kickstarted the main game, Ritual of the Night and got a code for Steam to play this mini-Castlevania 3 like game. It's pretty good without being crazy hard to start like the old NES games. There is some extra content to sink your teeth into as well, but I did an initial play-through in 3 hours. Very cool a game for $10 bucks. It's an 8-bit like adventure without the limitations of the original hardware. Oh yes, I also played the Legendary (main story mode) of Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition. Quite a long story run with all of the DLC content that is included with this version from the Wii U and 3DS editions of the game that came prior. I only cracked the surface of all the Adventure Mode maps, once I cleared the story content. I haven't got to try local multiplayer yet, but it certainly has 2 player co-op. If you want to romp in a Dynasty Warriors style game, I suggest this but you can also jump into One Piece: Pirate Warriors or the Fire Emblem Warriors games, depending on your universe of interest. I haven't tried those 2 out myself though.
  12. Pic0o

    GDPR details

    Here we strive to put the FU in FuntimeBliss. Ideally typing 'fu' in the address bar auto-completes you to here. I've never sold nor will sell user data. Shit I don't even run advertisements, because I honestly loathe them and find online marketing creepy. As noted before, I'm pretty sure this site has been excluded from Google search results for years now. The closest thing to mailing lists I have, are when I have sent admin emails out to members. I mostly wanted to make this thread as a joke, since everyone seems to have gotten a huge swath of emails about 'updated privacy policies'. Here I'm just trying to make information available. Thanks for reading and visiting. Special thanks to the forum members as well.
  13. Pic0o

    Elgato HD60 S

    I've been toying with getting a HDMI video capture device for some time now. Checking around I decided to go with an Elgato HD60 S - USB 3 capture device. I considered the PCI-e options but I wanted the USB 3 option for my laptop use also. I was also able to pickup the capture device locally so that was a nice bonus. If you want a 4k capable capture card, the 4k PCIe device goes for around $400. I got the HD60 S for $180 and if you want the PCIe HD60 Pro, it's normally +$20 for that PCIe model. Now that you know about their capture line of products, we can get into usage. There is a power connector USB type-C connector, HDMI input and a passthru HDMI output. You can use the Game Capture HD software from Elgato to play your input device on your desktop monitor (as a window or full-screen). I did notice the frame rate seems lower than if you play directly on your monitor by changing the display input to use the pass-thru (raw display). Mostly I noticed this playing faster rate game likes Naruto Storm Trilogy. This this being said, I did not notice any input lag or audio delay. Just the seemingly lower frame rate, despite the device capturing @ 1080p 60 fps (frames per second). If you like muxing audio with your game playing, I tend to open Game Capture HD or OBS Studio, so that I can play music while listening to in-game audio. Basically what I did on the Xbox 360 as it had it's own media player. If you would like to see video quality via streaming, check out my Twitch channel. I started out streaming with the Game Capture HD software from Elgato and then switched to OBS Studio, once I figured out Sources control. OBS Studio works very well with this. I did notice a glitch where you want to have the HDMI device turned on, before opening OBS Studio or you will hear a weird static noise. I would say OBS has better control options but the Game Capture HD is much easier to use. A nice feature of the Game Capture HD Software is it will let you change your Twitch.tv info in the program, without needing to navigate your way to the Dashboard | Live settings on the twitch site, for each stream. Speaking of Game Capture HD software, it will write temp files out while running, so be sure to have free space or change your settings to write them out to a disk with space, HDD or large SSD. I'm writing to an HDD currently. If you ever wanted to play something in VR on a big virtual screen like BigScreen or the Oculus Home environment, both of the viewer programs will go full-screen and you can play away with your headset on and potentially stream that environment out as well. Game streaming is cool but since this is a HDMI capture device, you can also plug in a computer or laptop and capture that as well. You can capture BIOS video as well but that will depend on your device and if it outputs POST info over HDMI. I say this as my laptop does not do this, but my desktop will, so long as I don't have a DisplayPort monitor connected. If you ever dealt with desktop capture software and found some of it wonky, this is a nice method to outright capture anything you would typically see on a display and record it to video or a stream. If you want to blank the screen or show a title card, OBS Studio will allow you to do this while recording, if you wish to avoid doing it in post-editing. I started dabbling with that on my twitch stream as well. Wrapping up, this is a good device that works well. I noted the framerate drop when playing on your desktop but want to note it's not unplayable at all. Audio and Input button presses register without any lag I could notice. The included software is quite nice and gets you started without having to learn the ropes around using OBS Studio for Streaming and Recording. The USB HD60 S makes a great option if you ever wanted to be able to record a PC boot process and desktop environment without using desktop capture software, thus removing an OS-specific means to record. Using the recording software and drivers, Elgato has native support for Windows and OS X. I have not tried to record anything in Linux yet. Using the output passthru port lets you play at native console resolution and frame rate, while you record or stream on your desktop. It's a fun device and highly suggested if you want to get into some video capture for under $200 USD. FYI this will not allow you to capture video from a HDCP device like a Google Chromecast. You will see a black screen and the Elgato Game Capture HD and a red icon that says HDCP with a line going through a circle icon. A Roku will allow you to record it at the OS-level but if you try to play video, it will honor the HDCP request not to show video and put an overlay over the video, noting HDCP lockout. So long as HDCP is not restricting your device, you should have no issues capturing video. Searching around it appears you have an option to disable HDCP for Playstation 4 consoles. I do not have one so I cannot verify this but Elgato has a PS4 guide to disable HDCP.
  14. Pic0o

    Play a Game? (Game tracker)

    Thanks to an early birthday gift I am now dabbling in the art of video capture over HDMI. Elgato HD60 S is a quality capture device with HDMI pass-through, so you can play directly on a display, or in the Game Capture HD window while recording or streaming. Anyways, I also have a Twitch.tv page up with some PC and console recordings. I'm not really into the whole talking over gameplay, so I either mix in music or just let it go with game audio. I'm still mainly playing on Switch and PC currently so the below upcoming titles reflect this. Switch Okami Switch - 2018-08-09. Never got to play this out yet. Captain Toad Switch - July 13th. Extra Levels over the Wii U version and this is one of my favorite games. Tablet mode on the switch will be way better than it was on Wii U. Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition - 2018-05-18. I played this before on Wii U but am getting this for all the DLC and portability along with performance improvements. Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King - This is out. I'm just waiting to pickup once I finish another game or two. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate - Aug 28th. This is a localized port of Monster Hunter XX Double Cross from Japan. Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes - I loved these games so the next one is a natural pickup for me. The World Ends With You - Another DS port I never got to play. Bloodstained - Kickstarter that is looking to ship semi-soon but with no confirmed date. PC Monster Hunter World (PC) - Sometime this Fall 2018 but they need to design the online topology for PC so it may be delayed. I'm currently playing Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Thank goodness for Funky Kong mode because the levels can kick my ass around a bit. I'm on the 5th world currently and I think the Mine Cart levels are some of the hardest. Level design is enjoyable and the boss fights are pretty distinct too. Haha you can see me get smacked around a bit on my Twitch streams I have archived. I finished main game this week - 2018-05-16. Some frustrating moments but a good time. Enjoyable platformer indeed. I have some hidden levels to find and finish up. Beat Saber is pretty fun. It's a VR title where you slash blocks and avoid obstacles like a Guitar Hero like game. There is also a modding community that is pretty sick and likely to keep that game popular for quite some time. I enjoy VR but it needs to continue getting quality developers making content. The downside is most devs are not really flipping a ton of profit for their work and time. Hopefully VR adoption picks up over time. I know the Oculus Go dropped recently but that's more of a mobile VR platform (GearVR) than it is a desktop graphic and interaction capacity.
  15. Pic0o

    Forensic drive imaging with dd

    I just wanted to add that you can use a filename for input and output of dd images. I've tested this so I can have multiple images on a large disk. Reworking the above dd line, here is a method for writing to a .iso for that disk image. dd if=/dev/sda of=/media/pi/DriveMountName/ImageDisk.iso bs=16384k status=progress To use the media path, you want to have your external drive mounted. Since we are writing out a file instead of going directly from disk to disk copy, the /media/ path allows you to target your output into a block for block image file. Same conditions apply for restoring from an image file. Make sure your drive is mounted then target your if= string path to the /media folder where your .iso you created resides. dd if=/media/pi/DriveMountName/ImageDisk.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=16384k status=progress Finally, for conversations sake I wanted to note I am using similar USB docks and drives on a USB3 enabled laptop and I'm maintaining about 45 MB/s having written out 29 of 500 GB on a drive image write-out. At 2.5x the speed as on a Pi, this should wrap up much quicker than 7 hours. Update: Finished image on this laptop in 13344 seconds @ 37.5 MB/s. In other words 3.7 hours / 3 hours and 45 minutes. Edit to add I also confirmed the .iso file image and the output disk matched via sha256sum also. The slower drive was in a USB dock via USB 2.0 SATA 3, where the source .iso was on a USB3 SATA6 external disk. The USB dock check took about 4 hours, where as the external USB3 drive sha256sum signature finished up much quicker.