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    Diablo III Thread

    Holy shit?! 2011 (more a less besides the Mac Mini testing) was the last time this thread had a post? I guess that explains why I am loving this Switch Version of Diablo 3. If you expected a time I pushed people to get a switch, portable Diablo 3 is a damn fine example of it. 4 player online or local Co-Op. Button config is smooth as silk versus clicking a ton of shit like a mad person. Thread bump as I am playing me some Diablo 3. Your PC characters are separate from the console version, so just so you know as to not having an ungodly high level paragon, out the gate playing this version. All the updates and game mechanic changes are pretty damn good!
  2. Pic0o

    Fallout 76

    I played the beta and wanted to share some of my experiences. It was only a few hours worth but I came to a decision. Canceled pre-order. Not to be dramatic about it, but reasons I canceled a pre-order and release are: Always online Fallout. I got the feeling people were shooting at me as I explored the starting content and I was right. Luckily you can sleep on a bed and not get killed by other actual players. Food and Water mechanic. So if I AFK, my character will need food and water and potentially die. Recovering items from your corpse. Building mechanics. VATS completely changed. Since always online, you cannot slow time and aim for parts. VATS now works like an enhanced aim, but with really limited functional use. While most of my reasons for disinterest are pretty popular in other games... I do not wanted a forced always online experience. Co-op as an option would be great but I am hard-passing on a persistent online environment where I have to manage food, water and getting player killed. Maybe if there is an offline option so I can enjoy the content and like actually pause, I would be interested. I am not a huge fan of MMO like mechanics in a game I feel is built for single player. Granted if I were playing an MMO, the PVP is established as a mechanic with some sort of consent, but if I were to AFK in a town playing something like a Final Fantasy or World of Warcraft, I would not have to feed a food and drink bar to stay alive. Survival mechanics as a game mechanic are not my speed. Hopefully you enjoyed my opinion and moderate rant about Fallout 76. Perhaps it helped you make some choices too. I like to pause and take IRL breaks, walk the dog etc.
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    Starlink: Battle for Atlas

    I explored a second world, bought the DLC compilation pack and am enjoying the exploration and story narrative. That being said, if you do not want the physical toy items, save some money and get the $60 digital version with most everything included, or the $80 digital version with all the pilots, weapons and ships. This is a pretty chill game. It's fun to play in bed or whatever. I'm going to play in tablet mode over break here in a little bit, since I tend to play docked off the TV. There are 2 ships that are physical exclusive and sold at Gamestop and Target stores. The Scramble ship is a repaint of the Pulse ship and the Cerberus is a repaint of the Lance ship. I will test tonight if they actually are different ships in-game. As that would make the total ships total be 8. Star Fox Airwing, Scramble and the Cerberus are the 3 exclusive ships. Star Fox being switch exclusive and the other 2 being retailer specific.
  4. Pic0o

    Starlink: Battle for Atlas

    I picked this up for Nintendo Switch this weekend. I got the physical edition with the Star Fox toys. Despite some hate the game gets, it is pretty fun and also looks quite nice. Do be warned it is mainly a toys to life game, so you can buy IRL ships, pilots and weapon toys, or go all digital and save some money. Common reference points are to No Mans Sky, but with story dialog instead of just exploration and minimal objectives. Fair disclaimer: I am only on the second world. I played a few hours and 100% explored the world 1 map. Extra ships do not appear unlockable from story, but are tied to the toy or digital dlc. Weapons may be the same case, but weapon power ups are found in-game. You can get some nice weapon power ups if you register to the Ubisoft Club site and use the gold coins you get from in-game objectives. I had plenty for the items from other Ubisoft games I have played. I may get to try out co-op as well soon. When I do, I will share details on that too. FYI. To use your second ship, remove the right joycon and it will put you into Digital mode, instead of Physical and you can fly other ships.
  5. Pic0o

    Merry Spooky!

    Hopefully you are having a nice Halloween! It's about mid-60 F temperature wise today. I will step out for a break shortly. Game wise, Fallout 76 had a Beta that was kind of a failure, since console and PC players had to download the same 45 GB multiple times. On the upswing, the next beta window is increased to be from 2pm EST until 11PM EST tomorrow on 2018/11/01. Most of the other ones are only in around 5 hour blocks, with a release on 11/14. Speaking of such, Bethesda has their own launcher client now, instead of you being able to just get the game on Steam. I guess they want in on those market demographics and not paying Steam a cut of sales. Tech wise, Hmmm hahaha. Red Hat was bought by IBM. Kind of big news as I figure that recurring service contract income is a big deal for IBM to be able to attach to their financials. Red Hat is only going to get bigger, well at least they were poised to before the purchase. As a mainline Windows systems person, you kind of have to have your head in the sand to deny Linux computing in the server stack. I have to say the inverse applies to thinking Microsoft is not going to remain in the business stack for some time as well. But enough of my ideologies. :) I recently got a better webcam so I can play Magic the Gathering with some buddies, using actual cards. It's a good time, I just tend to be out a bit between work and the occasional local tech event I like to turn up for. I also helped the missus install Windows 10 in a VM on her Manjaro install. She loathes windows so my powers grow stronger by enabling her to do so. Bwhahaha! Have a nice week! Oh yeah, we are on the 4th Nightmare on Elm Street film for our Halloween sessions. She is getting to enjoy them for the first time.
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    Starlink: Battle for Atlas

    Cost to content wise, the Digital versions give you the most content. You will need 12.7 GB or so on your SD card though. $ 60 version gets you 5x ships and other items, where as the $ 80 digital version gets you all the content. Physically, each ship is $ 25. You get a single weapon and a pilot with the ship. Weapon items come in a 2 pack and cost $ 10. Pilots are $ 8 each. If you start with the physical game, there is a DLC pack 1 that looks to be $ 60. this gets you all the ships, pilots and weapons. The physical edition is $ 75, so add another $60 for the DLC pack to bring you to $ 135 for all the content and the Star Fox toys to go with the controller ship adapter. Or you can get all the content digitally for $80. Even the $ 60 digital version gets you 5x ships, where as you get 2 with the Switch version or 1 with the Xbox / Playstation versions. Digital content can be bought individually, but each ship is about $13. So roughtly half the price as the physical items.
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    Recounting if your Pihole has an issue getting gravity lists or updates in the OS and web interface for pihole. Check your router / firewall logs for ip mac binding errors. Since the device is likely setup with a static IP, you may want to be sure to add a rule if you see it in the logs. Updates should then work. Oh cool. Conditional Forwarding is a setting in the PiHole admin settings. If your Pi-Hole is not working as a dhcp server, your device names will not all be able to be read from your router. Accurate in my instance. Yay updated interface!
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    Pi Rasperry Pi-Hole config quide: Howdy and welcome to another thread. I have a history of not being a fan of advertisements and do not run those banners on this site. Besides a security concern, I think advertisement gets really creepy online. Pi-Hole is an Operating System with dns capabilties and use of adblocking lists. The added benefit of the request being denied even without plugin-based web browsing, is pretty handy. Before you install, be sure if you are using a RaspberryPi or whatever device, that your user password is one of your own. You do not want to go default with your LAN traffic. If you wanna log a fun time, you can use one of these for short-term logging a little CTF monitoring style. Logs are configured to purge after a few days on your standard Pi-Hole install. Please be sure to update your OS image with latest patches via said package manager. In my case I set the primary network connection to a static address. I have the service connection IP address details to use the actual router as DNS server. Since all your other network DNS will be set to the fixed IP Address you bound to your Pi-Hole installed device. SSH is likely disabled. I like to administer my SSH session by serial to usb in the case of my Raspberry Pi installs. Follow the install guide and advisory on their site about the bash | pipe install. Quick comes at a trade off when you do not review the install process part for part. If you go for the easy install and read the disclaimer, you can run the single line install: curl -sSL https://install.pi-hole.net | bash This thread is for administering and keeping yours updated, as with my configuration I ran into update issues using just the one connection. Details ahead cover enabling a second connection to fetch updates, since you will have the primary network connection with a set IP address that handles DNS requests handed off from your router / main DNS device on your network. To do updates to the OS and Pi-Hole local web services device / OS, I disable the service network connection to resolve conflicts of web requests to get out locally. All the LAN clients will be fine getting pages. In this case, I suspect the localhost calls in the Pi-Hole logs relate to my network layout and the device being bound to serve back to itself. When logged into the [deviceIP]/admin configuration page I would also get failures to resolve list update servers. Having plugged in a second USB NIC or using Wireless as an update connection, I ran the following commands to handle my network adapters. Turning off the static address service NIC. In most cases likely eth0 as shown below sudo ifconfig eth0 down Do some pings and the like to see they should now resolve. Do your updates etc for the OS. In my case, Raspbian on a Pi 3. Once those finish, load up the Web Admin panel for your Pi-hole install. Get your ip address for the active network connection with: ifconfig Connect to that IP address in a web browser and add '/admin' into the address bar at the end of the IP Address without the quotes around the path. Login with your admin password to the admin panel and you should now be able to see updates are pending. You need to start with the FTL update. To do this, return to your SSH session. As I mentioned I am working with serial over USB, but you can enable SSH over network if you so desire. One more service for a network heavy component, so choose of your own accord in concern to security to conveinence. On that SSH console, run: pihole -up Wait for the updater to get and deploy the new FTL version. You will likely also be treated to the Web Interface and Pi-Hole version also being to current revisions. Great! Almost updated and running live AdBlocking again. Still on your console, seeing the update completed you want to turn back on the main network connection we disabled for updating. sudo ifconfig eth0 up Overviewing network setup above: Main Internet router will be your DNS server on the Pi-Hole device. Manually set client DNS or change your DHCP server to set client DNS to the static address of your Pi-Hole install. ( default-ish router) Check your current IP config to get details if you do not know current network base configuration. On the Pi-Hole install, set the primary network adapter to an address in that subnet (say Make sure DHCP server /or/ router will not also try to assign that address in it's pool. The Pi-Hole DNS primary will be set to your local router (as above default-ish router I hope to have avoided huge gaps or inflected confusion in this thread. Jolly adblocking. Even if you like making money from it, you have to know it is a vulnerable vector and kind of a shaky market. I'm not here to tell you what to do, I'm sharing details to help block them on places that run them without respect to visitors.
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    Video Channel and this Forum

    nouveau.modeset=0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3aDEVHtA7M&list=PLItvWBLwYxo47PtOwgvqdjfnq9in05yoM
  10. Starting off, whoops! I accidentally set this forum to a category and as a result, it hid a bunch of older threads 😮 Just fixed that up today. Also, I started a Youtube Channel to upload videos. Mainly bug check video captures and some Benchmark videos. Having a capture card now, I can put to video stuff, you would normally need to record on a video camera and it would be kind of shaky. Now you can enjoy POST video captures and seeing benchmarks run at their native frame rates on some hardware. Here is the FTB Video Channel. It has a crazy long URL I cannot define until 100 subscribers. So for now, just make a bookmark I am one of those people who does not really like people talking over videos, so I will explore adding subtitles to them instead. Bonus points since that may make them more accessible in the long-run as well. So far I only have some Tails videos covering boot issues with Nouveau laptops with dual video cards (Razer v5 1060 GTX laptop). Enjoy a bunch of old threads about movies and TV as well, since that got fixed today.
  11. Pic0o

    Powershell Log collection

    This thread is more like my personal notes than a guide. Especially since the consistent file path variable was something I recently got my head around. Hopefully that made sense in it's current format. I wanted to mention you will get limited results if you do not run the Powershell from an administrator-level escalated prompt. Otherwise stuff like the Get-ScheduledTask will not show all jobs on said machine.
  12. Pic0o

    Powershell Log collection

    I have been doing a bit of powershell to configure and interact with various Windows versions. I built up some core scripts to use as my own kind of workshop for system review and administration. I wanted to drop an example script to chat about. One of the things I struggled to understand starting out was string substitution and being able to define a variable that would also consistently output to a file path of my choosing. TL;DR on that resolution is to wrap the other variable you are calling (example: file paths) in a $() block. As seen below, I call my Computername environmental variable so it can be used in the output of file names and logs. # getEventLogs: Maintenance collection script. $boxName = $env:COMPUTERNAME $outEvt01 = ".\$($boxName)_EventLog_Apps.csv" $outEvt02 = ".\$($boxName)_EventLog_System.csv" $outSvc01 = ".\$($boxName)_Service-RunStates.log" $outPorts01 = ".\$($boxName)_Network-Ports.log" $outTask01 = ".\$($boxName)_Tasklist.log" $outSchTsk01 = ".\$($boxName)_Scheduled-Tasks.log" Filter timestamp {"Logs collected at $(Get-Date -Format "yyyy-MM-dd HH mm ss")"} # Application Event Log most recent 100 messages. Get-EventLog application -newest 100 | Export-Csv $outEvt01 timestamp | Out-File -Append $outEvt01 -Encoding ASCII Get-EventLog system -newest 100 | Export-Csv $outEvt02 timestamp | Out-File -Append $outEvt02 -Encoding ASCII # Collect service list and current state of each. Get-Service | Sort-Object status | Format-Table -AutoSize | Out-File $outSvc01 timestamp | Out-File -Append $outSvc01 # Get process list with relevant details at time of script exec. cmd /c netstat -aon > $outPorts01 timestamp | Out-File -Append $outPorts01 cmd /c tasklist > $outTask01 timestamp | Out-File -Append $outTask01 Get-ScheduledTask | Select TaskName, State, TaskPath | Sort-Object -Property TaskPath | Format-table -wrap | Out-File $outSchTsk01 timestamp | Out-File -Append $outSchTsk01 # Wrap all these output into update state / append single file. # Stamp date and Time into said merged output. Starting out at the top, I defining a variable for the powershell equivalent of environmental variables in the OS like %computername%. Trust me here, you don't want to try and call a %variable% in a powershell script. That's what line 1 is for. Each of the following defined variables are my output paths for the collections. I use .csv exports for larger data sets, since the default Table outputs can heavily chop data to fit the terminal output. Brief OCD DBA note. Being a fan of Databases and Microsoft SQL, I really value a good | (pipe) to run: | Select * after a command. You can filter that raw output for fields you want to have outputted by writing a custom Select pipe. There is an example of that for Scheduled Tasks, I just wanted to word out the logic as that took me some time to figure out that is how I can see what my options are for selecting output fields. The other variables for file path are so I do not have to add the same string twice or more. As you can see on the actual commands, I add an Out-File -Append to insert the Date string to each file. Filter timestamp is my means for defining the date output string. That time will be for when the script is run, so each file will have a matching output time. Think of filter in this context as an easier Function. The rest of the script uses either Powershell cmdlets or OS level commands to obtain the data I am looking for and saving to the output files. I experimented both ways to see what output best matches the task and output I want to work with. The Export Events logs are pretty simple in calling the 100 most recent events, saving that to a .csv, then adding the Date string at the end of said file. Service list is sorted and exported to a .log file with the Date string added (as the date will be added for the other 4 output files as well). ' cmd /c ' calls a windows command but ignores keywords for powershell on that line. Huge helpful thing to know when trying to process content by use of an OS-level command. Otherwise you will see really esoteric issues you would rather not have to figure out the secret means of why they are failing. cmd /c is quite nice. FYI. Neat. We are at the part I rambled above in relation to databases and filtering content. I did not need many of the details in the raw output from showing all the parameters of that Powershell cmdlet. Selecting the relevant fields, I then sort based on the TaskPath field (to put the non-OS tasks first in the list), apply a -wrap text for the Format-Table output of that cmdlet, then output the data into a local file. I have done some scripts with loop and condition evaluations but I will stop here for the moment. If you want to gather some information about an environment, hopefully this example gets you in the right direction for your data collections. Let me end with a link to a great resource. SS64 has some good resources and examples. They have been very helpful in conjunction with the Windows Powershell manuals.
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    July greetings

    I consolidated the Projects forum into Break / Fix. It gives a cleaner read of the forum and threads that way. Hardware is still top and separate, as to avoid flooding out threads.
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    July greetings

    As usual I have been slacking on posting to the front page of the site. The forums are the active place for newer content. Some threads of interest so far this year are: A Youtube channel for video benchmarks An Android security overview of privacy and security settings Macbook Pro 2015 Update issues to 10.13.4 and warranty screen repairs Using an Elgato HD60 S capture HDMI device, as used for video benchmark videos and POST videos. Raspberry Pi used for dd imaging of data drives Hunter83 asked about some memory, system diagnostics and stability tests while in Windows I fixed an ‘ipmap-binding’ error on my Pi-Hole Raspberry Pi setups Some extra details on Firewall log processing with use of MSSQL and Python Better elaboration on Cisco ASA configuration and light management Outside of those threads, I played some games and floated around some Discord servers. A bit of fun chatting and light doses of trying to help people work on various projects, while learning tons from everyone else. I think that’s a hearty site news update so far! Playing some Skyrim on Switch before the point I should soon go to bed for the night. Ah yes, HOPE is coming up in about 2 weeks! Looking forward to enjoying the weekend of 7/20 – 7/22. If you are going and want to IRL chill, drop me a msg or find me wandering around and say hello.
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    Profile fields

    I spruced up the profile fields to be in this century. I also removed stuff like AIM, MSN and ICQ. All of those are dead, well short of ICQ that last I loaded, was some weird bot advertisement network. Current version Invision Boards is nice for managing all this stuff. Even the items I added a long time ago, are well accessible in current version. Oh yes, I condensed the subforums in here too. I had too much shit in here that no one really used. I nested the old ones under the Welcome forum.
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    Oculus Rift VR

    Just bumping to note I still jump into some VR content but certainly not like 10+ hours a week, lately. I do quite enjoy moving my head to wall-clip objects. The SteamVR environment of the Steam offices are really good for that, you can even find some partially rendered hidden rooms. I tried the Budget Cuts demo but the controls on Oculus turned me off. I did however grab Beat Saber and enjoyed a good bit of that. Rumor has it someone else recently joined the Rift VR club, so I will be exploring more of their multi-player offerings, since I don't have to rely on the kindness and patience of randoms. BigScreen VR is still really cool, even with the Oculus 2.0 Home updates. I am looking forward to hosting some video sessions and the like. Speaking of the 2.0 Oculus beta stuff, they added quite a bit of new environmental objects here over the last month or so. As I mentioned on the phone, avoid the 2.0 update if you are on older hardware and the Oculus non-beta software is already yelling at you about not meeting requirements. I put some hours into the VR MMO called OrbusVR. For lulz we can also jump into the hive of villiany and memes that is VRChat. VRChat being free and OrbusVR going for $30 or less if on a sale. I'm not sure if it improved, but as an Oculus user, I always go for a game from the Oculus Store, instead of Steam. The performance tends to be better and you avoid glitches like the ceiling height mapping that can easily get broken in SteamVR.
  17. Pic0o

    Oculus Rift VR

    Jack in, it's cyber-time. Seriously though if you are still reading, I squeezed on the Rift $399 bundle with touch that went active last week. I want to describe the experience of moving through a virtual environment and seeing your hands map in that realm, as to in reality, but it's really something you have to try to get full appreciation of. I'm going to overview the hours I spent in so far, using Oculus software, enabling SteamVR and also some games and titles. 2017-08-17 Edit: I wanted to mention Oculus Tray Tool and setting Super Sampling. I have since upgraded my GPU to a 1080 Ti and am running Super Sampling @ 1.5. Oculus Tray Toll will also let you disable USB auto power save in one click and also give you access to Visual HUD Overlays / debugging options. The super sampling really cleans up the image quality to try and mitigate screen door effect / seeing pixels obviously. /edit Primer here. You need a computer of comparable performance to drive the display of your Rift headset. I see a recommended spec of an Intel i5-45xx series processor / CPU and Nvidia 970 or higher for your video card / GPU. I recently built up an i7-7700k w/ 1080 Ti GTX build and it has performed extremely well in VR, without frame rate slowdown. Your VR headset uses 1 HDMI and 1 USB connection, with the HDMI going directly into your video card. In my case, I already had my external display on DisplayPort. As the 980 GTX (and most recent cards from what I have seen) have 1 HDMI and the rest of ports are DisplayPort, you want to make sure your primary monitor is not using that HDMI output on the GPU / Video Card. Additional hardware setup will be calibrating your spacial sensors, syncing any controllers and of course installing the Oculus software. Fair warning that Windows 8.1 seems to be the baseline and there are some games that require Windows 10. I'm on Windows 10 and wanted to warn you in advance, especially if you are still main-lining Windows 7. Most important of all, you need physical space to play the Rift. There are a few sitting compatible games I have found, but the more explorational titles are going to need you to have at least a 3 x 3 foot area clear. From the center of your area, you will need to fully extend your arms to the side without being restricted. Movement depth is less relevant but also important. Some titles actually need you to be able to move back significantly far (as in around 7 feel away from the sensors). I have so far tested in a 3 x 3 area, as I would need to use the living room for the deeper dimensions. Since I picked up the Rift and Touch combo, I have 2 physical sensors installed. 1 came with the Oculus headset and the other came with the touch sensors. I mentioned some of the contents but what you can expect to unbox are: 1x Oculus Rift headset 1x Sensor bar. It looks like a small camera. I suspect it works off Infrared similar to the Wii and Kinect devices. 1x Xbox One gamepad, USB dongle and extension cable. 1x Oculus remote. 2x AA batteries for the Xbox gamepad. 2x Oculus Touch controllers. 2x AA batteries. 1 for each Touch controller. 1x Oculus sensor Once you clean up a space for you to move in VR without falling IRL, your first step after trying the tutorials (FYI: you can repeat these @ any time by clicking them in the desktop Oculus application, under your Library tab.), will be to get used to recalibrating center. This will be most appropriate when changing from standing or sitting play. In Steam you will get to the system menu by Right controller Menu button. There you will see a re-center calibration. If you are sitting, set your height to approx where your head is from the ground. I find 42 inches (3 ft 6 inches) works well for sitting. Some of this will need you to interact with Windows desktop for the height adjustment. If you load SteamVR and are below the ground, you need to change your height settings. Similarly in Oculus VR, the Right controller Menu button gives you a similar option to re-calibrate center. For height adjustment in Oculus, you'll want to go to Settings | Devices | Configure Rift to change your height. You should be able to pick the re-center option without taking your VR goggles off, as with Steam as well. Next post will cover some applications run in VR.
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    2018 D33'z Build

    Looks like tonight is the night, so long as I don't boost all your new kit off your porch! Add me in Oculus. I'll find my info and how all that friending stuff works. That build looks insane.
  19. Pic0o

    Traffic break

    This post is coming to you from a mobile hotspot as I wait out traffic to ease up. I am guessing everyone is rolling out for their Labor Day (Labour Day for you Canadians) Monday Holiday. Hmm. Normally I guess one should not bait upcoming topics but in this case, I figure I will be more likely to write them up if I do so. I want to throw together a headphone quazi-review thread. It will cover various brands and types of headphones, be them wireless, wired, earbuds or over the ear style. I also recently put a little time into continuing the VM Lab project by teaching myself to read Wireshark pCaps (Packet Captures) better. I'm going to skip to the cut here. Doing short captures and defined tasks heaps greatly. As I mentioned, doing this in a VM lab also helps cut out extra cross chatter you would see in a live production environment. The fun part I got into was running pCaps for MSSQL connections between a client machine and server on a domain, running SQL Server 2016 express. Funny part being, I could see the Databases and Tables being accessed in the pCaps. Table results were obfuscated from being displayed in clear text but let me tell you... this will make working on migrations very beneficial since I can jump into seeing what is connecting where, along with the Databases and Tables being invoked. I imagine there are plenty of potential settings to prevent the tables and database names from being read raw in packet captures. Let's be real here though, you will see plenty of default rolled configurations in the wild. Security hardening tends to be either a bucket list item, or something that gets turned on, once there is a direct cause and effect to have someone look into enabling extra protections against sniffing out data over the network, semi-in the clear. We can look to our pal SMB1 for an example of that in the Windows Server World. Snark aside, I have been chilling. Working, driving, sleeping and getting that life on in-between. It has locally been in the 90 F range with temperatures that feel 100+ F. Needless to say I am especially ready to welcome the Fall temperatures. Keep tinkering, asking questions and checking shit out. Be sure to take a break and appreciate yourself and those around you too. I try not to be too grumpy but that does not always work out that way. :p
  20. Say you are trying to use Settings | System | Apps and Features but you get an error along the lines of "windows cannot access the specified device path or file. you may not have appropriate permissions" trying to uninstall a program. You can also get a hard error and better search cross reference by clicking Manage optional features when in the Apps and features screen. This applies to Windows 10 and Server 2016. In my case I am on Server 2016 Standard Eval Version 1607 OS Build 14393.2273. Stepping back on the error, you might thing it a permission issue but in my case I was logged in as domain administrator. Base searching might have you remove and recreate your user profile but that is a waste of time and irrelevant to the issue. Don't waste your time messing with the profile. You can confirm in Control Panel that using that Programs and Features works without error to uninstall programs. Thanks to clicking the Manage optional features of Apps and features, I got info on the systemsettingsadminflows.exe to better search against my issue. Thanks to this page, I followed the secpol.msc steps to change a local policy to allow access for 'Admin approval mode'. Once I enabled that option and did a log out and back in (shutdown -l), I could use the Apps and features portion of settings without cryptic error. Local Policy Security Options User Account Control: Admin Approval Mode for the Built-in Administrator Account Enable this then logout then back in Hopefully that helps you avoid the black holes that can be searching for unable to uninstall program in windows with via settings, or similar strings.
  21. Pic0o

    Round up to Fall

    Oh yes I forgot to mention the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 expansion / stand alone game coming out in the next month or two. Torna the Golden Country is also included in the Season Pass content or will be available as a stand-alone prequel story. I played main Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for over 100 hours and enjoyed it very much. In respect to Switch Games, my top played list is like the below: Breath of the Wild Zelda title. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Skyrim Hyrule Warriors has quite a bit of time in it too, since it has a ton of unlockable content. I liked Mario Odyssey very much but once you finish it there is not much to return for. The very hard content is good, but it's also frustrating hard to complete. Haha I'm kind of old so I would support scrub mode checkpoints instead of doing the whole beast run, clean. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is fun but I only played through as Funky Kong. Loved the levels but I didn't need to beat myself up with the other characters. Shantae Half Genie Hero is good but I think the DLC is a little basic considering it's the modified levels from the main game, more a less. I enjoyed my initial play though. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon is fun. I played it a bit on PC for some unlocks then replayed on Switch too. Old school vania while options to be more forgiving yet still challenging. I have Splatoon 2. I like the multiplayer as it can be rally intense. I do not play very much online. Getting an uncoordinated team is a deaathwish in public games. You need to claim turf and seize area, not peen for max kills at your base. The single player was pretty good and a little frustrating. The gyro aiming controls are impressive for sure. I got the Octo expansion bbut only put a few levels in so far, on it's more task objectives, instead of the level platforming like play of the main single player story mode. ittle Dew 2+ is a fun game but as I am near the next to last dungeon, it gets hard. Boss fights are very pattern heavy and they tend to do large amounts of damage. I will go back to farm and finish it as some point. I dream of a patch scaling back boss damage cause I am a scrub. 🙂 Bayonetta 1 and 2 were quite fun. I played in easy mode as a lesson from littlejay from RFHQ. Loved the crazy story, fights and content. I ended up playing the 2nd game before 1. I dug them both and got the 1 and 2 combo. I had played some of it on Wii U but it stuck with me much better on a switch play. I am going to replay Cosmic Star Heroine on Switch. I played on PC but missed the extra levels that came in a post-release patch. Also played in easy mode to enjoy the story and stand a chance on the advanced boss fights. I played Cave Story for the 1st time on Switch. It was awesome. Good play and lots of story options. As my list noted with the top 4 games, I put like 100 hours into each of them easily. Full disclaimer: as a big Nintendo game and system fan, i think they have an absolutely awful policy shutting down competitors, rom sites and all sorts of other bat shit crazy 'brand protections'. The fan project attacks are the worst and the rom stuff is especially dumb since if I could get it on a current system and or not have to buy it again for x'th time, the rom is more a memento than playing it easily on some current hardware, using my TV instead of a desktop pc, etc.
  22. Pic0o

    Round up to Fall

    I don't know about you, but it has been pretty damn warm around here lately. In respect to Fall, Southern Tier: Pumking is out again. I have bought a few 4 packs and enjoyed them rapidly. The Mrs had a few but I kicked the last 4 pack solo in the night, last week. Haha. So yeah when not working, I have been playing a few games and flying a DJI Spark drone. I have about 4 hours of flight time and am having fun dabbling with recording video, taking pictures, testing range and flight maneuvers. Game wise, I fly my drone like I'm playing Watchdogs 2. Granted I have not strapped a Wifi Pinapple to it (yet). Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is awesome. I love that game and I think I made that apparent in it's thread. I also have about 9 hours into Octopath Traveler. I got it a few weeks after it released but I am enjoying it so far. Good story, each character has their quest line / initial meet sequence, the battle system is pretty good with it's accrued tactical points and well, I was impressed and liked it much more than I did the demo. I heard Diablo III / Diablo 3 is coming to Switch. I'm a sucker for portable dungeon crawling so count me in there. Rumor has it you can play local multiplayer without an internet connection too. If I come to your house to visit you, get a Switch lol we can slay some demons and shit. Reminder I still have HouseOfPlus.com thanks to ImmortalBob scoring the domain back. If anyone is playing games and wants to network it up, go nuts those forums are all you. You are welcome to post here too, obviously if you have an account still but I know it's wild here :bunny; I'm chilling for now but may have some more content going up soon. Mostly random stuff I wish I saw around more. I gotta finish this beer since the cat almost knocked it over. We might get around to watching John Wick tonight. Netflix horror movie selection, kind of sucks.
  23. Pic0o

    Round up to Fall

    Editors Note: I am not sponsored by Southern Tier. If I was I would proudly say so. Pumking 4 packs are not cheap. hahaha. Those are treat brews. I have a day job. I stand by not asking for subscriptions or plastering advertisements all over the place. It's safe to say that will be a staple of FuntimeBliss for, um forever. Obviously I plug myself and get some cool networking from sharing content online with people. That's a fresh reward, so I don't need to push scamware or ads at you.
  24. Pic0o

    Cubans getting online

    I don't get to post a bunch about actual Cuba but I did see a story of new internet access becoming available and it being promoted as free for a day (Yesterday 8/14/2018). via this Reuters article.. I can only hope more online access comes to Cuba at a reasonable to free rate and more people get online and share their opinions for it. I'm always down to read some more observations from different people and regions. If by chance you ended up here... drop me an email to my username at this domain and I'll make you an account if you like. This site tends to get generically blocked on most web filter systems. I do what I can to get it cleared up when I learn about it. Tech and Games would probably be an accurate category, granted it's not like I host flash games or anything here.
  25. Quick topic to share that I have a Samsung S8 and have an issue with icon burn in from my bottom deck of icons. If you have any icons with white in their icon, I really suggest not putting them in the persistent icon bar. Searching around, I found some people on the Samsung forums noting a similar issue. I tried the whole 'flush your phone cache by pressing {Up Vol, Bixby then holding Power Button} on the Android menu but flushing cache made no change. For grins, I'm trying the Cycle Red, Green and Blue with a program called OLED Tool to see if it allegedly resets the pixels, as is a rumor with AMOLED screens. The specific icons that caused burn-in on my shortcut dock are Clock and Riot (chat messenger). I moved all my icons off there for now but do not to appear having any residual pixels on the bottom of my screen for the Email, Messages or Camera icons. Most apparent will the burn in be, when you are looking at a white page. At first I thought it was some sort of desktop transparency thing, until I looked up the issue. I made the thread for something to keep in mind, as this is the first phone I ever noticed this issue on.