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  1. Xerxes

    Switch dock warning firmware 5.0

    So is this only with 3rd party docks? I am using the one that came with seeing no issues, although only my kids use the switch, but I am sure I would have heard something. On an unrelated note; cannot wait for the Labo to come out and kids go apeshit over it.
  2. Xerxes

    Fallout 4

    This is the first game in some time I actually cannot wait to play, of course I will wait to play b/c of DLC :)
  3. Xerxes

    Super Mario Maker

    That is the wave of the future in general, the concept of ownership is being lost on the current generation of people. Software as a service is the way to go as it is much more profitable to sell someone a yearly subscription then to sell something once every few years. It also allows for a much easier revenue prediction model. In unrelated news, this newest console gen is terrible. Nothing but mobile games ported to consoles or 'rereleases' of the best of series from the prior gen. Sad thing is, if it did not make money the practice would stop....much like the awful state of DLC. I am reminded of a monologue I believe Bruce McCullough did on MADTV many years ago, the punchline was similar to this re: the TV show friends: Look I don't know whose friends they are but they're not mine. People look, if you just keep watching them they are just going to keep making them. That last statement is how I feel about pretty much every form of mass media currently, everything is mostly terrible but it keeps making money so the cycle repeats. /endrant.
  4. Xerxes

    Mr Robot

    Just wanted to see if anyone here is watching this and if not you should. It's a continuation drama show centered around a character I am sure we all can relate to. The first two episodes got me hooked, anyways just wanted to give a quick heads up for this show. It has already been renewed for a 2nd season so that's a +. usanetwork.com/mrrobot
  5. Xerxes

    Windows 10, Anyone?

    It is going pretty well. It was my video driver taking a dump all over the OS so I just uninstalled it and am using the Windows generic driver. I lost multi-monitor support but no crashes. I also installed Windows 10 enterprise on my work machine, had a similar hiccup where the video card driver was causing a BSOD but luckily NVIDIA already had a driver update out to fix that so I manually updated there and now have only encountered minimal hiccups. Much less since moving to the latest build though (9879), my work PC got pushed that about a week ago and my home machine just got it tonight. If you can get straight to 9879 that would probably be ideal, the only oddities I have seen myself are video drivers crashing, and Lync just generally running havoc on my work PC.
  6. Xerxes

    Windows 10, Anyone?

    Installed on my home machine, everything was working beautifully. Then I downloaded a driver update and now I get a good 10 minutes of boot out of it. I will be doing some troubleshooting to see if I can find an earlier version of the driver I think is causing the issue. Otherwise I need to decide what OS I want to use at home :P In the time it was installed I liked it a lot. The metro stuff is still there and it still annoyed me, but much less. The change to Windows + E was my biggest rage! It no longer goes to Explorer but opens up a menu which you can get to explorer in a click but still.
  7. Xerxes

    Windows 10, Anyone?

    If I knew it did DLNA as it stands I would install it on my home PC, its more or less a file server at this point anyway. Either way I am cautiously optimistic on Windows 10, personally I think they should have followed the other naming convetion of products and went back to years. If that were done it would have the added joke of being Windows 7 + Windows 8 = Windows 15 ! I am fairly close to installing Windows 10 on the unused server sitting under my work desk though just to check it out.
  8. Xerxes

    Saints Row IV (4)

    The Internet and I disagreed on this game...Most people thought it was fantastic I thought it was meh, mostly because the addition or super powers and the entire game being in the matrix made it far too easy. It felt more like an addon than a new game, but that's just me.
  9. Xerxes

    BitCoins and Mining

    Bumping old thread - hey Pic0o how is the mining coming? I am considering setting up an old PC to do it when I upgrade but most of what I read says its not worth the trouble with ASIC's now being the gold standard.
  10. www.gog.com (good old games) is DRM free and part of their Christmas sale is to give these games away before the rights change developers :) Thought some people on here may want to create an account and grab these games while you can for the free.
  11. Xerxes

    Dada Life

    So, these guys are awesome. We asked if they would remove the lyrics from this version: so that my fiancée could walk down the aisle to it and they did. As grumbly as I get with the kids today and their internets, it sure can get you in touch with strangers easier :)
  12. Xerxes

    New Consoles

    i found the release announcement odd....they appeared to try to do it with as little fanfare as possible.
  13. Xerxes

    New stuff I like

    Been a long time since anyone posted anything I have been going to lots of shows and exploring lots of new music so i figured I would share a few of my favorites. I am all over the place so if you dont like the 1st dont worry there are other kinds of musaks :) The Birthday Massacre Aesthetic Perfection Dada Life Olier the Penguin The Forger Just cause its cool - meat Beat Manifesto and
  14. Xerxes

    New Consoles

    CA is hit an miss, but certainly getting worse. Once Netflix came to Canada what, 2 years ago? All the major ISP's were bitching about the increased bandwidth so much so that you have to tell Netflix to do HD (luckily only once). Otherwise it sits at SD to lower bandwidth. I am in Winnipeg where we realistically have 2 ISP's, Shaw and MTS. For me the choice was easy, MTS. Why, ultimate TV which is great but Shaw has limitations for bandwidth while MTS does not. Sure I can get an extra MbPS for my money with Shaw but what do I care, start download come back later :) This is not the top I have been, I have been free-leeching like a mofo to try to get some good ratios on a couple of sites, according to utorrent in the last 31 days I have transferred 640GB. I have often thought about grabbing all the old discs and transferring them back to .iso. I kept buying hard drives when they went on sale and now my old desktop has 6 TB of storage :). The MPAA/RIAA dont have much a foothold here....yet. I am just amazed at how little concern people have with the move to digital especially with ANY kind of DRM. Sure I would love to buy this product you can take back from me at any time, where do I sign up....really?
  15. Xerxes

    New Consoles

    Im undecided on the new consoles, Wii-U is a definate no. I modded my Wii and still couldnt bring myself to play it :) Ps whatever, nope my PS3 is now my 1 year old sons to mess about with. I lack the need for a new PC, although the one I have is ~7 years old now, and really dont think I can go back to PC gaming. THe frustrating part of PC gaming is still there in my eyes and even though I have not used steam in many moons, I despised the software when i first tried it and it seems thats all thats left. XBox wise, I will do a wait and see, I enjoy tangible products for my tangible money. I am also to the point that I avoid any EA game with multiplayer I am even semi interested in due to their wanting to run their own servers and then shutting them down. As long as I can get a tangible item I am happy, the used market here is a joke and I think it is genuinely sad the amount of people that want to essentially screw the devs to save $5 (price difference b/n new + used here). When I was younger I used to pirate everything and still have ~1000 CDs of old games sitting in my parents basement. All that said if it goes to online only I am out, in the unlikely event my Internet drops I basically have a really expensive box? From what I can tell the kids like the digital distribution method b/c they can split the cost of games due to the way Microsoft does the licensing, I still like the idea of 20 years from now popping a disc in and playing some Halo with a friend. XBox live will have long dropped it but I can still play it. Long winded I know to say maybe :D