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  1. tOucan

    Arizona Sunshine

    I still haven't picked up any VR, just don't know if I'll ever use it besides one dust off. (And wish to have a full sized gaming room for when this happens which will be a future thread on the next house build.) Do you find yourself using the Rift all that much? Fun fact we have the exact same setup except I have a 7700 non K and a Strixx 1080ti. Rest of the specs are the same, nearing 3 years old now since built it but still haven't found anything that taxing only when trying to achieve really high frame rates in 4K. Probably after Flight Sim X releases Intel might of pulled their finger out of their ass for smaller chipset size and RTX might be worthy.
  2. 08.12.19 Supermarket Shriek. Available gamepass and I'm sure everywhere else. Thought I would grab an indi game after Rage play through time for something a bit shorter seeing that it was anytime of racing game no matter how stupid I was in. This game is actually, testing, and quite funny for a good laugh if you had any friends to join you. You turn left and right with screams to steer the kart around shops collecting targets, beating times etc. I think the most interesting thing I found which is something I'm sure the devs didn't leave in on purpose is "debug menu" Pushing both joysticks down brings up the debug menu which gives you the option to "unlock everything" which is great because you'll get stuck collecting stars to unlock the next areas but with this you can just unlock every area and jump forward collecting stars where ever you please. It also brings up a level select menu for testing, why I say the devs didn't leave this in on purpose and surprisingly googling it comes up with no results so not sure if this was a mistake in a recent update surely someone would of found this by now..? You can easily jump to levels for quite rare achievements at the end, I just thought I would see how the final levels are and you end up collecting achievements doing nothing just by using the dev menu and picking these levels that apparently only 0.1% have unlocked previously. Interesting none the less. 8/10
  3. 05.12.19 Rage. Available on Xbox game pass, Along with everywhere else. I know I own the disc for this on 360 somewhere but downloading it to play seemed easier than finding that. So what to say about Rage? I remember it launching to a lot of hate originally, I think it was hyped beyond belief being the main issue for the title at the time so I never grabbed it even though for the time the trailers made it look good. I did pick it up on 360 when games got really cheap, when the previous generation games hit rock bottom that's when I try to buy dozens at a time for later dates before they start rising again. I thought I would get to this as I noticed the second Rage was on gamepass already, but probably should of read the reviews of Rage 2 first (not favorable) This game for its few faults I believe would of been great at the time and still holds up today, don't expect real exploration it's pretty much an on rails shooter but that's just fine, driving is fine, shooting is good, graphics good. Storyline eh. But it works, reminds me of Red Faction to a degree. Specially the later titles. Wish I had picked it up originally, now it feels very generic but back then I expect would of stood out a bit better. Took me around 10 hours on this one so a few days compared to the last titles. 8.5/10
  4. 24.11.19 Riptide GP Renegade. Available on Xbox game pass. Along with steam and competing platforms. This game surprised the fuck out of me in all honesty, I was having some nostalgia for Rapid Racer & Wipeout when trying to find something that recaptured that feeling and vibe, I stumbled across Hydro Thunder (Which I'll probably get to at a later date) and this. This is a pure throw back to those games of the generation, crisp graphics and all the story you need to keep you going. Plays perfectly, no major downsides at all during play through. The tracks do get a bit repetitive but compared to the size of the game I was surprised how much you actually do get thrown at you. Finished off the story across two days and feel myself wanting to go back even for more for the extra events. This game is just fun the more you get into it, and the online reviews are dam near spotless as well for such an held of title to me anyway. 9/10 Will be coming back to this, expect a good few hours of time sunk into this if you want to finish off every race to completion.
  5. 24.11.19 Abzu. Available on Xbox game pass. Also other consoles. This is a title I wanted to play years ago when it was available for free on PSN+ but for some reason EU/AU got shafted with a different game for the month and this only coming to the U.S I would say this game surprised me compared to what I thought it was going to be a free roam exploration game for some reason but having said that I had never studied what the game was fully about just enjoyed the visuals. Those visuals still hold up but look a bit jaggered around the edges now could use with 4K textures or AA increase. You follow a pre-determined path in this one on your way to clear the ocean of the trouble makers, not really free roam, solve a few puzzles etc. 7/10 Expect another quick play through with still some great visuals and sound effects even to today based off the style. But don't expect replayability.
  6. 23.11.19 Tracks - The Train Set Game. Available on Xbox game pass. Also available on steam I believe. What can I say this game surprised the hell out of me as I was flicking through titles on gamepass that looked small in size to quickly install when I had a couple of hours of game time, I actually finished the achievements on this game and surprised its not listed anywhere as easy gamer score it's the easiest I've ever encountered. That said this game really put a smile on my face the entire time I played it, the graphics are crisp and the game play smooth. You go around making toy train tracks to what ever you can come up with in a few environments. As a lover of trains this is what grabbed me when reading it but I was really surprised how calming this game was to play. This is something I will definitely be coming back to in a few weeks to make a track to run as screen saver around Christmas in the lounge room. 8/10 Don't expect much depth expect a sandbox perfect for you or kids.
  7. 22.11.19 Golden Axe. Original, 360 port also backwards compatible on the Xbox One. What can I say a bit of a cheap title, I had originally been meaning to get through this for quite a few years as nostalgia only as being one of the first games on my Megadrive me and my cousins played for hours never able to fully beat. This is just as hard as back then, no saves, no limitless continues like I hear the new Aladdin and Lion King have on the switch port killing any of the mind boggling hardness factor to hand hold the kids I guess. The 360 pack comes with Golden Axe trilogy and I will get to parts 2 and 3 before the end of this and will not be included as new titles as I consider the back one game but great fun none the less. 10/10 Purely for nostalgia purposes and the endless hours spent on this, expect a quick play through as this was originally intended for arcades and ported to the Megadrive.
  8. Typically you're meant to start this at the start of the year a game a week over 52 weeks, due to work and other commitments I've been putting this off for years while continually buying new games how ever this ended on Friday 22.11.19 and I'll be moving forward with this commitment and use here to post the games and what I think of them will be smashing out a bunch of game pass indies to give me leeway first over the holiday break. Will not be going for achievement completion on any of these titles just the main story line but any gamerscore increase that has been very slight since the 360 days would be appreciated 😂 This list will also include a bunch of titles I decided to play an hour of and never had the time to get back to either.
  9. tOucan

    Xbox gang one

    I've still got Xerxes on since the 360 days? Croc was it or? Memory is failing me. I've been trying to get some free time to get back into gaming more recently instead of working 12 hours a day and then paperwork even once I get home. Only breaks I ever got was travel need to find a healthy mid point.
  10. tOucan

    Red Faction

    Just a heads up also for anyone interested Red Faction Armageddon is free for Gold on xbox at the moment. Never played it but will give it a try now.
  11. tOucan

    Red Faction

    Also, times have changed in Australia finally from my woeful 28.8k I had to compete with you guys on. Now have constant solid 100Mbps connection and new place that will be ready in 2 months will be 1Gpbs. Won't be the same without that 500 ping.
  12. tOucan

    Red Faction

    Man the boxes of physical games I have at the moment packed up is starting to get quite ridic, This game room for when ever it eventuates will be jammed. Even what I'm still allowed on display by the GF now is over flowing shelves I'll try get some pics shortly for a good laugh. Hopefully when I retire at I get a chance to play a quarter of them if my reaction times don't make it impossible by then lol. Didn't even think of steam, since I never used it outside HL2. But sure enough RF is on it after some quick checking. Might just grab off there for the $10 bucks and give it a whirl tomorrow and see how it plays. Hopefully if there's any servers active I'll try rocking the original tag and a bunch of the old clan tags and see if get any bites. Some good infos - http://steamcommunity.com/id/Eneokun/recommended/20530/
  13. tOucan

    Red Faction

    Sad times :( I grabbed the PS4 version no multi, and I don't remember the story being that short a play through either, I guess everything's harder when your 13. I have an xbox but think only have Croc? added on it from way back when. Not sure what other older crews gamertags are, most the gaming is done on PS4 since that's what the friends bought for each years CoD & FIFA... eagerly awaiting the one x later this year but hopefully become multiplat station of choice. I'll find my disc copy and boot up PC version to see if it still has any active community what so ever and report back :) Edit - Oh snap a big box copy of RF has finally appeared on ebay now to decide if I want to drop $50 on it for future gamer room show
  14. tOucan

    Red Faction

    We should contact who ever's available and get a game in. Recently noted the PS4 version is out does it have multiplayer support? Is HQN still a thing? No idea what link or homebase would be :)
  15. tOucan

    Got lost in Asia.

    Apartments are cosy, Would love to live in if wasn't for the ridiculous STRATA fees to keep the umm lobbies and garden clean off every resident? :icon_neutral: I always forget the states doesn't have benefits for when works down. Glad you landed on your feet again but. Travels a killer I was doing 5 hours a day until I decided to have another break. Non paying contractors are the bane of my existence :smoke: I've been playing some GTA Online on PS3 recently since some friends convinced me to get into it but I find myself running around pointlessly for hours. Some good times can be had when there is a good enough group but. Currently on a play through of the Last Of Us Remastered. First play through on through PS4 and pretty impressed so far.
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