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  1. tOucan

    Red Faction

    Just a heads up also for anyone interested Red Faction Armageddon is free for Gold on xbox at the moment. Never played it but will give it a try now.
  2. tOucan

    Red Faction

    Also, times have changed in Australia finally from my woeful 28.8k I had to compete with you guys on. Now have constant solid 100Mbps connection and new place that will be ready in 2 months will be 1Gpbs. Won't be the same without that 500 ping.
  3. tOucan

    Red Faction

    Man the boxes of physical games I have at the moment packed up is starting to get quite ridic, This game room for when ever it eventuates will be jammed. Even what I'm still allowed on display by the GF now is over flowing shelves I'll try get some pics shortly for a good laugh. Hopefully when I retire at I get a chance to play a quarter of them if my reaction times don't make it impossible by then lol. Didn't even think of steam, since I never used it outside HL2. But sure enough RF is on it after some quick checking. Might just grab off there for the $10 bucks and give it a whirl tomorrow and see how it plays. Hopefully if there's any servers active I'll try rocking the original tag and a bunch of the old clan tags and see if get any bites. Some good infos - http://steamcommunity.com/id/Eneokun/recommended/20530/
  4. tOucan

    Red Faction

    Sad times :( I grabbed the PS4 version no multi, and I don't remember the story being that short a play through either, I guess everything's harder when your 13. I have an xbox but think only have Croc? added on it from way back when. Not sure what other older crews gamertags are, most the gaming is done on PS4 since that's what the friends bought for each years CoD & FIFA... eagerly awaiting the one x later this year but hopefully become multiplat station of choice. I'll find my disc copy and boot up PC version to see if it still has any active community what so ever and report back :) Edit - Oh snap a big box copy of RF has finally appeared on ebay now to decide if I want to drop $50 on it for future gamer room show
  5. tOucan

    Red Faction

    We should contact who ever's available and get a game in. Recently noted the PS4 version is out does it have multiplayer support? Is HQN still a thing? No idea what link or homebase would be :)
  6. tOucan

    Got lost in Asia.

    Apartments are cosy, Would love to live in if wasn't for the ridiculous STRATA fees to keep the umm lobbies and garden clean off every resident? :icon_neutral: I always forget the states doesn't have benefits for when works down. Glad you landed on your feet again but. Travels a killer I was doing 5 hours a day until I decided to have another break. Non paying contractors are the bane of my existence :smoke: I've been playing some GTA Online on PS3 recently since some friends convinced me to get into it but I find myself running around pointlessly for hours. Some good times can be had when there is a good enough group but. Currently on a play through of the Last Of Us Remastered. First play through on through PS4 and pretty impressed so far.
  7. Back in the hood. Life updates. Work. Travel. Work. Travel. Got lost in Asia for quite awhile. Purchased a property as house prices around Sydney just pushed past $800,000 average :( Just picked up a PS4 as I need to stop traveling for at least one year so I'll burn my money on this and realised how long it's been since checking in. Everyone still alive?
  8. tOucan

    Metro 2033

    I played it pretty much maxed out, just seemed to be poorly coded more then anything to me
  9. tOucan

    Life Updates

    Recovering from my hangover as we speak, 3pm and work tomorrow. Outlook does not look good :zombie: Oh noooooes! Lol. I haven't been able to sleep no matter how tired I am. It's kinda good as more cartoon watchins happen that way, but kinda sucky cause I feel weird a lot of the time. Also, total video game withdrawals! WTF?!?!? Stupid ass Columbus Day means my shit probably won't come in today. I need a job that celebrates pointless holidays. I was kinda thinking banks. Those bitches are never open. XP I know you posted this on FB Picoo, but I had to share it here too. Lol Recovery = hell, and I continue to do this every weekend to myself. Hopefully not this weekend Hump day tomorrow, after that it's all down hill :munchies:
  10. No clockwise action at all, we only have backwards waterfalls now that I just watched :icon_wacko:
  11. tOucan

    Life Updates

    Recovering from my hangover as we speak, 3pm and work tomorrow. Outlook does not look good :zombie:
  12. tOucan

    New Toy

    Dam the U.S and Australian law :shank:
  13. What way does your toilet flush over there? I can do some real time comparison :icon_laugh:
  14. You need a roll on Summer theme for the backwards Aussies. I think there is only one Aussie left, but i'm important all the same :icon_laugh: Awesome on TV catchup, my log is starting to pile up :unsure:
  15. tOucan

    Bf3 Open Beta

    Enjoying it a lot despite the bugs and glitches at the moment. Team work rocks on the PC, and the graphics look amazing. Apparently they are only limited to medium setting? Time will tell. Rush is pretty intense, im waiting on some of the vehicle maps a lot more so we can get back to what BF is about. I think they are trying to steal some of the CoD players away with maps like Metro. Will be a day 1 purchase for PC..
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