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  1. Butter

    Diablo III Thread

    I'm really looking forward to wasting a couple weeks just getting lost in this game when it comes out.
  2. Ding ding ding ding!!!!! Winner!
  3. Yeah I can see it in TDM when I think about it (especially with modified pistol mechanics).
  4. Yeah, I think you guys have a prominent duel mentality. I always look at it from a CTF/TDM stand-point. I was never a fan of 1v1 duels in RF. So those maps may work in duel scenarios but honestly I don't think that's where the future of RF is. RF is about team play and team play attracts the most players in FPS games.
  5. Always been a fan of the UT hit sounds...but those levels.... IMO the gameplay or RF best lends itself to symmetrical maps that concentrate player flow into a central confrontation area. For example, for me personally, the funnest maps in CTF were always WL and BC. Nice, symmetrical maps with a central area that gave an advantage to the team holding it. In WL that advantage could be circumvented via the two tunnel passages and in BC it was circumvented via the base tunnel to center door and rail sniping (ugh). I really don't think RF gameplay works well with ramp-heavy levels that involve a lot of vertical level changes. Having high ground advantage in RF is ridiculously more overpowered than any other FPS I've played (except CS). I don't care how good you are. I don't care if you are the child of Allan, Furyweb, and Fek. If I shoot you from top with an AR first, you are going to die first. By the time you even get to look up and see where I'm shooting from, you're dead. Anyway, I'm not a fan of those maps in RF at all in CTF. I think some of them can be very good DM/Duel maps, where it would take more skill rather than pistol whoring (I always loved levels like One To The Dome in DM because it forced 1v1's vs frag-whoring). RF CTF to me was always about hectic, tense gameplay with lots and lots of confrontations. I've always loathed maps where I'd spend 15-20 seconds walking around hoping I'd run into someone.
  6. Butter


    I've been keeping my eye on this game for a little while now. I see it as this generations (and by generation I mean people, not hardware) Unreal Tournament / Quake. Actually it's more like a mix of said games, along with Halo (vehicles, really open levels) , Tribes (less movement restrictions via mechanical in-game items), and Planet-Side/Hellgate London (MMO economy, free-to-play though). It has fantastic visuals (some of the levels I've seen are nothing short of gorgeous), and it's more fast paced than your Call of Duty and Battle Field flavour games. There is also a "focus" on esports http://www.shacknews.com/game/firefall/videos The crew making this game were founded by the original team lead of WoW, which seems to indicate they have at least a slight idea WTF they're doing. Also don't be turned off by the 3rd person view. I think they mainly over-use it in the demo videos to make it look cool. First person view is available.
  7. Butter

    Diablo III Thread

    Just offering some source for above post http://www.shacknews.com/article/70306/diablo-3-delayed-into-early-2012-beta-extended
  8. Butter

    Mechanical Keyboards?

    Oh god stop it I'm hyperventilating. That is one sexy beast right there.
  9. Butter

    Mechanical Keyboards?

    The mouse in the picture is one of the greatest mice ever created by mortals. In fact, I get a raging erection and hot flashes looking at it. I spent the best years of my RF career slaughtering noobs with that faithful avenger.
  10. Butter

    Starcraft II

    The SP felt pretty long to me, but that might be because I played it on insane the first run-through (to get my Kerrigan icon). I think it really depends on your base skill level. I'm sure if I played the game on easiest setting it would have been a 2 day affair. @Bob-> Yeah, don't even attempt Battle.net without having at least 1-2 build orders memorized (and know your midgame transitions at the very least). You can still rack up a few wins in Bronze by just doing 1-2 cheese builds though :)
  11. Butter

    Starcraft II

    Welcome to my hood :)
  12. Yo I have some Oz homies it would be really awesome to play with them again. Edit: Haha my account is still active on that forum!
  13. Butter

    Red Faction

    I popped in the server yesterday and saw nick & fn0rd. Baton beatdowns where them immediately dished out. Also nick-> I'll purchase a mic today :]
  14. Butter

    Mass Effect

    I keep playing both of them through saying to myself "I'll play the Paragon route for sure this time" but I can never bring myself to make those cheesy decisions :\
  15. Butter

    Nix Distro Tinkering

    I don't know what the shit is up with nvidia drivers. They're a bitch to get working manually. I installed mine via Envy and I've been using it for at least a year now. It's a piece of shit but in a hilarious way. It fucking blows cock when it comes to rendering the UI of gnome and KDE but plays WoW and Max Payne like a dream (ogl lolololol). But yeah these drivers drive me crazy.
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