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  1. Pea

    Dragon Age Origins

    That was kinda my thinking too. "Probably won't play it, but it's free..." Lol. Too busy with current games at the moment... nice to have on standby as backup though I spose!
  2. Pea

    Dragon Age Origins

    NECRO MAGIX!!!! :zombie: This game is being offered on Origin completely free this week. DUN DUN DUNNN... Origin can be a headache to deal with most times, but I already have it from Sims + SWTOR so picked this biatch up. We had it on 360 but I never really played it. So yea, if you want this game for free, just like... go to this place and stuff: https://www.origin.com/en-us/store/buy/dragon-age-1/pc-download/base-game/standard-edition It's free until October 14th :viking:
  3. Pea


    It's an extremely modest level of decorating but I put some stuff up today. This bit by the pantry makes me giggle. Might get more decos from my mom when she comes to visit. She has more than enough to spare. =p
  4. Pea

    New layout forums

    Although, seems all the themes are brokey. D: YOU BEST GET ON THAT HALLO'S EVE BIATCH!!! =)
  5. Pea

    New layout forums

    Ah, I am an idiot, ty. Yea I haven't decorated the house for Halloween yet but totally thinkin that should be a thing to happen. XP
  6. Sick of being sick... in the ol noggin.

  7. Pea

    New layout forums

    Oi slut, where'd the little "theme" changer dinger go? Is that gone or am I blind?
  8. Pea

    Shadow of Mordor

    Ah, Nov 18th for DA3. Never did get far in the first 2, life was a thing and such.
  9. Pea

    Shadow of Mordor

    Indeed, that was part of our PS4 decision. Gonna try to be better about actually using this console. Gave Fek our PS3 pre-upgrade since otherwise we would have just been crazy lazy and sold it to Gamestop for some horribly low price. D: RIght now we just have Lego Marvel, D3 and Destiny on the 4. Shadow will be a nice addition. DA3 will be on there too most likely, forgot to check for that date. It just seems like we preorder a lot more now, hard to turn down the little extra "treats" ya get, especially if you're 90% sure (or more) that you'll pick the game up later on. WHICH IS JUST WHAT THEY WANT! Damn, the man has me good. D:
  10. Pea

    Hunter X Hunter 2011

    ALSO... Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal... for anyone that isn't too ashamed to admit they like Sailor Moon. Huge nostalgia trip, better animation. A little too much with the computer animation though, or weird use of it, still slightly obnoxious voices as well. But amazeballs. Art style and story is closer to manga. Much love. There's only 6 episodes so far, so good to get in early while ya can. ;)
  11. Pea

    Hunter X Hunter 2011

    Seriously, watch this shit. It's funny and action-y. It definitely has some DBZ influence but it seems to take the good parts and leave the bad parts. The story moves at a better pace and the battles are actually interesting and don't always go like you think they might. On top of that... instead of saiyan powers it's more similar to the force from Star Wars. :D There's an older version with a little bit crappier animation and more drawn out story, so make sure you watch the 2011 one. =p WOOHOO!!! The episodes are up to 148 so it is a long series but it is enjoyable and the different arcs mostly get better as they go. There's 1 I was not a fan of but it got better within itself as well. Also, I believe the manga is unfinished so at some point there will be a stop, oh noes. D:
  12. Pea

    Shadow of Mordor

    It's available on Sep 30th. We pre-ordered on PS4. Official Site Official Tube Anyone else pickin this slut up? I get that it's prob written like Assassin's Creed but I still wish you could make a fem toon. Besides that, looks like fun to be had, hopefully it doesn't disappoint. Doing better about keeping expectations low for games these days. =p
  13. Pea

    Startin' Up

    I never updated this but I TOTALLY have a level 90 as of last spring, lol. My little Shadewyn, undead disc priest. I leveled her from 1-90... over the course of... a long ass time. There were some fundamental MMO things I did not understand at all until I got further in SWTOR. How embarrassing, lol. So Warlords of Draenor is a thing... is that going to be happening for anyone?
  14. Ahhhh...lol, still being an achievement whore in SWTOR unfortunately. D:
  15. I see I see, for some reason I just assumed bigger screens would take more work... DERPY DERP! =p
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