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    Horse back Riding!!!! Horses!!! Art of all kinds, video games, anime, drawing, music, Professional Dog Grooming. Wolves, dogs, kitties, and polar bears :) OOh and cofffeeeeeeeeee!


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  1. Kat

    Bing 60

    Yay! I love black mage friends!!
  2. Kat

    Best Song Ever.....

    Ha ha too good! You tube retarded horse. You'll see something else fun.
  3. Kat


    Yea, who introed that?
  4. Kat

    Random pictures of Rad

    They can eat spiders, but really crickets are best. Thats an excellent name for a lizard!
  5. Kat

    Hunting Photos

    I'm with 4:20 on that one. I'll shoot the little clay one thank you. Nice haul though :) Thank you for eating what you kill too. It pisses me off when people just kill shit to kill it.
  6. Kat

    Random pictures of Rad

    He does what he wants :) Bearded Dragon ~_^
  7. Kat

    Random pictures of Rad

    Hi. I'm Trogdor and I like to pass out like a drunken sailor. Meaning pretty much anywhere. Like persay the side of my glass house.
  8. Kat

    What do you think of these songs?

    <3 The Beatles
  9. Kat


    I'm doing well, just adding to my Zoo of animals :) working and attempting to keep Pic0o happy ha ha! How are you?
  10. Kat


    Oh my. Blast from the past. What's up?
  11. Kat


    I liked Angel Beats. Funny with a serious undertone. Sgt frog should be #1 on your list.
  12. I'm a huge fan of Wacom. I have had two different tablets. Most recently, I got one from the Intuos line. Stunning piece of equipment. I do all my art work on Photoshop CS4. I do still pieces though, no animation. So I can't really say what to reccomend in that respect. I don't know much about the sound programs either. Best thing I can tell you is to check out some online animated comics and ask the creator what they are using. Even though it might be more intense than what you are looking for they might be able to point you in the right direction. I can't wait to see what you come up with. I know you will drop nuggets of awesome all over the place.
  13. Kat

    Americans are Sorry

    Just sickening. There are no words that can accurately express the sheer awfulness that is that entire culture.