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  1. nick

    What's everyone mostly playing anymore?

    CS is a much easier shooter to get decent at compared to RF. At least in progression of mechanical skill. It's probably the most active FPS of any value right now. The community is rancid but then that's the same as anything else. If you're starving to play an FPS I'd say just jump into it. Disable voice comms and communicate with the voice chat bind things if necessary. As far as GTA goes, while the leveling was tedious the strongest AR in that game is the DLC carbine which you can buy at pretty much any level. Before we quit heisting I hated the fact that I had purchased other weapons because they just gunk up the weapon wheel and you can't permanently drop them. The real killer of the leveling system were things like strength that reduce damage and the health bonus every 20 or so levels. It is sort of funny that the fastest way to level in GTA5 is driving around in circles for a few hours. If you're looking to get into something completely skill based for a long time I'd recommend rhythm games. The genre seems to have been largely unaffected by the progression fad. osu! is probably the most accessible and has 4 (soon to be 5) game modes but Beatmania and Sound Voltex aren't amazingly hard to get into either. I can see myself playing Beatmania for a long, long time to come. The only reason I'd turn away from it permanently at this point would be some kind of injury. Shit like this is mind blowing: And agar.io is a pretty fun time waster. I load it up whenever I have some time to waste now. Has its moments of brilliance.
  2. nick

    GTA Subforum

    Hit me up at launch. I have around 3 homies to jump in with so far. The FPS mode kind of sold me. Expect some really messed up netcode haha.
  3. nick

    What's everyone mostly playing anymore?

    I am playing an insane amount of osu! and trying to get into BMS. Not much else. Burned through a bunch of throwaway FPS singleplayers from the past few years awhile ago. Will possibly jump into Reflex when their ladders roll out. I think some of my issues with GTA V on the console will be cleared up with a real control scheme but I'm pretty iffy on buying the game again. FPS mode is slightly interesting. I don't think leveling will be as much of an issue on PC where wasting kids with a pistol should be easy business. I hope they fix the retarded spawn system though.
  4. nick

    Windows 10, Anyone?

    I'll probably give this a spin to check out the TWM-esque features. Love some tiling.
  5. nick

    Panasonic TC-39A400U

    If you're still on an Nvidia card you probably want to make sure it's pushing full range RGB. Nvidia's drivers automatically set TVs to limited range over HDMI. It's fine if you're calibrating for TV/movies but games and desktop stuff can look pretty weird with the limited range. There's a tool to change it on this random's blog (source included). http://blog.metaclassofnil.com/?p=83
  6. nick

    Play a Game? (Game tracker)

    GTA5 was an underwhelming experience for me as well. I didn't play through the singleplayer campaign at all so maybe I'll sit down and do that at some point but it's not high on my list. I bought The Witcher 2 a few days ago for ~$3 or so on Steam to kill time while I was banned from Dragon Nest. It's been pretty alright. The combat mechanics aren't the most well designed but the tone of the game is a nice break from the usual RPG/action fare. That said I'm pretty sure I'm going to forget the plot and characters in a week. The tone is to my liking but the writing isn't remarkable overall. Another thing bugs me. The RPG bits aren't actually that essential to the game and it would probably be better if they were removed. I am nearing the end of the game and have only changed my armor and pokey bits maybe twice. I've never crafted anything. I've entirely ignored the places of power, loot, potion crafting and all other RPG elements save the quest tracker (which is a piece of shit by the way). I did use potion crafting a few times when the story decided to shoehorn it in but that's it. I've also barely used any of the power signs or whatever. The one that flips a mob into an enemy is handy I guess. It's all just so useless. I don't understand why they put so many RPG mechanics into the game when they're disparate at best from what the game's core strengths are. It's not that any of it doesn't work or is poorly designed, it's just that it all exists at the expense of things more important. The effort they put into those mechanics could have been put into the combat mechanics and writing and that might have made it really superb. I'm being pretty hard on it though, for $3 it's not bad at all. It has made me want to pick up a slew of similar titles. I think I'll be starting with the clusterfuck of a series Drakengard because, well, it seems like the kind of travesty that I'll get a lot of enjoyment out of. But it's going to be a bit before I actually feel like playing through them. I didn't bother with ESO. I'll give it if it goes f2p at some point. I had closed beta and really wasn't feeling it. Dragon Nest is the only MMO aside from GW I've wanted to keep playing in spite of its flaws.
  7. nick

    Nix Games

    Yeah, Steam's Linux client hasn't had the craziest uptake I've seen but there are ~20 pages of games available for Linux on the Steam store now. Pretty impressive considering maybe 5% of that was available at launch last year.
  8. nick

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Yeah. Trolling is pretty much the only reason I can bring myself to play these sorts of games. Early into it I noticed that players honk their horns to convey they're friendly/not interested in fighting or whatever. So I did what any baller would do and began to honk my horn anytime I saw anyone. And then I'd kill them. It's just how you have to do. The spirit of twixt is something I endeavor to embody. The problem is that beyond that the multiplayer just isn't that interesting. The combat sucks, the player missions are kind of hohum and stuff. It's fun to piss a bunch of 12 year olds off for a bit but you can get that from all kinds of games.
  9. nick

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Finally got the game after constant nagging to do so. Yeah, the balance is really shit. If you have a friend that can que Survival missions you can level from 0-20ish very quickly, make a shitload of monies, and get access to the AR. Once you have AR, if you have decent awareness you're not really duel-able anymore. People will try to snipe you but most can't hit if you run toward them and focus on dodging because there doesn't seem to be auto aim on it. Use the phone to troll tanks with Lamar's jacker. Speak any language instead of English on voice comms to incite wars and massive trollfests. If you play on a decent panel you can laugh at how long it takes everyone to aim on their TV. Here I thought I was hopeless with the joysticks but it was actually those bastards Dunning and Kruger playing tricks on me all this time. Still, I don't think I could ever stick an FPS on this but The Unfinished Swan is kinda legit. I don't think I'll play it much more but there's a lot of potential in this game for exploiting disparate utilities. See some people trying to start a race or any event thing? Kill them. See a crate drop somewhere? Go near and setup to kill and spawncamp people for trying to get it. See someone enter a building? Leave a vehicle outside the door to block them and then shit talk on mic. It can be fun.
  10. nick

    Clouds Down?

    Level3 took a shit. Still not really sure what happened to them, but I haven't looked into it much.
  11. nick

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Played some of this at a homies place. The game seems really solid, but I'm embarrassingly awful at aiming with the controller (still rock a 45lg in quake with a mouse). So bad, in fact, that I'll be waiting for a PC release to get into this despite having a PS3. Heh.
  12. nick

    New GitS

    The first Arise OVA has been out for awhile. It's reasonably well done but wasn't anything too mindblowing. A low B tier production IMO. It at least doesn't come off as a blatant cash cow... yet. Watch the movie and Stand Alone Complex before bothering with the new shit.
  13. nick

    My b0x (2003)

    Haha, nice. It's funny 'cause digi from my crew just slapped together some holy-fucking-ancient box and is enjoying the wonderful world of 98se again. A bunch of stuff works that you wouldn't expect (browsers from just a few years ago, recent-ish foobar, blah blah). Fun stuff.
  14. nick

    Play a Game? (Game tracker)

    As much as I thoroughly enjoyed SR3, it's too early for me to want to play through something like that again. When I heard it doesn't support more than 2 player co-op it was immediately dropped from my 'list of shit to buy as soon as it comes out', which now currently totals: I have been putting a few hours here or there into CS:GO lately. After a year of patches I'd say the game has greatly improved from my beta experiences. It's poised at the moment to be the only FPS remotely relevant in e-Sports, which draws some of my interest. In my eyes, CS:S was a very terrible game that isn't really worth comparison. At this point I'm willing to say that this is the best attempt Valve have ever made at a CS title (they didn't really make 1.6 after-all). While I find the artistry of the game and a lot of the broad design decisions rather poor/questionable, I'd say the game-play is almost there. Almost. The general combat mechanics are at the point where I'd nearly say they're flat out better than 1.6, but huge problems remain in other areas of the game (maps and matchmaking primarily).
  15. nick

    Voice Chat Servers and Why I Loathe Them

    I've dealt with this for 10+ years now and the sad thing is that even with AGC and stuff built into the new clients (Mumble, TS3) it hasn't really gotten any better. Reasonable setups aren't even hard to get anymore (they never really were). Most $15-20 brandless retail USB headsets are decent enough for VoIP but you still get the seasonal cunt or two with an ear-rape setup. And the guy that's both incapable of configuring the noise gate settings and unwilling to use PTT. A fair amount of it is people smashing next through the client setup wizards after install. TS/Mumble devs could reduce this by making the wizards annoying as fuck, but then people would probably bitch at them hardcore. Onboard mic inputs are usually noisey as hell too, so that's another landmine for noobs.