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  1. Sk8Er


    THE MOST EPIC BAMP ANYONE HAS EVAR SEEN HAS JUST OCCURRED. Now that that is out of the way, i did a google of some of my names online to see what Google has got on me. Then i saw funtime bliss popup, and was curious to see what thread it was. It happened to be when google was just coming out with mail! Then i saw Frank's post. "i want to use that gig o' space." Since my account has email dating back to the month of this post, i assume i got the invite here. And i have only used 230Mb of my 7gb! (Then 1gb) . So I'm curious old friends, how much space do you have used on gmail? PS *waves*
  2. Sk8Er

    Happy Birthday

    I smoke maybe once or twice a month. funny funny, if only you guys really knew me, i have absolutely no criminal record, minus traffic tickets (2) and citations (3) Thanks though. even though this is way overdue. Have a good one guys :)
  3. Sk8Er


    just to let you know, im prescribed vicodin and i was using it at correct dosages, my wisdoms just got yanked outta my head
  4. Sk8Er


    just curious, have you guys even gone through my last 100-200 posts? i would say about 7-10 have references to drugs in them.... so i'm curious as to were you get the fact i'm trashed all the time and my posts show it? go ahead, go through am all, go about 5-10 pages through em....i barley see any
  5. Sk8Er


    just make me a normal member, sir i probably wont come around too much more to any of these sites [rfhq, funtime] i guess i ran my course and should just go fuckin kill myself, because i guess living on my own, working fulltime with my own place just isnt responsible? i never freakin party 24/7 and get trashed everyday... as for other things i like to do? i LOVE to skateboard, have been for years, i LOVE to game (obviously), i love to play baseball basketball and football....(im on a baseball team now, mens league), i love graphic design, 3d modeling, and making maps for counter-strike... i go on 10 mile bike trips for fun, i love to go to concerts, and i love being with friends.......i love anime(all forms) fixing computers comes naturally to me....i advertie cheap computer repair and i get buisness and money from it... how am i being so fuckin irrisponsible trying to do this all on my own at age 19 and go to school at the same time trying to pay bills and live life... i never knew marijuana was gunna kill me and make me wanna die.... so i guess i wont be around much anymore as i guess everyone is annoyed of it (not like i didnt notice, im not an idiot) as for MAJORS, i would love to go into computer engineering, programming, or organic chemistry.... im outta here, i need to go back to work also painting my grandmas place (for free) if anything thats irrisponsible, painting a whole house for free.....damn im an asshole
  6. Sk8Er


    heh, just read that, but @ 5400 rpm not exactly running twords it :P good to know finally comeing out with some good hardware encryption for the public :) IM OFF TO ARIZONA!!! might not be around too much so if not ill see u guys next week :)
  7. Sk8Er


    don't know most likely P2P progs like limewire
  8. Sk8Er

    The Big Wu

    i dont care, im going, ha! itll be crazy
  9. Sk8Er

    The Big Wu

    www.summercamp.com looks good also, ill be going to both for sure, summerfest is looking CRAZY this year....roger waters, the eagles and others that i cant remember
  10. Sk8Er

    The Big Wu

    ya if it wasnt so close to 10klf www.10klf.com i would go but it woulld require driving about 2400 miles in 2 weeks time and going to the east coast then to the midwest loko up those 2 i told u their real good :)
  11. Sk8Er

    Excite Truck and Preorder Travels

    ohhh the excuse to get wasted day!
  12. Sk8Er

    The Big Wu

    how about Animal Liberation Orchestra? I saw em at summercamp last year and i would say its on the top 5 at that festival..... never was a huge disco biscuits fan though.....i try and stay away from electronica for the most part.... FAMILY GROOVE COMPANY AND TEA LEAF GREEN! what about them, sir?
  13. Sk8Er

    Excite Truck and Preorder Travels

    what holiday? Wii looks awesome....i have yet to be able to get my hands on one yet.... GL with mooving and finding your trinkets!
  14. Sk8Er

    Mal-ware wrappers

    scaryness :x
  15. Sk8Er

    The Big Wu

    ever seen keller? hes always a nice show....saw him at least 5 times throughout the summer, both with and without SCI.... i recommend Days of the Future Past. by the moody blues, BEST ALBUM EVER!