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  1. Yeah I agree, they could prob push out another gen right now but the entry being already so high I do also tend to believe everyone is waiting for hardware to catch up a bit. Before rift put that $400 bundle sale on, they'd been seeing much lower sales #'s than they had been hoping for. Hopefully this summer sale ultimately pushes out the inventory they were hoping for originally and plays catch up. I did toy around with the dev tool that offers the super sampling, but I still would see the grid in-between from just the hardware itself. It did have some nice results in certain types of games though, where SSing the textures played to that art style. Certain games with simplier shading or basic textures with mostly just color shades didn't show much different to me. It was hit and miss. But that mixed with the games was ultimately the reason I put it back in the pond. I also ended up picking up a switch and I've been obsessed with BoTW and am happy to be playing some first party nintendo games with more coming in holiday season. I haven't had nintendo stuff since n64, so I'm LOOOOONGGGG overdue. But that's OT and for another thread. :)
  2. JeT

    Red Faction

    I stopped paying for HQN hosting in the past year or so to save a few bucks a month. It made it a very long time but ultimately no longer served a use to me. I'd be interested if a date was planned. Without a set date, I doubt many will be able to commit. I still own my rfhq domain since it's only 4 letters. Gonna see if I can pimp out a 4 letter .com domain name someday soon. :)
  3. What up peeps. To reply to your: "I'm guessing this is what people mean by 'screen door effect'?" This is actually the lower resolution being viewed so closely to your eyes. The actual small black gap between the pixels themselves. It was one of the bigger reasons I ended up returning my bundle (more on that below). When they start rocking higher pixel densities and 1440p or eventually 4k, etc. this screen door effect will be greatly reduced. So - I ended up getting the bundle around same time as pic0o. At first I ordered from oculus store itself, but then came to find out there was a giant back order due to their summer sale. They shoulda prepped better for that, because I and many others just went ahead and canceled the direct order from them, and then purchased for same price from Best Buy. I was definitely impressed with the general feeling of VR. It's true when pic0o and others say you can't really explain it without experiencing it. Seeing flat screen demos / youtube videos, etc. will never do it any justice. But at the end of the day, I was still bugged by the hardware limitations itself. It's like when you could see the pixels from the first iPhones and eventually they got to that crystal clear version where fonts were just totally crystal clear, vs seeing the aliasing and the screen door effect and the lower res, etc. So I will be waiting for the 2nd or 3rd generation before dipping back into VR land. I also think the games themselves have a long way to go for hardcore gamers: wanting to sink tons of time into em while really loving the game(s) over the VR tech itself. I bought all the bundle packs in the Oculus store - spent lots o' loot to get a taste of everything, and it just wasn't blowing me outta the water. Luckily, after explaining to Oculus support staff that I returned my hardware, they gave me a one-time return (they pointed out this was an exception and have no return policy). It was a good thing I had a single order with all 3 game bundles - nearing $200. So that worked out nicely. In closing -- I played with the system a LOT for a solid 10 days, then returned the rift hardware and software for basically a full refund on both sides. I'm happy I was able to get the full test drive and also jump out without sinking permanent coin. I'm still quite interested in the VR movement itself and it's future development, but I'll be sitting back for another generation or two. I think they mentioned wanting life-cycles to be between a phone and a gaming console, so we'll see how big each leap forward is. Lates!
  4. JeT


    Murry xmas n new years to all.
  5. This is a nice handy combination I've seen in a lot of educational seminars, workshops, etc. as well. Had a conference in LV back in Nov where this enabled everyone to quickly be on the same page to begin coding and executing examples without spending some 1hr pre-workshop getting people's environments all settled up. The Couchbase team also did a vagrant, VB combo during their 1 day workshop I attended when they hosted in Philly few months back. Also been looking at the popular rise of Docker over VMs like virtualbox, etc. It's more a container that can translate to your current OS, vs an entire VM where you need to be concerned with driver compatibilities and blah blah. This also makes for a speedier and more lightweight package. Can be pros and cons, like with anything, though. Some infos: http://devops.com/2014/11/24/docker-vs-vms/
  6. JeT

    Weather talk

    You buy a legit Mac? Or build a hackintosh? I recently got a nice sale on a lappy, and upon receiving, removed and shat on the shipped standard and bloat-infestd HDD and installed a new 1TB SSD for a fresh install. No optical drive at all, which gave room for a giant fucking discrete graphics card. (I've never really had a nice laptop vid card before, so seemed impressive to me) Nice AMD Radeon R9 M3xxx series card. And with Win 10 (and I think 8.1?) keys being stored on bios, a thumbdrive install was easy peazy for registering legit ownership. Haven't pushed it yet in game department (play the shit outta some Stardew Valley, though), but very smooth performance of on-the-fly transcoding and streaming from my Mezzmo media server -> wifi enabled tv. My other ~4.5yo laptop reached a fail state I was finished with after a bunch of various fixes over the years. Grabbed what I needed off the old drive via one of those usb external sata bay connectors, and away I went. Sidenote: Anyone mess with pci-e ssd tech yet? That next step in the hawtness speeds? Feels like same kinda price points that scared me when ssd was around and super pricey in 2005 or w/e. heh.
  7. JeT


    Hello, Mr. Bot. Much has to thanks visit for happy here to see hi.
  8. Damn, I totally forgot about this thread. Putting a reminder on this so I look into actually grabbing. TS server here I come.
  9. Does this have to run through Origin? Or is it playable via steam alone? What's the diff between BF4 and BF4 Premium? I'd def like to just play with this group of people - also don't care as much about the game itself. Know you used to be too busy to even game at all for awhile there, Jok3r. I play a lot of Rocket League due to its super casual nature. Maybe that'd appeal to some of you guys as well. I got pic0o on the wagon when I visited him a few months back. It's a game that the more you play it, the more you want to play it. Easy to learn, hard to master, etc.
  10. JeT

    Batman Arkham Knight

    Is this the 3rd one in the set that got a big jump down in terms of ratings? I remember one of em (thinking the last/latest) took a steep drop in the review dept.
  11. I remember when you bought that thing ;) I'm enjoying my controller for playing rocket league. If you go into big picture mode, you can go down a crazy rabbit hole of configuration for the controller. There are a bunch of options for each input, and then there is an entire 'advanced' area for each input as well. I think the more it's out, the better custom game configs will get from the community as the tinkerers find the sweet spots for everything. I also had issues coming from the 360 controller. I'm used to it now, but it was MADDENING at first -- can't blame them for that though.... just something to get used to.
  12. JeT

    Super Mario Maker

    Past few years there has been a golden age of indie titles going on beneath the surface... once you pick up a few streams in steam you'll just keep hitting on related awesome things. So many cheap games made by small teams with really unique ideas. The mario maker thing is pretty interesting, though... but still won't be investing in a new console anytime soon. At one point I thought about it, but, decided, nah.
  13. JeT

    Seasonal greetings

    I just watched all the evil deads last weekend. Also watched the new 2013 one for the first time. Won't need to watch that again, but was alright to watch once I guess. Haven't watched Bad Taste I don't believe. Will look that up. Oct is already half over. Shit.
  14. JeT

    Seasonal greetings

    That sweet sweet pic0o wifi. I dig that Trick R Treat one. Good seasonal flick.
  15. JeT

    Seasonal greetings

    I worked from home during the pope weekend, on the Fri-Mon. Worrrked for me.
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