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Found 7 results

  1. Almost October 2012 rename thread. Using this for quick blurbs on currently playing or played games, since threads being made on anything is kinda silly (at least on my end). I will make or edit main game threads on GG or Quit playing for good pit. This is my personal mockup list of games I have an interest in picking up, or finding information about once they release. Please feel free to add you suggestions and personal Wish List Choices. I made a backloggery account and here is my backlog. I'll try to keep this Topic reasonably updated, so I know what is still on my Radar to score. Also, here are links to the IGN Game Release Trackers: PC Xbox 360 PS3 3DS PSP Wii DS Ps2
  2. Pic0o

    Final Fantasy XV

    I recently wrapped up main story play and half of the DLC expansions. I feel it started out slow but by time I hit Chapter 04 or so, I was enjoying myself and the uptick in play and story. Of note, I played on Easy because I'm not a fan of grueling RPG combat. I wrapped up main story in around 45 hours. Semi spoilerish but the total amount of chapters is . I played the game in 4k resolution. Roughly averaging 45 FPS the whole time, while enjoying insane quality looking gameplay. If I had any slowdowns, it was with cut-scenes as opposed to combat. I did have some game crashes (4 total), but not until the final chapters. Checkpoint saves do a good job but I suggest manually saving to be safe. Especially after a boss fight, etc. The skill trees are quite robust. There is also a Wait menu combat system, but I stuck to action mode, short of trying the wait system when I started playing. If you want to try the game out, there is a demo as well on Steam. I mentioned crashes and performance. To note I'm playing with 32 GB DDR4 with an Intel i7-7700k and a Nvidia 1080 Ti (with 391.35 drivers on Windows 10 Pro Build 16299 / 1709) . Running the HD assets along with the main game has my total install folder at 148 GB. I am playing from a Samsung 840 Pro Series SSD that the game is installed on. My Main OS is running off a Samsung 960 EVO M2 SSD. I did not have the courage to see read speeds from a mechanical hard drive. Quick note, there are performance display options in the FFXV menus. I recall seeing load speeds be around 240 MB/s on the load screens. Back to graphics, my card's memory usage for 11 GB hit 96% usage and 100% GPU usage. Mostly when I had in-game crashes, I would see the 'nvidia driver stopped working' error come up. As I mentioned I saw this 4 times total, so I would not consider this game-breaking, since I would reboot and be fine afterwards, until the next crash that typically were hours to days apart. With the tech details out of the way, I feel the game was enjoyable, looked excellent and also plays well. If you want to run at a higher frame rate, you can set your game options up to 120 FPS. I did not really try playing @ 1080p, largely because I used the benchmark utility to get as close to a playable 4k resolution as I could. If you would like an RPG to scratch your itch, I would suggest giving this a play if you haven't yet. I also played Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and really enjoyed my time with it, but Final Fantasy XV is going to be more kind to your time, with less grinding mechanics than Xenoblade Chronicles 2 had. Granted XB2 now has an easy combat option too, so that might bring that main story playtime down. Wrapping up, Final XV uses some classic Final conventions while also taking some liberties with story and play mechanics. I was glad when I had time to sit down and play, as those sessions tended to be pretty lengthy.
  3. Pic0o

    Doom 2016

    I want to start by saying I made it to chapter 06 before I fired up cheat codes. I was playing on "I'm too young to die" but I was still getting stomped in that chapter. I started out on "Hurt me plenty" but that lasted a few minutes on the horde enemy count. I'm really glad I turned on God mode and kept playing, as this was a fun story to complete. The level design is pretty good and the map layering and display is top-notch. Trying to find the secret areas on the map can be confusing, but that's likely intentional. Side-content wise, the challenges give you some insanely overpowered and awesome perks. NPC enemies are your foe in the single player. There is multi-player and a map editor, but honestly I have yet to try either one of those two things. Thanks to cheat codes, I can see myself crawling through some levels to unlock extra levels and content (or just watching YouTube videos). Speaking of cheats, the charAdd commands seem to no longer work in your ~ console. So you may remember key-hunting in original doom games, but IDKFA and the like are not workable codes, that I currently know of. Granted you miss some exploration if you don't take the key get paths. I was considering not finishing this game until I rolled God mode on. I can say the enemy difficulty from Chapter 06 will certainly scale up, so if you are being butchered and want to keep on, tuck away your pride and roll some cheat codes. Hahaha I was a huge save state user for old-school doom, so the whole "Replay seemingly impossible battle until you clear it and save" is something you will lose in this game, since it's of the Auto-sav& Checkpoint variety. I had about 3 or so crashes to desktop, but luckily it was just after a checkpoint saved. The melee kills are a fun way to get some health back in heated battles. I think I'm tuned to try to melee systems in any game I play. In conclusion, it's a good game but it is pretty difficult, imo. Worth picking up to play, but be sure to cheat if you get legit stuck. ;)
  4. Pic0o

    Super Meat Boy

    Somehow I never made a thread for Super Meat Boy. Fortunately I'm fixing that issue today. If you want to play a fierce platformer that now is also on Nintendo Switch for your portable desires, scoop up this game. You can score this for $15 on Switch and probably a bit cheaper on Steam via PC edition. I played it on PC originally but am already further into Hell on the Switch than I got on PC. I want to note that Meat World (Custom Maps from the Internet) are only available on the PC version. Besides that, you get all that meaty goodness on your platform of choice, since this game is also on Playstation and Microsoft consoles. I have had a few lunch breaks of playing this and swearing in a coffee shop. I highly recommend this setting. I also play at home, but find the lunch break platforming rage is quite therapeutic. Super Meat Boy has a rolling scope of difficulty and it turns that knob up pretty quickly. The main reason I was able to get to the 4th world pretty quickly on Switch, is from playing it on PC and remembering some of the levels. I also see there is a 2-player option on the Switch version, so I'll find someone to try that out with me and share some rage. If you ever wanted to support an indie game, this is your chance. If this is the first indie game you have played, I'm kind of sad for you, but there is time to resolve that. Score yourself some Super Meat Boy and rage your way to saving that meaty sweetie, Bandage Girl.
  5. About 9 years later, all 3 of these G.U. games are on PC and PS4. I grabbed the Steam version of .hack//G.U. Last Recode today and it's 40 GB install is downloading. The redone graphics look really nice. I am a bit cautious of the increased XP gain and easier boss fights, but it was a fun series and I hope to see the original 4 games get redone, and most of all, some new content, short of the 4th episode they added to G.U. for this release. This version is still a single player faux-MMO and I'm good with that. Eventually an online game that doesn't bomb would be cool, but by all means, take your time and get it right. I'm glad to see this came out as it caught me by surprise. From the look of the steam forums, this game is selling, so I'd love to see support for the series continue, after such a long break. As you can see from the thread history, I bumped the old thread for about 9 years ago to note this PC remaster.
  6. I'm going to give this 3rd installment a chance at playing as I got a free copy with my 980 GTX purchase. I will start by saying I played the 1st game and after many hours, I stopped playing it. The progression and story were dragging in respect to the gameplay when I was playing the 1st Witcher game. I never tried the 2nd one at all. I still have my 2011 save files for the 1st game and they say Kaer Morhen and Country Inn for my save locations. I was not that far into the game but there is a hint where I got to. Curious if anyone else is playing the 3rd game and/or has played the other 2. Currently I am downloading the pre-installer for Witcher 3. The GOG.com installer is about 23GB total, including the 1.01 patch. As is my trend, I am playing on PC. I have not loaded up the 3rd game yet since I'm downloading the installer now. I will hit this topic back up as I play the game(s). I may even reinstall the 1st one to load up where I left off. Last I recall I was in a town and fended away some attackers. Pardon the light topic. I always get the groundwork down and eventually build from there on gaming threads.
  7. Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller is an old 90's game from one of my favorite eras. Similar to Phantasmagoria with the full-motion video and point and click interfaces, this game is one of the many defining titles of the unedited PC gaming era. Dennis Hopper, Grace Jones, Stephanie Seymour and Geoffrey Holder are some of the included actors in this game. For anyone loving to play some older PC games, I hope you are familiar with DosBox. You can also enjoy some recaps from the Hell wikipedia page. I played this game pretty heavily in the 90's but never finished it. It seems to be formidably rare, but still is pretty cheap and available to obtain a copy of. I am starting my current year play-through now. Quite a fun deviation from my last game, Watch_Dogs.
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