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Found 2 results

  1. Almost October 2012 rename thread. Using this for quick blurbs on currently playing or played games, since threads being made on anything is kinda silly (at least on my end). I will make or edit main game threads on GG or Quit playing for good pit. This is my personal mockup list of games I have an interest in picking up, or finding information about once they release. Please feel free to add you suggestions and personal Wish List Choices. I made a backloggery account and here is my backlog. I'll try to keep this Topic reasonably updated, so I know what is still on my Radar to score. Also, here are links to the IGN Game Release Trackers: PC Xbox 360 PS3 3DS PSP Wii DS Ps2
  2. Pic0o

    Final Fantasy VII

    I am rocking into Disc 02 of Final Fantasy VII. I appear to have found a bug with the volume selection options. If you change the volume too rapidly while also going up and down (360 pad analog stick) you can glitch out your audio, to where sound effects are gone. Wanted to share this as I saw a few threads about it by search. Adjust the volume until you hear SFX again. Volume noise should be going off on adjustments, menu selection, and so on. Other than that, great game. Smooth up on engine and play is nice. 360 pad use is super handy too! Edit: I want to mention the Cloud Save system and Trainer options available. I haven't use either one because I could honestly give a shit less about boosting my character stats by trainer, in an RPG. If you do want to trainer it up, you have to use the Cloud Saves thing. As I said, I turned mine off and do no make use of either feature. Controller use: 360 Pad works good to play, but you will have no D-Pad action by default. I have not been bothered enough to xpadder or like extra buttons, so I get by ok on defaults. When you load the game however, keyboard press of 'X' will be required to progress past the button display menu. I am about to enter Mideel, having left Junon. Disc 02 still is my current play area. Should put some more work on this this week. :knight:
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