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Found 2 results

  1. Pic0o

    Lego City Undercover

    I am playing this on a Switch and am enjoying the game pretty heavily. It's a GTA clone that you can play with kids and not worry about nasty content. There is some adult humor in some references, but they are the type of things that would fly over kids heads. The story is enjoyable as it likes to rift quite a bit of pop culture movies and characters. Some of the references I am a little baffled how they got away with them, presuming not having to had paid royalties. Copyright is weird but I'm glad this game seems to have avoided the nasty bits of handling them. I got this game locally for $20 as I had been watching it to drop on Switch for some time. Pause to note it's on major consoles and PC as well, if you don't have or want to play it on Switch. I cruised the Steam forum to see some people mention desktop crashing, but I have not played the PC release. As for the Switch release, I saw plenty of comments about the frame rate issues. I can confirm the frame rate can dip quite low when playing in tablet mode, but the claims of it being unplayable are overkill, in my opinion. I did not have the game lock up or fail to accept my inputs, nor did I have it drop so low in frames that the action on screen was not current. I just started playing this over the last few weeks, so perhaps the performance was improved by patches. You have the option to play local multiplayer too. Up to 2 people (1 more including yourself), so it makes for a good co-op game. I tend to hear younger kids enjoying playing it with their parents, when in stores. Each person will need a JoyCon pair or a Pro Controller. I only briefly dabbled in co-op so far, since I have been playing single player to unlock content for holiday Co-op sessions. If you enjoyed GTA games, but with less of a money mechanic and some lighter themes, pick this game up. There are tons of unlockables as you progress in the story and the characters are enjoyable. It's a cute game that I think is enjoyable enough to keep your attention as an adult too. I say this as someone who played prior lego games but never was motivated to finish them. 2017-12-17 edit: I just wanted to note I finished the story missions and this remains to be a fun game. I will give some Co-Op local play some sessions here over the holiday season. It's a nice rift of old cop dramas that kids can enjoy vice humor without the adult content. FYI I have about 28 hours of play time on my save file. This game does have 3 save file slots, if you worry about that kind of feature.
  2. Pic0o

    Mario Odyssey

    Fun random fact: I used to have some bike parts named Odyssey, so I got used to the spelling. Back on topic, this latest Mario game is exceptionally good and enjoyable. I played over vacation and as of writing have 500+ stars and have played some of the hard mode post-main story content. I think the best attribute of the game is being enjoyable, while not being too difficult, until you complete the main story line. That being said, I also have the amiibos and that means with Wedding Peach, that I can jump back up to 6 health at any time with a few seconds available, even in boss fights. I tried playing the Mario Galaxy games but did not find myself enjoying them enough to complete them. Perhaps it was the Wiimote controls, I'm not sure as it has been some time since I tried those games out. Along those lines, you do get extra control functionality with the JoyCons detached, via wiggling. Most of the time it's not necessary to clear an area but can make some challenges easier. I largely played with JoyCons detached in Odyssey. Tablet mode works great too if you are away from a TV and your Dock. I very briefly tried multiplayer but can say using a second controller to control Cappy, does make it a more detailed experience, since some jumps trying to time hat jumps solo, would be difficult compared to working with a second player. As you progress, there are some online scoreboard side-games too. Control options and moves progress as you do in the game. You can do most all of them immediately, but as you play the relevant usage will come to you. You can view all of these in the Select / - menu. Seriously I'm ending the review there. The game is really well constructed and is not a chore to play. Personally I feel like most studios are releasing grind-quest games with no actual enjoyment or care in their processes, so this Mario game from Nintendo is a long-needed breath of fresh air. I have heard more than one person tell me they have an XB1 or PS4 that they are bored with. By all means is this is you, grab a switch and play Mario and or Zelda. Then look forward to more content coming down the line. If you are tired of playing math simulators, Nintendo and indie devs are where the heart of quality gaming lies. As always, I purchased my own copy of this game. I have no oversight or compensation for the opinions expressed here. If I ever land a job with Nintendo or any sort of compensation, I will inform of such. Have fun! I do suggest a Switch for the holiday season if you don't have one, and if you do, I think you would be hard-pressed to not enjoy Mario Odyssey. I played pretty heavily since a midnight release on 10/27, got 500 stars and there are still plenty of things I did not complete. There are classic platforming sections as well as the 3D world content. This is a game made by people who wanted you to enjoy it and also played it themselves for pleasure.
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