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Found 3 results

  1. I picked this up for Nintendo Switch this weekend. I got the physical edition with the Star Fox toys. Despite some hate the game gets, it is pretty fun and also looks quite nice. Do be warned it is mainly a toys to life game, so you can buy IRL ships, pilots and weapon toys, or go all digital and save some money. Common reference points are to No Mans Sky, but with story dialog instead of just exploration and minimal objectives. Fair disclaimer: I am only on the second world. I played a few hours and 100% explored the world 1 map. Extra ships do not appear unlockable from story, but are tied to the toy or digital dlc. Weapons may be the same case, but weapon power ups are found in-game. You can get some nice weapon power ups if you register to the Ubisoft Club site and use the gold coins you get from in-game objectives. I had plenty for the items from other Ubisoft games I have played. I may get to try out co-op as well soon. When I do, I will share details on that too. FYI. To use your second ship, remove the right joycon and it will put you into Digital mode, instead of Physical and you can fly other ships.
  2. I got a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for Xmas and currently have little over 30 hours into it. Not really a spoiler, but I'm on Chapter 04 of 10. I have to say I'm enjoying this RPG. Story content in entertaining, combat is good in respect to complexity and accessibility. As you level up into the teens, paying more attention in fights to details and enemy attacks will be more relevant. Sleep in an Inn to bump some levels up via bonus XP from your battles. Quests in each area will help you unlock Blade perks (skill points and abilities). A quick overview of Blades, is that they are living weapons. If you're an Anime dork, Soul Eater would be a similar concept to the Blades in Xenoblade. The menu section is pretty rich with options, as you have your level and stats, along with the same for other party members and their Blades. Blades can also equip gear, level up their abilities and they get attribute boosts and skills from the skill tree. When you see a notification come up about a Blade skilling up, go into the middle option to view your blade skill tree. Also as you progress, you will unlock more advanced combat options. The 3 bar meter on the top left will let you raise a fallen party member if you have a full bar available. Once unlocked, having all 3 bars will let you press 'start / +' to initiate a Break Combo. This will juggle between all the Blades in your party and do heavy damage to said enemy. Another item that doesn't get usefully used until a little bit into the story is 'Switch Target'. By holding RB, you will be able to press Right or Left arrow to change targets. Most of the earlier parts of the game should be pretty easy to avoid enemies linking, but as you progress, linked mobs and bad damage control will have you die. Luckily upon a party death, you will be able to resume from a semi-nearby checkpoint. While playing you will encounter various items. Some are food that you put into a pouch to enhance your Blade and others are crafting items, while you will also encounter Gems that will enable you to upgrade your Blades. Lots of the random harvest point items will be used to unlock skills you can socket into your Blades. As I noted I have little over 30 hours in so far. The map system is quite nice as it has teleport waypoints you can use to rapidly get around the game world. Side questing is also handy with the use of the robust mapping system. Areas are well designed with plenty of exploration points and zone depth. There are some very tall zones where you will need to find the right path to get up and down a zone. Granted once you unlock the teleport waypoints, you will not need to keep re-traversing the same zones. There is also a Japanese audio option for the US version of the game, via a download from the eShop. I had this on shortly but found it a little confusing trying to keep up with the JP audio and subtitles. Watching a series is one thing, but playing a game is a little trickier I think. Speaking of Videos, you can replay the story cutscenes from the game menu screen, once you unlock them. Changing the time of day in cutscene replays is a nice feature too. Speaking of time, you also will come into the ability to control the time of day (on the fly) and cloud depth between high and low tide. So far I only had to change the tide a few times to proceed with story or sidequests. As with every switch game, juggling between tablet and docked mode is quite nice. Lengthier games are especially welcoming to switching modes so I can play in the living room for a little bit, then switch back to my desk. You can also save at any time, short of in the middle of a fight. Also you can put the system into powersave and kick off from where you left off later. This is a great game. The characters are enjoyable and at times cringey. Granted some of the cringe is their charm. The combat system is legit and continues to progress in scope as you play. If you like RPGs with a nice combo system, scoop this game up.
  3. Pic0o

    Super Meat Boy

    Somehow I never made a thread for Super Meat Boy. Fortunately I'm fixing that issue today. If you want to play a fierce platformer that now is also on Nintendo Switch for your portable desires, scoop up this game. You can score this for $15 on Switch and probably a bit cheaper on Steam via PC edition. I played it on PC originally but am already further into Hell on the Switch than I got on PC. I want to note that Meat World (Custom Maps from the Internet) are only available on the PC version. Besides that, you get all that meaty goodness on your platform of choice, since this game is also on Playstation and Microsoft consoles. I have had a few lunch breaks of playing this and swearing in a coffee shop. I highly recommend this setting. I also play at home, but find the lunch break platforming rage is quite therapeutic. Super Meat Boy has a rolling scope of difficulty and it turns that knob up pretty quickly. The main reason I was able to get to the 4th world pretty quickly on Switch, is from playing it on PC and remembering some of the levels. I also see there is a 2-player option on the Switch version, so I'll find someone to try that out with me and share some rage. If you ever wanted to support an indie game, this is your chance. If this is the first indie game you have played, I'm kind of sad for you, but there is time to resolve that. Score yourself some Super Meat Boy and rage your way to saving that meaty sweetie, Bandage Girl.
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