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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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We recently had the chance to join the Wii family, and since doing so, I found some time to spend playing the newest installment in the Zelda series, Twilight Princess. After wrapping up the storyline at 110 hours listed for my save game (80 actual play, rest AFK / Paused).


Just to verify, Twilight Princess is a Single Player game, and looks to have no MP easter eggs.


The Wiimote use does a great job of taking previous Zelda gameplay and slapping it with more in depth gameplay, while in the same token, this title also brings much more new play to the table. One of the largest and newer dynamics of Twilight Princess is the gameplay in your Wolf form. Wolf play is pretty fun and it gives you extra benefits to human form such as faster base movement, faster Z-Targeting attacks, and track by smell abilities. Off the top of my head, one of the earliest games I remember with morph to wolf and back to human play, was Alone in the Dark 3, also an awesome game of it's time.


The storyline is well composed, and it complements the gameplay quite well. This game will give you the elements of fishing, hunting by scent, racing, puzzle solving, and straight up melee. Item selections are also pretty vast, and along your path, each item should earn it's keep, but enabling you to explore new areas.


Once you complete the SP storyline, you are welcomed to try the Cave of Ordeals located in the desert. I have not tinkered much in the cave yet, but I look forward to grinding through this 50 level gauntlet. That will most likely eat some time up tonight if Kat's not playing.


That's all I really have, as I don't want to take any fun out of other people's gameplay. There is no wonder why this game has been a smash hit, and I hope to see several more games of this level of fun, and content.


Needless to say, if you get a Wii, you should pick this game up ASAP.


(I played the Cave of Ordeals, and made it to level 48 on my first run. I'll need to beef up more to smooth that run out)

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I beat the cave of ordeals by the skin of my teeth. I had all 20 hearts, and after i filled my empty jars with the dark jelly(the one with the unknown effect) and ive had 3 results with that jelly, however on the last floor i used a jar of it and it fully restored my health. The other results ive seen are 1. it brought my health down to 1/4 of a heart and 2. restored 1/4 of a heart. but as i had 1/4 of a heart before i would be dead anyway, it saved my ass. Also that cave gives you some damn good practice on the harder foes(the black nights imo).

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Necro bump to note I was able to trade in my Wii copy and some other stuff for a GameCube version. I'm all about a waggleless play, because the game is awesome. Price was right and collect on best version was a smooth move. :)


True Blood w/ wifey in a bit, on the season finale. :yar:

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