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4th of July Weekend

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Greets from my Office-Desk. I'm pretty sore from a weekend of hacking up Ceramic Tiles on Kat's side of the basement, and I'm laying out my plans for the weekend.


The Buffalo folks have been working on getting me in town, since everyone pretty much has a new pad these days, that I have yet to see. I also spoke w/ J0k yesterday about a possible Car Audio Hackjob that could use my assistance. I'm getting a grip on what is up, but I suspect Buffalo may win, as I don't think J0k will have all the gear @ his pad by Thursday, and my car is not really on-point for the 300+ Mile drive each way.


Edit: I have been saved from a PA drive, as shipping his gear by Thursday would be insane $$$. Either I'll go to Buffalo, or chill @ home, and look to visit Buffalo the weekend of 7/18.


I did my car the injustice of filling my 10 Gallon tank for ~ $42.00, as I am all but certain Gas will be hiked up again by .10 cents before Friday, the 4th of July. Speaking of the 4th, I hope to kick back, and a feel a little better about celebrating Independence, despite the rapidly approaching need to liberate ourselves from the current oppression of the people, that is known as 'Democracy', that lacks the wisdom of it's citizens.


So when you are kicking back this weekend, try to retain the origins of the Holiday, and celebrate more then just Closed post offices and BBQ's.

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Not going to PA

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As mentioned in the Polictics topic, it is quite sad the folks in office, completely scoff at the Liberties of America, especially after the Holiday Weekend.


Nothing but inhumane Demons working in that White House and around our Country, building our National Self-Destruct in archive Data. It's a sad day when paranoia does nothing but lead Humanity into building more methods to destroy themselves.


Someday, I hope we can rebuild it again, for the People, not the Greed.

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