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Castlevania - Lords of Shadow

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:kat: scored me some Castlevania: Lords of Shadow for the holidays and I have put some time in to hit Chapter 3. Considering this game has 12 Chapters, I should be busy for a bit yet. I have to say of all the 3Dvania games, this one is the most substantial in respect to content. I am playing this on PS3, while it is also available for 360.


Level design is quality and they also end up looking oh so pretty. Character progression will give you new abilities, that will enable you to get new gear from previous levels. Speaking of levels, the checkpoint system is pretty good and while not as robust for Boss fights, it still does a good job of preventing you from resuming a fight with a chapter boss, with full health.


Most people comment the game has a Price of Persia / God of War vibe to it. The puzzles are nice, while not making a large presence thus far in my playthru.


I'll update as I progress, but if you had fun with the 3D Castlevania games, you are missing out if you haven't tried this one out yet.

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Man this thread is sparse. I was letting someone borrow this and just got it back this week. I was previously at the end of Chapter V, and as of last night, I'm at the end of Chapter VI.


Checking the Chapter details off Gfaqs, I remember that Chapter 2 and Chapter 5 are the longest ones. Both of them seemed to outstay their welcome, with Chapter 2 being the worst offender.


Also of offense in the earlier chapters, are some of the Boss Fights. A little overly QTE dependent, but still not a condemning experience. Also of help in this dept, is you'll tend to update your quicksave in Boss fights, so long as you knock the foe down to it's last ~15-20% HP.


Level wise, the quicksaves are reasonable, without being too abundant. The most handy part about hitting a Save point (icon displayed in corner), you will resume right from that spot, even after turning off and a game Load. I'd say the same for HP restore shrine placement too, as they will become less important once you get extra abilities. On the Abilities tip, some attacks are certainly more effective on different enemy types. Special weapons also are more/less effective based on foe, but that info displays in the bestiary.


Thinking I'll keep putting a hurt on this game, as I know someone else wants to give it a go. Despite the above flaws on length and how daunting the game is at start, I still feel it's one of, if not the best 3D Castlevania games. I would say this game is a better experience than God of War 3, mostly because it's more of a challenge. I also enjoy the presence of Puzzles, since these have fallen out of games in the last decade+.


- DLC: (I have none, word of mouth in spoiler)

I have none of it, as everything I have seen mentions how terribly short it is, considering the $10 DLC price tag for about an hour of play, give or take. Maybe if it goes on sale AND I hear some worthwhile feedback, I'll consider checking the DLC out.

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I GG'ed this up yesterday. Man, this game goes from pretty good, but a little too long in some of the earlier chapters (Chap 1 to 5), to pretty damn awesome in the 2nd half of the game.


Chapters 6 and beyond had me mad sucked in. Some decently tough fights, but damn the pacing improved. I also feel a big delay in the super awesome, is until you all but complete your whip and other weapon upgrades. In respect to enemies, if you are getting stomped on, you probably want to change your attack combos. Pretty much every enemy has a good combo they are weak to.


If you can be patient with Chapters 2 and 5, I think this is a game worth giving a play. Also of note, Kat loves all the concept art you can unlock. There are quite a few of them, as I gave them all a look last night. Glad to see this game worked out well, and MercurySteam did a great job with the game. :viking:

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