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Map ideas for Bob's game

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Here is an idea, let's call it Pentagon


This is just an idea, this is not to scale or even accurate.

map idea.jpg

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D- the new BlissX game install is going up. Should be done by 1am. It includes a 1st draft of pentagon and the 2nd draft of pillar


Was able to get the j-pad in pentagon. pretty straight forward.


Try it out and let me know if you have issues.

Ps- i didn't set up the game to auto select a default map for you so if you try to start the game without selecting one it will just emit the button noise and do nothing. Pick the map 1st.



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When I get home from work tonight I will be busting this out :)

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some items to address with pentagon:

-wider walk ways

-more weapons

-more clutter. to open.

-more jump pads.

-block in map so you can fall off.


-smaller scale version ?

-try incresed game speed. 2-3x

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