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Diablo III Thread

You sc0ring Diable III?  

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  1. 1. You sc0ring Diable III?

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    • I got candy, so what does that mean?

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I'm rolling a lvl 37 Monk atm.



Endless#1237 = BattleTag


Add me if you want to send some demons back to hell.

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u bish'z needa be on Teamspeak with us. so yea connect to dat sh1t and help us blow up a Diablo III section!

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Wrapped up Normal to GG credits. Started some Nightmare too, going to bed now. :P

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Nightmare on Act 3 a bit. Also did a Hidden world run a couple hours ago, soooo fun.


Took an evening :zzz: before playing tonights rounds. :bunny:


Played this morning, napped and played some more. Chapters 1 to 3 are approx 3 hours, depending on your party count and difficulty.


I am currently level 47 with 62 hours logged. A few of those are likely wc breaks and such but I'd say high 50's or 60 hrs is pretty accurate. Vacation over so I'm doing the work thing today.


Probably will jump on more tonight, gotta see how I feel around 6 tonight. I'd like to hit 50 so I can do Hell runs.

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If you are interested in looking at builds and skills, peep the D3 Character Calculator.


Spoiler wise, peep the below for what and where you'll want for adventuring to a certain awesomely hidden land.


Staff of Herding

Drops from Izual in Act IV


  • Black Mushroom
    This item is found in the Cathedral which is in Act I. Reportedly it is found in Cathedral level 1. The Black Mushroom is a clickable ground spawn called Black Mushrooms and does not always spawn. One way to farm for this is to load a later quest in Act I and take the Cathedral Gardens Waypoint then proceed through Leoric's Passage to Cathedral Level 1.
  • Leoric's Shinbone
    Leoric's Manor in a fireplace in Act 1
  • Liquid Rainbow
    obtained from the Mysterious Chest in the Mysterious Cave. The Mysterious Cave is opened by saving Zaven the Alchemist which is a random spawning merchant in Dahlgur Oasis of Act II. You may have to return to the Oasis several times to locate him.
  • Wirt's Bell
    Squirt the Merchant in Act 2 (town)
  • Gibbering Gemstone
    It can be found the the Cavers of Frost in The Fields of Slaughter located in Act III. Within the Fields of Slaughter there is a cave that spawns at either the top, left or bottom of the map. This cave can either be called Icefall Caves or the Caverns of Frost. You are looking for the latter. Try not to get too excited when you find it, that's the easy part.
    Once you have located the Caverns of Frost there is an elite that glows yellow and has a Purple name called Chiltara. She is one of many rare monsters that can spawn in the cave. Many people say they have found her on level 2 but it may be possible that she can spawn anywhere within the Caverns of Frost.

Once you are into Nightmare difficulty, you can go ahead and grab a Nightmarish Staff of Herding. This zone will be far more difficult than the Normal zone. I'm not sure if there is also a Hell difficulty staff yet. Talked to my Buddy and he's farming for the Hell Staff now.



Today, Blizzard has up the list of patches and class changes. Bad news is the site is down for maintenance right now.

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Secret info for your infos

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Finished Normal with Kat last night. I also hit 50 on my Barb before she got home from work. :)


Hell Mode started up a bit before we did a Normal Act IV run.

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Here's a pretty interesting reddit thread about some stuff some conspiracy bros are looking at.


Apparently somebody found some old French poems that deal with the devil and make some pretty close connections to D3 lore.



Personally, I'd say it is just total coincidence, or Blizz used the poems for inspiration.

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I'm continuing the cause for a Hell Staff. Will go for Inferno Beasting after that madness. :D


My boys account got juked, so I will try to repair him w/ hyper drop POWA! :ahoy:


Yay 60 ding! Chillin for a few and prolly off to :zzz:

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Farming up the items for hidden zone. 1 to buy, 1 to get from spawn / drop. Have all trigger items Just 20k shy of making Normal Staff. Farming Hell as I didn't have [arts of Act 1 clear for that difficulty.


Hoping to do some runs of the area later tonight. Depends on how auctions go. :)


Inferno is mad beast. Gonna try a little tonight if Kat not into some




FYI - Even when playing solo, be sure to hit a checkpoint before going idle. I went to the store for 30 minutes and was indeed disconnected. This is a unfortunate outcome for the solo moments, despite at least being able to pause for a few minutes.

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Account Hacking:

One of the more common rumors is to avoid public games, as this is the common means attackers are harvesting login info. I'm not sure of the details on how this happens, but I consider it a good advisement based off the many online reports, and my IRL buddies account being hijacked within 12 hours of playing a public game.


Meanwhile, I built my Staff of Herding last night. Hit me up if you want to go to the secret level. Currently rocking the Normal difficulty staff and I'll probably upgrade it in the next few days to Nightmare.


Tue Night:

US Patch to

I was unable to patch my client and it appears to be due to the enGB version from the pre-download. The patch is being rolled out per region, so if you have the enGB client and it tries to update, it will likely crash.


Backup your current game Data_D3 folder. You will use it after starting the correct installer, to spare you 6GB+ of duplicate data.

Once you has your Backup made, Uninstall the current Diablo 3. (if no backup, 8.7GB approx DL)



Yes, those are the official mirrors. Logged in and verified the link in my Bnet profile is the same as above.


Be sure to patch to the same path you had before.

When you start the install for the right region, Cancel it. Jump into that install folder and paste the Data_D3 folder, overwriting contents.


Load the launcher again and it should grab approx 2.2GB. Getting @ 2.2MB/s so it's be about 30 minutes and done in 600MB. Info spiced from various threads, this one most helpful one. Keep in mind that is some EU folks fixing their US installs. Means to fix the same, just keep your enUS straight based on your region.


Good luck. What a shit means for patching all around. EU patch goes up tomorrow.


Attached is the 1.0.2 Patch Loader. If you have this, you should be all good. Well, besides the server maintenance.


I was able to login this morning. Auction House was not laggy as hell, mind was blown.


General Chat is now joined by default. You can leave this channel once you login. I for one don't give a flying fuck about randoms or gold spam.


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Patch to Game Client infos

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It's Act II on Inferno.


Got some ring swaps on, as I was getting 1 hit insane. Requips +1000 more armor = much better. Hit checkpoint, back on some Hell run til :kat: be home. :reptar:

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Another Patching error. MPQ-Final was bitchin, but I'm not fixing it now. Movie coolin not beta bish.


My error is with d3-0-9950-Win-final.MPQ


Apparently this should fix it. It's also be way easier if they even bothered to BURN A FUCKING COPY OF GAME FILES to THE CD I purchased.


Come on man. Get that Activision cock out your ass and think of the customer for a minute. Let's get real fancy, and test patch deployment before they go live too.


Just had to delete patch file in \Updates folder and let it re-download. Played an Inferno Butcher run and chillin vids and eats now. FYI - Item Codes are being used crash game clients. I saw this once before via Up arrow spam history, but idn't enter the contents into chat.


Leave General channel asap. Fuck the lack of option to not join on startup.

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Redownload patch

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I didn't mean to load this up tonight, but once again the patching failed. Damn shame I don't have an actual Install CD to reinstall cherry from and repatch. Guess I'll just uninstall since I'm not feeling Inferno grind. Would still have liked to do Whimsy runs. I have enough to make Nightmare, so long as my lewts aren't jacked.


Blizzard. It's not that the First 3 difficulties weren't good. But the inferno grabs were just too unrewarding to drops. We'll pretend they are way more generous in the patch. :lolcakes:

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Played this the other night for the first time in weeks, possibly months... my level 35 hard core Barbarian, Act I of Nightmare... died. Lmao! I kept telling myself to expect it to happen eventually but it was still upsetting. The next day I made another HC Barb, this time male. /flex


Besides that, tinkered around on my witch doctor, she just hit 15. I am starting to like her more as I unlock new skills. Was really disappointed with it initially but it's grown on me fo sho.

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Cool on your recovery skills. :) I reinstalled as my pre-load install was still gimped. Got like 6 cheevos on login from past stuff. Still siting on enough to bump my Staff of Herding to Nightmare grade.


Kinda curious if Inferno got less shitty, but guessing Hell would be more replayable.

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