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Diablo III Thread

You sc0ring Diable III?  

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  1. 1. You sc0ring Diable III?

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    • I got candy, so what does that mean?

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Hell yeah! Woot to 70 and our run the other day :) I'm down whenever, I just stay very distracted lately :p

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So I never picked up the xpac on PC and my wizard, Facemelt, died at level 58 (when 60 was the cap.) D: It was sad, sad times. HOWEVER, we bought a PS4 and picked up D3 on it... I have a crusader to 68. DUN DUN DUNNNN!!! Loooove love love the class, was worth buying the game all over just for that. xD I am totally going to make another crusader for my non-hardcore toon and try some different abilities out.


Facemelt was facemelted. NEVER FORGET!!! R.I.P.





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Can PC and Console players join the same games yet? I thought I saw the character logins work on all consoles, but I suspect us all playing cross platform on the same instances is not a thing?


That'd be cool.

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I agree it'd be cool but I believe it not to be a thing. *sigh*


She is totes 70 now and on her paragon level journey. Although I upped the difficulty and had some "oh shit" moments, rofl.

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So wow. I saw this thread is from 2011. Bumping because I have been playing a little bit of Season 7 characters. Considering the levels and gear roll over to your main characters at the end of the season, the fun is not lost.

I got to pop my Rift cherry and found it funny when asked 'Oh shit you are playing something?' because it's true. I saw the recent patch notes and complaints, but honestly, if you can keep the game going this long and have to shuffle up cheese farming class dynamics to do so... more power to you for making the hard choices. I got to grind some paramount levels and see some new drops. This is especially nice, because the lack of a IRL Money Auction House, gives actual worth to dungeon exploration and drops.

I consider that to be the point of diablo-like games. Getting said experience for a game I bought along with the expansion and without a recurring monthly fee, is a rare and nice thing. Solo if you want to but also able to crush fights with your crews. This season should run until about the end of October, trending the prior seasons and details.

If I understood this right, Rift Guardian fights (Nephalem Rift Guardians) and Greater Rift Trials are the top-tier events you want to roll for gaining paramount levels and nice new drops. This is my quick catch-up primer I figured out last night.

Saving you a link click:

Rift Guardians are large Unique enemies, that appear only in Nephalem Rifts when the progress bar has reached 100%. (This requires about 500 kills.) There are a couple of dozen different Rift Guardians, all with preset names and Elite Affixes, plus some special unique boss talents.


Greater Rift Trials:



The Realm of Trials (AKA Trials or RoT or Greater Rift Trial or Grift Trial) is a mini-game feature that players must use to earn a Greater Rift Keystone. Finishing more waves in the Realm of Trials will cause Orek to reward the player with a higher level Greater Rift key, enabling them to start off in that level of Greater Rift.


Greater Rift scaling via Grifts page

Greater Rifts offer far more incremental difficulty levels than the normal game. Greater Rifts start at Rank 1, equivalent to Easy mode, and increase infinitely, with the monster hit points, damage, experience value, etc, scaling up by a set amount per GR level. Torment 1 = GR10, Torment 6 = GR25, and Torment 10 = GR45.

Also a thing, is Kanai's Cube. This is used for some item augments of items to persistent, dedicated character passive traits / stats. The items to make augments, comes from Bounty rewards (Adventure Mode) on each chapter.

The cube is obtained from the Kanai's Throneroom located on level two of the Ruins of Sescheron in Act Three. This area was added to the game in Patch 2.3, along with the Cube, and is found only in Adventure Mode. Players need not complete a quest or bounty to obtain the Cube; just find the area (which requires some exploration, as it's not marked on the map and the Ruins are large)

Ending the sea of quotes, Play Adventure Mode. So you can go all around the game world and spend more time fighting than grinding the story and needing to jump back and forth to town. Most of all, being able to do the Rifts mentioned above.

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Catch up info

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So if you wanted to know if you can play Diablo III on a Mac Mini (2014 edition) the answer is yes. However, @ 1080p you will have some lag and the fan of your Mac will be running in full speed. It gets quite warm as well.

I might hook my PC to the 4K TV to play Diablo III in 4k resolution. However I also have some tech projects I want to make progress on, so I might not be on much anytime soon.

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Holy shit?! 2011 (more a less besides the Mac Mini testing) was the last time this thread had a post?

I guess that explains why I am loving this Switch Version of Diablo 3.  If you expected a time I pushed people to get a switch, portable Diablo 3 is a damn fine example of it.
4 player online or local Co-Op.  Button config is smooth as silk versus clicking a ton of shit like a mad person.

Thread bump as I am playing me some Diablo 3.  Your PC characters are separate from the console version, so just so you know as to not having an ungodly high level paragon, out the gate playing this version.  All the updates and game mechanic changes are pretty damn good!

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