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Team Fortress 2....

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So y0!!! Many of you may have heard of this FREE FPS, myself however had not.. so i figured.. why not check it out! so here's the skinny of what i found and the game play.. (of course all opinionated from a noob like myself - LoL!)


1st off this game is Not the easiest when in multi (as opposed to "training")

2nd it is no doubt "team" orienated and

3rd it is addicting!!


There are several chars or classes to choose from each with their own attributes...



Scout - low armor (if you will) yet makes up for it with speed and can double jump. armed with a scattergun and a pistol.

Soldier - better armor medium speed - rocket launcher and shotty and for melee a shovel.

Pyro - LoL! speaks for itself.. medium speed armed with a flame thrower with a secondary of compressed air that knocks back enemies and projectiles.



Demoman - medium speed. armed with a grenade launcher and sticky bomb launcher.. (sticky's can be detonated at any time you see fit)

Heavy - Slow Speed with heavy armor.. armed with a minigun and shotty. even though he's slow he makes up for with firepower and armor..

Engineer - armed with a shotty and pistol he can build several things.. A Sentry Gun - An Ammo/Health Dispenser and Teleport System...



Medic - Armed with a Medigun to heal teammates and when charged can make teammates invulnerable.. also armed with a syringe gun and bonesaw... (LoL)

Sniper - Pretty Obvious huh? A Laser Scoped Rifle and Submachine Gun...

Spy - Armed with a Revolver and a butterfly knife.. (the knife he can back stab for instakills) also has a "sapper" to sabotage the engineers

builds.. in addition, he can cloak and disguise himself..


TF2 also has several Different gamemodes...


King of the Hill - Capture and maintain control of specific locale

Control Point - Team A takes control of a specific locale while the other attempts to stop them within a set amount of time

Payload - Team A must push a cart to the end of the trax while the other attempts to stop them.. each time the cart gets to a waypoint time is

is increased for team A to get to the next point.. if team A does not make contact to said cart within 30 seconds the cart moves backwards.

CTF - Umm yah.. really? LoL!

TDM with a bit of a twist - more of last man standing but with teams...

Areana - last man Standing - Has No Respawn!



Developed and Published by Valve... TF2 is distributed online through the "Steam" system, so in order to play.. you must download and install this prior to the actual install of TF2...


Heres a quick link for a youtube clip that also has a bit of a narration of the game and how it works...




You can fin the entire game Download here!!





So there you go.. pretty cool game in my opinion.. definately a game worth lookin into... and best part!!! Its FREE!!!!



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Heard wonderful things about this but also never tried it! Here's a pretty funny trailer, they have them for all the classes but this is the one I was shown.


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LoL!! yeah theres a an arse load of trailers and whatnots for the game on youtube... what it think is cool.. is the characters in the trailers are exactly like they are in the game... unlike many game trailers, u see one thing in the trailer yet the game itself is totally difference in appearance....


Not this one.... in that aspect alone is just one of the many that makes the game have its own uniqueness about it!

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