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Object Flicker on latest nVidia drivers

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Let me start by saying this is my observation with using the 310.xx series (310.70 and 310.90 as of this post date) of nVidia drivers on my 570 GTX. The issue that I address (and have seen in earlier drivers) relates to textures being displayed with quality issues, relating to specific objects.


My video card model is MSI N570GTX Twin Frozr II, running default clocks and reaching a full load (in-game) of 65 C. I share this, since some of these issues sound similar to old school video overclocking issues.

I do have my CPU overclocked to 4300 MHz. This is on default voltage with only modifier being changed. I did however confirm the issues still occur at stock CPU frequencies.


By reading that, you could guess this is pretty enigmatic to confirm... until drivers 310.xx came along. Reading the summary release notes on the download page, you will see the % performance increases for some newer games. I have come to my own conclusion that this comes at the cost of disabling, less commonly components to boost the overall FPS output in certain games.


My control for tying this to the 310 series of drivers is thanks to the Final Fantasy XIV Benchmark. (FTB Download Link) The telling indicator is at the end of the 1st custscene, where it puts the camera behind the standing character model. You want to look at the goldish-yellow bottle on the table.

If you see it flickering, check to see if you are on 310 series drivers. I was able to downgrade drivers back to 306.97 and the flicker has gone away.


I will try to do a fraps rip to give a visual on this issue. Far Cry 3 seemed to also suffer from a little of this, and what was prompted me to roll back my video driver to 306.96. The signs I was seeing here were some odd object pop-in, that looked like mis-rendered objects, that shortly afterward corrected themselves.


Another fairly recent game that also has similar issues, is Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The HR issue tended to show up with awning like models. What I would see is kind of like a broken reflection on the texture. Only came up in certain areas on specific objects.


Anyone else able to reproduce or at least confirm some of these theories is welcome to share feedback. I'll try to gather more information, as I've gathered enough info to semi-intelligently track these issues.


Video rip by phone of flicker, as I mention in next post that Fraps video rip doesn't capture flicker.




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I got around to adding those images to the 1st post. I tried to fraps the flicker, but once I started recording, it was gone (until I stopped recording again). Just for the sake of it, I re-ran said benchmark without fraps running as well, and got the same result a la flickering bottle.


The above issue does NOT happen on 306.96 drivers or prior, that I am aware of (on the older versions).


I took a phone video of the flicker. It's upside down and not the best quality, but it does accurately show the flicker on the screenshot frames above. I should have a link for that in a few minutes.


This appears to be fixed in the 313.96 beta nvidia drivers. Released today. The release notes do reference a few instances of repaired flicker issues, across various games.


The saga does continue however, as a similar issue persists in the Final Fantasy XI Benchmark, Version 3. Testing continues. The XI issues have been around since at least, the 260.xx drivers.

You can see these issues in-game, in areas like Valkrum Dunes, when the weather is Fire or Double fire. Textures will glitch and/or contort. Only during weather events.


BTW, upon changing your driver versions, be sure to reboot for good testings sake.

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FFXI bug re-confirmed. XIV Resolved on beta drivers

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The 313.xx series of drivers also seems to cause some issues with older games.


306.97 is my current line in the sand, in respect to nvidia drivers. I shuffle too many games to get a performance boost in newer stuff, but to see anything semi-old be to be really gimped.

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