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Video Card Compare

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If you are curious on a quick and handy means to compare video cards, to get an idea of how much performance per dollar you can afford, I recommend peeping Bench (compare of 570 GTX vs 660 TI). You can also compare CPU, SSD, along with some mobile devices and laptops. AMD and nVidia cards are listed.


Bench is handy for getting a rough idea of performance from their benchmark record sets. I would also confirm what you obtain from there, to check additional benchmarks to confirm any suspicions on performance. This will help you decide if the performance gains are worth some extra loot or not. In the linked case, we are talking about ~$70 bucks for the listed performance gains (and raw decoding performance drops) on the 660 TI model cards.


Thanks to this tool, you can get an idea of how to invest that extra loot. Be it in the GPU or otherwise.

Considering I have a few requests for new builds for friends, I'll be throwing them said links to help make a call on that front.

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