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Antec Nine Hundred Two V3

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As someone who had a 7 year old case prior, the Antec Nine Hundred Two V3 is pretty much amazing. Better yet, it appears I got it for a good deal @ $99 locally brand new on a clearance deal.


My old case is an Antec P180 that has served me pretty well. It's likely to become a server case at this point. While the new case is a little smaller in external dimensions, the features and accessibility of the 902v3 are overall way more accessible and easier to work with. I am the biggest fan of:

  • Open backplate behind motherboard CPU mount.
  • 3.5" bays removable from front of case, via thumb screws.
  • Plenty of included fans and great airflow design.
  • Front buttons and USB + Sound connections on top front of tower.
  • Plenty of device mounting options.
  • Blue LED fans with integrated rheostats for included fans.
  • Side panel with window and 120mm fan mount.
  • USB 3.0 front headers


In the event you have been rocking an old case, I'd recommend checking out the newer options. I built a new rig for one of my friends and this enlightened me to check out an upgrade on my case.

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Man the FT02 is my waifu forever. I'm not ditching mine for a long, long time.



I fell out of love with Antec aesthetics years ago but they've been consistently delivering budget performance over the years. I had the first model of the 900 and it was a really sweet box back then. It's nice to see that Antec has kept the model going for 6+ years now. The original 300 Sonata was actually my favorite Antec case; if you hit it with some paint and carved extra room in for a fat VGA it was pretty slick. And it was like $60. It did have those hilariously sharp edges on the inside which wasn't exactly great. Fairly sure the bastard claimed at least a few lives.


The new 300 Sonata just doesn't feel the same. Damned nostalgia.

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Your case is some pro tier business. Also a bit outside my standard case price range. Still, that guy is like the Cpt. Kush of Cases.


I have some more action to work with this new guy, as I have 3 passthru holes on the backside mobo plate. I want to re-run my power cables since I just threw my gear in there to get working at my buddies place on vacation.


Technology is getting closer to the real case + setup I want to build. A Brown Box Bebop Console. I have the wireless keyboard and mouse, close on the monitor.


I have to note I was hyper team 60 Ducket cases. Wanted max funds to equips to boot. I can now do a nice H20 rebuild from a spare rig. Yay Copper on old server :ninjawub:

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