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I searched but didn't see a dedicated thread, yet made. Welcome because I've found some silly things in supporting Autodesk / Autocad environments over the last year+.


Today's issue was relating to an error 29001 and 500.21 error coming from IIS. My Server OS is Windows 2012 x64 and software in question is Autodesk Vault Basic 2013. Below is the dialog box verbage I was given.



Error 29001. Vault management error: IIS 8.0 Detailed Error - 500.21 - Internal Server Error



Let me also state that the installer for 2013 Vault will bark about the IIS version before it starts to install. To move past this, just stop IIS, recheck requirements in the installer and it should now pass. Click Next / Continue once the pre-install check is clear, then Start IIS back up.

IIS 8.0 is not properly read by this installer, so it assumes it's a conflicting web service.


Once proceeding beyond the requirements check, I got the error 29001 as quoted above. Searched the internets, but found most info related to an older installer or another operating system. All in all, no dice. Per frustration, I tried the Vault Basic 2014 installer and only had an error about ASP test failing... hmm.


So, to fix this up, you'll want to Add Roles and Features to your Server 2012 install. Under Web Server, you'll want:


    [*]ASP.NET 3.5 [*]ASP.NET 4.5


installed. Selecting these will also add some prerequisite packages, you want to do this too. Doing this enabled the 2014 installer to pass the pre-install check without issue, so I thought why not try the 2013 install again? Worked this time for me. Fantastic!


Other steps I took, based off previous issues was to modify the IIS Application Pool. Disabling 32 bit mode was a thing I had to do previously for Vault 2013 installs, so I applied the same to this install.


Merry Autodesking and Good Luck!

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