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I just updated these to reflect living in a post-confirmed, audit driven world. I know most people don't actually read the terms, so I'll quote the added PRISM details I added. this information shows up when you signup for an account, but since I only manually accept registrations, here it is.



PRISM Update:
As the disclosure of PRISM and other international spy programs has been disclosed, this has basically confirmed the suspicions of absent privacy protections. I want to reiterate that as the admin of this site, I have never received a letter or disclosure request from any private or government entity. To be honest, I would have denied it at all cost, had I been requested to disclose any information. Especially without proper due course being presented.



Here is the rest of the old registration rules. They were obviously ignored by bots.



Don't be a Dink, respect the Cartel.

Have Knowledge this is typically an 18+ Forum, however, we do not push Pornographic content in the main Boards.

10/2006 Additions:

If I feel you are violating the integrity of this site, and individual, or plain get a hair across my backside, I reserve the right to Alter, Delete, Burn, Ban, Smoke, Stomp, or otherwise destroy any content that I find unfit. This goes the same for forum accounts.

Bot Accounts are not welcome here, and we be deleted without hesitation. This especially goes for spam accounts. When signing up for an account here, you shall not use the email, PM, post, or any other function to spam products or services to any member of this site, or any other website or email address.

This is a Website for sentient, non-annoying, anti-profiteers. I don't run this site to make money, and you should not make an account here trying to exploit this place for monetary gain, or just plain being an asshole.

The above spam is why registration is closed. You can get an account by emailing pic0o (zero, letter 'o') at this domain and I will process you a user account for the forums.

Terms last updated:

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I forgot to update the domain renewal, but it is back on par now.

Quite a busy week. :)

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