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ZyXel USG-20 firewall

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Wanted to get a thread going for this device, as J0k3r suggested this device and I recently got one for home. Our banter started in this thread.

Since I'm a self taught network dude, it took me a bit to map my VLANs happily and to get wifi back up with my old router as basically a Access Point Switch.

Device worked great out of the box. My questions came up when trying to open some ports. After talking to ZyXel tech support, I found out how to properly add a NAT rule to accompany my Firewall rule. Once I bound the NAT properly, I was rocking.

Device is diesel. I'm testing wifi side on my mobile, so I'll retouch this thread on a keyboard. Highly recommend this device. Seeing how many funky packets get shot down from sending to my network, has surely been interesting. :)


I know benchmarks for my WAN aren't super relevant, but hey, here they are.

Desktop be like:



Mobile be like:


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Wow this thread is light. This device continues to do me well. I am rebuilding from scratch and remembered a handy end tip for Firewall Rules. Remember your NAT to Service Port rule.

From there, your forwarding should be functioning well. Check and your ports should be opened.

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