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Job Bunt

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I am staying in my local region, but am entertaining new job offers. More likely, I'm just going to be my own business. I tend to have a higher dedication to functionality than most people I encounter in the industry, IRL.


I will contract out and highly prefer not loosing tons of money on gas and travel. I skill out pretty fierce and tend to deliver on end products. I do lots of hardware, support, deployments and some data parsing. Cleaning those record sets that make most DBAs cringe, thus I clean it for porting.

Dorkin for life.


Sent my applications out. Looking to put in some real work, not bluffing all day in a cubicle.

[Pardon the hardware spam. Sub-feed to my forum feed domain]

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This thread is dope. I walked out of said place yesterday. I suspected there was no idea of how and what I did, but the insult I was given had me walk out immediately. Instincts (I ignored) again, ftw. I had reservations the place seemed like a cult, and it actually is.


I work for me now, currently. Always will do my main job. Bump awful news for safety, along with some good for your tinkering and conflict hunt to fix.

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