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2014 Greetings @ BlissPC

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Happy 2014! Hopefully Spring emerges here in the near future. I am currently located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, however I am looking to migrate to Albuquerque, New Mexico. I am following some leads but they are pending at this point.


I support and am also skilled in remote support and administration. Full time employment would be cheaper for any long-term work and businesses. I do not plan on being in the job market for much longer, to be honest. My personal consulting rates are as follows:

    [*]$20 / hr - Personal & Residential users.

    [*]$35 / hr - Small Business users.

    [*]$60+ / hr - Large businesses or Government work.

    (Any work is taken upon my discretion) I will not perform a role or task I am uncomfortable with.

Since I no longer bother with private WhoIs domain registration, I will save you a step and provide my LinkedIn Profile. I have 13+ years professional work experience and have been into computers and database systems since the early 1990's.


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