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Bebop Box like Mobile

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I wanted to have an Edward like rig for years, and recently I came into a laptop with a broken LCD and a PC LCD without a stand (I used the stand to replace my broken on on my 24" LCD).


With these parts, I came up with an idea for a rig to meet this old desired build. :) Ghetto is the score, since I was using all items I had already, short of $5 bucks in mounting hardware.

Part list:

    [*]Parts: (4x) 2 inch #8 bolts

    [*](4x) washers

    [*](8x) #8 nuts

    [*](1x) Hanger Strap pipe mount. 10ft package.

    Also, Milk crate, Monitor, PC, cables. :) Mounting hardware was around $5. Rest of items were spare parts, so no cost implied.

    [*]Works quite well. The crate is imbalanced with the LCD alone, so I put the laptop power brick on the back end of the crate. This balances the weight, then I put the laptop console on top and bam, I'm rocking. Cables route out the holes and I can stack the crates for variable height. All components bound to 1 crate, and also very mobile.


    The PC fits in the top of the crate sideways for travel. :bunny:

    [*]As you can see, the monitor is not completely level. This is how the VESA holes match to the grates.



photo 1.JPG

photo 2.JPG

photo 3.JPG

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