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Captain Toad Treasure Tracker


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I meant to get this up sooner, but I've been busy and stuff. Point of thread, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker is a very fun and cute puzzle game. You will be exploring various levels, largely geared around the touch controller.


Challenge wise, you will not be stumped, as this should be approachable for kids, yet still be enjoyable for adults. Story wise, get treasure, rescue your friends, solve some puzzles.


Enemies can be killed with projectiles or by a stomp if you fall from above them. You cannot jump, as Captain Toad's backpack is too heavy for that. Exploring levels you will want to rotate much, especially to find hidden / bonus items. Speaking of Bonus, the extra levels are more hard mode than you will see in the main story content.


At the time of play, there was no Amiibo support for this game. Just an .02 for anyone interested in that. This was a great game for $40 and I had a blast with it. I still have some extra levels to clear and maps to 100%. Such a fun and shockingly good game. If you like puzzle games and the mini-toad challenges from Mario 3D World, this game is a bunch of those levels for your enjoyment.


I attached an animated gif of Captain Toad. Ingame graphics are waaay better than that, but enjoy the cute gif.


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There is a 3 level demo up on the switch.  I am totally getting this again for switch.  They added some extra levels in the full version, but the biggest win is the increased portability and higher brightness and quality on the switch screen.

July 13th.  I am very excite.  There were plenty of post-game levels to keep you going.  I got pretty far into them but will dive full in, with the game being portable.

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This is pretty much all I have been playing recently.  If you have any of the Mario Odyssey amiibo (or cloned them with RFID) you can unlock the 4 extra Mario Odyssey levels for the Bonus levels book.
This game plays very well on the switch and I'm excited to have it on a portable system.  If you never played this game yet, certainly try the demo.  Then you can fall in love with it and get it either on Switch or 3DS.

I'm going to play more once I post this guide I have been meaning to finish. 🙂

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I have been all over the place lately, mostly mentally.

There was a new DLC pack with about 18 levels that came out within a month for $5.  I have played 17 of them and just have 2 left to finish.  I loved the new maps as well!
It totally caught me off guard that this game got extra content and I purchased the extra content as soon as it became an option.

I kind of would like to have this game as digital copy too, since I play it pretty often and it would save me from inserting a game card.  On the same lines though, having a cart makes it easy to let people borrow and enjoy the game too :)

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